Parsifal Runs Around Words

Parsifal Runs Around Words


Life On Air

Welcome to yet another book on Parsifal and his exploits and adventures in discussing real life literature. This book Parsifal Runs Around Words, is a dialougue discussion of life on air. Running, the extra exersion so forth of movement is a thrill and adventure of being out in the open and enjoying life and its fresh air. So to when you sit down with a book inside and take the time to read it, that is runs through your mind in a pattern of written words which you have to digest and swallow in order to fathom the deep dark treasures of its meanings. Words do and the play on them as such is an intrical art in the written form of poetry, as it is consumed and associated with running in this book, like printing a whole lot of copies off after a book is written, which may or may not be the case in this book. It is still fair to say that many readers can take on board and be delighted by the entertainment and stimulation of flowing words in rhythm to the beat of a pounding drum and the logical implication of words running off my mind in order to fill the heart and lives of readers with literical stimulation. Words can be found in the heart and minds of readers and to writers it is just a matter of drawing on this source to elaborate and expand on formualted ideas, to a pattern of self exploitation. This can be done by running around in your mental vocabulary of words and putting them down carefully in place to be enjoyed and digested by interested readers. It is not a selfish endeavour once again, or an ego trip of human spirit, but a personal incentive to beat the book before and to relate and compare with like minded ideas for essentially central pointed established reading. Well let us go now and get on with the writing of this new book of poetry:- Parsifal Runs Around Words, in order to establish the desired goal of the finished product. It is and will be a new and interesting piece of work. Enjoy the read and thanks to you, life on air will always be the reality for all breathers in Parsifal Runs Around Words. Darel.

CHAPTER 1 Talking With The Birds

1 I Hear The Words

2 Tar and Feathers

3 Pleasant To Hear

4 Love Listens

5 Best Being

6 Birds and Bees

7 Fluttering and Flattering

8 Buttering and Battering

9 Gone Fishing

10 The Age Of The Cage

CHAPTER 2 Run For Your Life

11 Keep The Feeling

12 Make Sense To Live

13 Good To Be Me

14 You Love Yours

15 Only One Matters

16 Day At A Time

17 Rhyming Strife

18 Light On My Feet

19 Heavy Heaven

20 Peace and Poeple

CHAPTER 3 Free and High

21 Stretching

22 Reach To Heaven

23 Above Everybody

24 God Allows

25 Mountain Air

26 Inhale, Exhale

27 Breathing

28 Love Is Good

29 Freedom Forever

30 Reach The Sky

CHAPTER 4 No Love Lost

31 I Never Hate Others

32 Maintaining Self

33 I Forgive You

34 Shining Right

35 See Where Things Go

36 Beauty In Between

37 Caught On The Line

38 Wet and Rainy

39 Perfect Sacrifice

40 Atoned for Sin

CHAPTER 5 Writing Fun Forever

41 Just Have A Go

42 Try Writing

43 How To Enjoy

44 Good With Words

45 I Really Like It

46 Have a Laugh

47 Smiling At Me

48 I Have Got You Now

49 Hook, Line and Sinker

50 Man Overboard

CHAPTER 6 Literal Meaning

51 Straight As

52 Right Again

53 Write To me

54 Wrote What

55 Who Knows

56 Think Clearly

57 Crooked Meaning

58 Word Work

59 Minding Money

60 That Was Quick