Parsifal Progresses Nicely



Across five continents and many Islands, seas and oceans, the search goes on for Truth, Meaning and Inspiration. With God as The Head and God the Person to Find, The quest for the alluding proof of Jesus Christ and the mysterious twist to the tale of reaching The Wisdom of Self Actualization continues, for it is the heart and personality of people, that it is their answer in attaining of the information, knowledge and reason, for what it is to be life in their being. Please try and consider the world like this as Parsifal sees it and as you progress to yet another level where the world is a beautiful place and where The Earth is our home but the unknown holds the key. Space is the undiscovered Universe which Astronomers know only a little, but with many photos we need "The Universities" to unlock the timeless distances that separate us from the edge of infinity where eternity is but a lifetime and a breath away. Then try and enjoy the world the way Parsifal sees it, that we may each know how to be in the royal "Kingdom of God", as God shows us and explains through Parsifal's eyes what beautiful places we all do have to live in. Then enjoy and take up the challenge to discover the truth of contentment, well being and peace of mind, with the love of abundant satisfaction in dwelling.


In this new book I plan to use medieval places.With ancient medi-evil cultures there are many mystical and mysterious places where artifacts and symbolic representations are sought for collecting by Parsifal and His Likes which as in Camelot with King Arthur for example, there as a typical mythical place where Parsifal might of sought the Grail and The Round Table may represent an office business discussion group today on what it actually means to this. I will also give you the ideas of consideration on a Chapter Titled, Royalty that will base as a foundation for this book and lead and draw to represent the people cultures of medieval days and the attractions of the places they elude to and symbolize.Parsifal, the knight and castle, with the rules of chivalry as a modern approach to principles like honesty, loyalty and courtesy, which lead to the heavenly kingdom of royalty and royalties, will come and be multiplied as they are applied and remain the principles of rules and regulations of life and the structure of the monarchy with Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses. Along with the order of the knights, chivalry with the loves and passions of romances, the poor from the pour, with rains from reigns and famine and education of helping in the productuion of agriculture. It is subsistance history and it's relation to the stability of weather patterns of modern day global change and climate control in economic management of ecological environmental understanding in handling of physical food production and it is spiritually in poetry, distribution of resources, for hygenic reasons and manufacturing. The real and on going contentment then becomes modern day reality and the rational realization of relativity between the past and the future, to be really understanding where the actual picture and perception of time is in present days from medieval relevance to the perserverance of production of literatrure and the systematic replication and recurrence of things. To the pertanent ideas from the establishment of historic documents, to discovering and the government of the ageless, timeless possibilities of a geographical world and the future ages of space exploration and the continual continuity of flowing passages of possibilities of poetical procedure. Then the literary reminder and the occurences of rewards for reading and writing in the new spiritual sensation and generation of flowing words and the rhymatic path of poetical developement for the enhancement and enchantment of living and loving literature. This is also for the dynamic creation of the furtherment of ideas and the general creative understanding of where generational and geneological repercussions self originate. Then so in the correct organisation and the pertanency with what relative relationships are in this, discover the poetic reality as it is actually created out of for the work and the depth of meaning and understanding that instructs, leads and teaches in the continuation of the saga and course of Parsifal on his quest for healing of the mind of schizophrenia and what he needs to write for cohesion and rationality of stable mind and the satisfaction, for the knowing of perfect peace. Do enjoy this my next new book Parsifal Progresses Nicely as it unfolds and envolves for your reading entertainment and proven thorough relaxation in the enjoyment of expanding the unseen and visible meanings. Darel.

Do have a look and read. Poems that were typed by Terry will be listed below for those who read the other ones I typed straight on first, please have another read though.

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10- The Jesters Poem, 11 Harp And Song 28 Treason And Caution 33 Charity 35 Finnesse, 39 Faith Forever 40 Believe The Best, 41 The Passion Of Love 42 Hoping for A High 43 The Big Question 44 All The Answers 46 Seek Out Why 51 The Birds And The Bees 52 Life On The Farm 55 Country Songs A Poem For Dreaming, Water Is As Sweet As Life 56 Mountains Always Rise 57 The River To the Right And Left 58 Oceans and Earth 59 Sunrise and Sunsets 60 It All Falls Together 61 Its Raining Again 62 The Beauty of The Moment 63 Nothing. These all will be double checked but have a quick sneak look.