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Introduction & Aim

Welcome to my website, of what is a set of poetry books, that you can read for free. Also two other websites which have a variety of literature on them, in general (intellectual) and pyschological classifications.

With regular daily news articles, activities and personal details of work progress being made. I try to find the narrow road and spiritual path in being on the plane of eternal life in meaningful explorative literature. This is an adventure, which is an inspiration to be shared and hopefully loved by all concerned, in the enduring journey along the walk of life itself.

I hope and trust that you can follow the work as it goes on, so that you too may gain a postive beneficial understanding, that will help lead you into a greater knowledge of the truth. Gathering and fathoming the desired state of paradise, which is a peace of mind from the reading and writing of literature. The work effort is not a selfish endeavour, but a privelege to share and use by all, as we each try to explain and find the meaning of life together.

Three Websites

There are two other websites in association with this one, with 43 books now completed on Parsifal Enterprises, another 7 books structures now conceived & 50 more titles thought of in progress, making 74 titles now listed. As the poetical literature expanded, the second website of more broad and detailed writings of general and intellectual literature became enabled and available, still four books to be put on, eight complete now on King Royal Enterprises. The third website is a pyschologically based website, with an emphasis on ethics and morality, this is also now on with three books complete and nine to be written on King Of Paradise.There is an estimated capacity for 100 books on this website and 50 books on each of the other two websites, 200 books by 2050. Therefore there is now 52 books currently across the three websites.

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***The Mind Of Peace and Paradise in Poetry***


Inferring Introduction

Please take some time to read, as reading,''in my books'' is the best way you can possibly learn or understand, how to experience and enjoy, the love of life in each and all, as God intended us to know. Make learning your desired passion and interest to, by being patient, thorough and persistent. Then we can all do life together in our community or universally, trying to help make our world the best it can possibly be. We should all aim collectively in a way of showing kindness, managing aspects that try to be different, to help make things more respectful to each other. While being saved beautifully, eternally entwined, passionately and romantically involved, with love and compromise in all situations and circumstances. This is the relational worship of God that we were all designed for, in His courts of praise and in His dominions presence, for God's kingdom of heaven to dwell on earth.


Parsifal:- The wise fool knight.

This could be known as ''The Wise Fool Learning Centre'' as with ''Parsifal, The Wise Fool, for what he is best known'' 'life' was and is a long, enduring journey of learning. Parsifal's Schizophrenia also might imply ''The Disability Centre'' whereby, the aim and object is to get well from poetic writings. While reading can be a heavenly enlightenment, the work can be hell and it is this effort that creates the meaning of paradise, when you see and understand it in the true and right sight of mind in written material.

Associated Reading

Parsifal was a knight, who was on a quest to find The Holy Grail. In the legendary stories about him, by Rolleston - Parsifal / Richard Wagner - Parsifal The Opera / Wolfram Von Essembach - Parzival / Abd Ru Shin (Leonard Bernstein) - In The Light Of Truth - The Grail Message / He, She and We on gender pyschology - Robert Johnson and others.


Parsifal eventually finds the grail after his long and enduring quest for knowledge and wisdom to become king, according to medieval myth. The road of life is like that, though not that simple and there are many subjects and studies, which take a long time to research and develope. As you start to read and indeed read further, you will see some of these aspects of Parsifal's depicting of the story.

This is created for real life and of every day circumstances, for the narrow and winding road, which as is like, "Parsifal" when he goes on his quest for the grail. The grail is best known for being an intercessitory means between the sacred and the secular. Parsifal has to ask the question, Who does the grail serve? and the answer is, it serves everyone who seeks it to be its master, for a state of wellness. Don't let it master you or you will go under. So as it was in the mythical pursuit of long ago, the search for knowledge and understanding of the secret connections for peace and harmonious balances of life are here with us today.

Finding the cup does cure him,which then becomes the Grail which is a Chalice to drink from its life giving water, in the logical metaphorical order. So then what is to be discovered, is the challenge to write intellectual pages of verse and general literature to have a right mind and way of thinking in the meaning of the jouney to discover ''the truth''.

