The Coming of Parsifal


Author's Note

The Coming of Parsifal is a book of poetry inspired by the revelations of St. John. Whilst they are not to be mistaken for Biblical Text, they are to be assumed as some fulfilment of scripture.

Poetry should flow like sap through a tree, like The Son of Man's blood is for all believers. I have tried to find common sense out of the Bible using words expressed logically in poetry.

For far be it for me to compete with Christ's perfect truth, instead complementing his meaning's with possible rational suggestions that would be more applicable and relative to the people as readers in this modern day and age. His parables were so great and of such high inspiration that trying to realise the parallels are still considered a major endeavour today.

It is however still important to recognise and support his teachings of eternal intentions and follow Him as commanded.

We should be beginning to acknowledge and starting to understand that life does not stop at death but instead through servant hood and fellowship, seek and search the path that eventually leads to eternal life.


For my salvation.

Readers Note

The Coming of Parsifal was originally conceived while reading Abd Ru Shin's book, "In The Light Of Truth". Whereby I realized the meaning of Revelation 3:12.

Whilst this book is designed to be read light heartedly it's depicture may have a more serious overtone or meaning. It should not be left on a shelf but picked up on sparious occasions and read.

The verse is a manifestation of many diligent hours of study and therefore any scholastic interpretation is very much appreciated and greatly encouraged. Of course it can be read by a reader of any age though it was initially intended to reach the 20 to 30yr old individual who had gone off the track and needed to be put back on the path again.

As I have walked the road myself, I feel somewhat more qualified to write this kind of book which requires and demands real life experiences. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Perhaps as we walk the road together our paths might cross and there would be yet another story to be told.

NB. This remains a book of poetry though I did have a final word at the end.

All The Best,

Darel R. McAllister.


True Love

Love is not love,

Till you give it away;

But if it comes back to you,

It's love that's here to stay.



My mother's heart.


A is for Australia a most wonderful land,
U is for United which together we stand;
S is for Sociability that Australians
R is for R.A.A.F. in their smart uniform,
A is for Achievement which these men perform;
L is for Labourers and the land they have ploughed,
I is for Infantry of which we are proud;
A again for Australia, the land of the free,
The land of the Gum and the Golden wattle tree.

Mavis Audrey McAllister,

My mother.

Who has been a major source of inspiration to me.















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