Parsifals Eleventh Heaven


Welcome to what this is my Eleventh Book Of Poetry Parsifal's Eleventh Heaven. here I have tried to identify the different aspects and types of meanings that depict a deeper reality of truth through flowing rhyme and metaophoric metaphysics. The state of The eleventh heaven is a reflection of life from the three worlds, first of which is the physical, then the spiritual and thrirdly but certainly not least important is the mental well being of peace of mind. The physical because reality is a real place of being and the spiritual because the ideal utopia of heaven is the highest place of being and the interelationship between the three as a place where God can relate to the world in an earthly perspective of material things and possessions for what is a reality of possessions against the mental of the creative and calculative where they all communially gather to the above as reflected in the heavenly state of mind and eternal planes of being. These worldly or naturally biological concepts of life are not all to be considered philosophical, but rendered useful and dignified to the identity of personifiction in verse. The cultural difference between rational counter projections and irrational points of view should appear unbiased and original, as they are or they should be reflected in the metaphysical plane of creative writing, where the exelstentialist achknowedgement and referral is to the existance and knowledge of original concepts and identity, can be assumed as a new branch of poetical rhetoric and advanced licence. For the general reading of everyday conceiving and perceiving of the literal poems themselves, they are as they should only be, a matter of beauty in the eye of the beholder, though however brilliant, the portrayal of onamattapia must be considered in similies of the implied thing and metaphors in the perceptive understanding of inherited or assumed poetic writing of the literature, for where the poetic licence is assumed and is in original context, the reference to what is being verbally associated, is then the thing that is referenced, which can be associated in plutonic terms or assumed as associated to the person or thing being to the people. This takes into consideration the scope and magnituide of the Eleventh Heaven picture in and of the vertical plane and horizontal literature, where things must be in perspective and concluded with and as ressembling that of there true state of being and finakl reference in depicture. Please enjoy this, my eleventh poetry book, which is, Parsifal's Eleventh Heaven and delight in the unexpexted rhymes of life that are portrayed in the modern verse and depict the relevant and realistic association of the criteria for human understanding and enjoyment, where the metamorphosis is the photosynthesis of the thing being life, in what I call the eleventh heaven. This then is which is the spiritual well being and healthy state of mind in the physical state of transedental peace and harmonious interelationship, as it is in the revealing of the literary comprehension of the writing, in this my new book, Parsifal's Eleventh Heaven.

Darel Robert McAllister




1 Breathing.

2 Inhale Exhale.

3 Interior Exterior. 

4 Internal External.

5 Eternity Infinity.


6 A Type Of Truth.

7 Equivelent Values.

8 Different Worth.

9 Consolidating Ideas.

10The Right News. 

11 The Right Idea. 

12 To Write Ideas.

13 The Written Idea. 

14 Cleverly Written.


15 Words Written In Verse.

16 More Than Words Can Say. 

17 To Make A Play On Words. 

18 For The Love Of Poetry. 

19 Love Verses Poetry.

20 Love Is A Poem.

21 A Romantic Poem.

22 The Passion Of Poetry. 


23 Love And Sex.

24 People On Earth.

25 The Beauty Beyond.

26 Sky And Atmosphere.

27 Wide Open Skies.

28 The Sun Slowly Fading in The Western Sky. 

29 Seasons In The Sun. 

30 Sun And Sea.

31 From The River To The Sea.


32 Nothing Matters.

33 Seeing Whatever. 

34 The Truth Hurts. 

35 Everything Mine. 

36 Another One.

37 Someone Else.

38 Something Forever.

39 Everything Free. 


40 Life. 

41 A Reason To Live. 

42 Lovely Weather.

43 Perfect Sanity. 

44 The Library.

45 Liable And Law. 

46 Lovely Legalities. 

47 Liking Legislation.


48 To The Highest Heaven. 

49 Heavenly Beings.

50 The Deep Love Of God. 

51 Voices Of The Valley.

52 Kindness Forever.

53 Grant Us Goodness. 

54 Glory To God.

55 God Wanted Faith.


56 Individual Pursuit.

57 Psychological Analysis. 

58 Remembering Well.

59 At The Back Of My Memory. 

60 Personality Peace.

The End

End Note

Construction Of Parsifal's Eleventh Heaven

As I explained previously, I wrote my other book with a commentry on how I normally put a book of poetry together. This time I am doing the same thing but organising it much more efficiently. In actual fact I should have organised all my books this way and like this it might appear to you that I did with some complementary links to other books of mine. This time I just sat down and wrote the ten book chapters first, then I went straight through systematically and logically and wrote poem title pages for each of the six poems in each chapter, so that there is 60 poems with 10 chapters of 6 poems in the book. So all I have to do now is go through and write the 60 poems in the same logical order, so that you can see the wrok being checked and ticked off as I go. This would then appear to be the best way to write and organise a book and in hindsight would of been the right way to have done all my books, but usually I only have one idea of a poem at a time that comes into my mind and so I write the title on the top of the page and then I write the poem. Once I have done this enough I and repeated it so many times that I have 60 poems to deal with, I can organise them into a book and chapters and I have done it this way with 9 out o 12 of my books, with books 12 & 13 being done in the same way as 11. Now that I am becoming more proficient and competant and I have confidence in generating the ideas, I can put them down first and go through them and write them systematically and logically. I don't doubt that I can do it, because I have done it so many times in the past. So now it is just in a more creative and organised methodical system and logical way of writing them into a readable book. I know it is hard to understand and that this would seem the best way to have done it all the time, but it just did not work out that way like this, until now and now that I have this better format for organisatioal writing, I will use it all the time for future work to logically progress through each book and get the book written. However having now said that, the next 8 books were allready written on the old system and they will be typed and put up for reading after this is completed and are waiting for organisation and typing onto the website, but this system was conceived and implemented before the other ones were realized and so now they will just have to follow into theological progression of things after this book. You can look forward to books 22-30 in the new system. Darel.