The Cup's Relevance For Healing Schizophrenia

Parsifal was in a schizophrenic state in his crusade and object to find the Holy Grail and so like the cup of suffering, as Christ took upon Himself. I have taken upon myself, the schizophrenic identity of Parsifal (with a doctors diagnosis) to find and explain the path of eternal life and search for written information in the form of literature that depicts and explains real life itself, which helps to answer the problems and causes of the disease.

This is The Grail Message, that the metaphorical object of the grail itself, is transversed in literature to extract and attain meaning in dialouge. I will continue to do this, until I reach what might be considered the "thoughts of paradise" and when my thinking is disturbed, it is back to the desk of concentration, to read and write again in continuitous logical fomats of literature to be read, by you for discerment. I have read many books myself (which I have listed) and that helps me with the writing, as you can only write if you have knowledge to draw from and use.

I have taken upon myself this task in the pursuit of logical answers for the healing and causes of schizophrenia and as a response to attain or understand a social and economic responsibility in managemental, government conditioning, to be able to demonstrate through creative writing, a dialouge in literature worth reading for general discussion. Then, as if to have a flambouyant and entertaining poetic intellectual style for personality discussion developement. I aim then to lead and guide readers through written ideas in the fundamental understanding of right minded and a diplomatic assumption in the control of a persons facilties and intellect as a whole being. To identify with and secure right minded thinking as a rational outlook and point of view for understanding the world.

Literary meanings like Parsifal, who is famous for being The Wise Fool, lead to creative understandings of balance, peace and harmony, which may have a kind of transcedental slant, where religion and righteousness, blossom and bloom, yet can contradict each other. The Christian meaning of salvation from sin for me, whilst I am a Christian with an Advanced Management Certificate, only comes into place when the healing of Schizophrenia, which Parsifal and I both endure, takes place.Parsifal is on a mission to discover and reveal truth and the reality of right thinking by understanding and discovering the source of meaningful representation of facts expressed as logically and accepted doctrine, that portray an image of ideal conception.The way things have been done may not always be necessarily right but with exploration and realizing the error of our ways, we can write them into a right relationship and being. If we believe that things are possible, then there is a good chance that they are and once they are tested and proved, they need time to fulfil their destiny, but if they are tried and wrong, then they end up in the recycle bin, to be written right again.


Schizophrenia by my understanding of the definition is:- A neurological-disorder or nervous condition caused by abusive or bad behaviour with excessive indulgence in antisocial or sinful actions. Treated by medication for a turn around of lifestyle ways from wrong to right behaviour and clarity in thinking for peace of mind and a comprehensive thought structure to work with a logical progressive attitude.

Discussion in Arts and Literature.

I have written fortytwo books of poetry, as a major work in discussing life and it's meaning, I may write more poetry books later, as have been listed under books written, but for now it is enough to say that I am satisfied with my work endeavour and I will continue to write another twenty more poetry books, as one is finished and then continue on subsequentially. As well, I am now venturing, to write on twentyfour more subjects with deeper and more meaningful literature, that have broader, general classifications, about Parsifal and his quest for meaning, understanding and enlightenment in many diversified areas as written topics, eleven of these have allready been written.

These are indeed real life literary situations, like as it was, it is now in the quest these days for information and the search for answers to the questions that provide inspirational meaning in life.There is a spiritual path for knowledge and literary understanding in concieving reading enjoyment. This is not a physical thing, but a depth and peace of mind in learning, by discovering written ideas in literature, to understand and explain life. Therefore, there is an exploratory explanation of existential experience, which requires interpretation through reading.

The dialogue that formulates understandable discussion shows the mental sanity that the reproduction of writing can do to make a person right and in control of their thought. This shows being able to relate with people and demonstrate responsible relationships as a human being in society and the world of economic and environmental circumstances. Then in order to interact and demonstrate intelligent ideas and answers to questions of life, that are worthy to be passed on and respected as acceptable and congruent or inline with doing things in the correct way of diplomatic procedure and the general way of thinking. In which through, honesty, kindness, goodness, genuineness and a caring concern is shown. This is done in order to learn to show the love and affection for finding a friendly faith that leads to hope for a relationship with God and others, in order to attain the right to be respected.

As well, with the intellectual stimulation of right minded thinking, developed so far and will be in the proposed literature. There is a need to aim for deeper meanings for the writing of general classifications for intellectual aptiude. Which developes higher thought contemplation levels, for social interaction in societal organisations and systems for community understanding.It is the perogative of the writer to reflect self originated and determined points of view as it is from the depth of knowledge and information, that the reading determines the different aspects and ideological concepts and the wonderment for inspirational words that flow from the heart. Then to produce and portray interesting and attractive reading for the readers to grasp and understand ideas as positive suggestions, to help give continuity into the continued support for the ongoing writing and contributions to the work.

The Meaning Of Life.

The meaning of life is what we are or should be all looking out for. It holds the key to everything and is really found in seeking Jesus and the Kingdom of God here on earth. Where we should all be aiming for everlasting peace and joy found in God 's gift of His son and His reign of eternal life in God's heavenly kingdom. Parsifal is a mythical and medieval character down through the centuries, that gives us some kind of relevant meaning to the dark ages. His path of wandering, leads him to the light. The light has come, accept the word and follow the Son. Inspiration, truth and knowledge is all found in God. The creation of literature depends totally upon Him, "God" who is the source of all good and kind things.

There is in reality the potential to understand all or none of everything, but knowledge is best accummulated in small doses of recognised social behaviour and personal acceptance of common goals and purposes, for integration and refinement of interests and ideas in the digestion of reading and dialogue of writing. Definitions play apart in the discerment and determining of discussion on words and in their meaning as well. Suffice to say that the meaning of life is a lot more than just death, it really is an intricit part of the depth and knowledge of understanding of the facts and beauties depiction of perspective as life is clearly and really seen on earth in scenes of simple literary amplification, as well as the mountains, trees, seas, lakes and rivers.

I plan to expound and extrapolate the depth of meaning in this work as time evolves, to expand with answers to the many questions of the origin of life and everything else, as the needs of time and money arise. For now, you can settle down and enjoy it the way it is. I try here to explain and express the difference between a stable and sound mind or one of irrationality. Rather than irratic ways of living, we should aim for logical minded thought establishment, that enables intellectual thought in structured ideas for living in socially accepted behaviours, for writing criteria in poetry or in other forms of literature.


This is primarily a website for reading literature and not for selling books, however there are some paper back books for sale. I am on a disability pension and I am hoping to achieve the status of being socially right and acceptable where the cure for the illness comes and the responsibility of independence and the importance of self supportiveness arrives. I have an Advanced Certificate Of Management and self profess to be an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist, because I get and give money away. But to take things the Nth degree of getting and giving is fundamental and subject to income and expenditure and I deal in limited amounts.


Leadership is something that you as a personal being must be at one with your self to take on to influence others. Leaders do not dictate terms but set an example of how to behave and influence people, to a way of life that is a suitable style of a way of living to be desired. I have my own style of leadership and if you can see something in my work that suits your thinking, then feel free to use it as there is no way on earth a leader can lead unless he or she has their own personal style, for other people to see or use. Life is effectively fair for all and if things go right, then all is well and it is usually only when things go wrong, that we look for another way to do it and lead it in a different way to get it right again. Please try and see in my work, something of original creativity and value in the individual style of what my leadership is. Leadership is essentially a hands on approach to doing things, whether in writing or daily work. The mind conceives, but the heart produces the inspiration for literature. I hope that you can find some form of leadership guidelines from within my work and that if you choose to adopt those styles, then you will be blessed in your own endeavours to succeed in them.

Goals and Social Aspects.

There is also a need for a realistic goal and achievement of attaining a social and diplomatic postition of influence in government or the business world through producing and demonstrating the ability to write in created arguements, that remain congruent and open ended for interpretation in fruition. Then this, which is to debate and show the right and wrong aspects of life in order for the reader to make their own judgements and determine their own ideas and points of view, to generate their own, interesting and reasonable suggestions of how to improve the world and perhaps write their own inviting literature themselves.


The newness of work is always a positive contribution to society and the understanding of right and wrong thinking is determined by the reader, but to suggest that the writer is wrong, there is a need to have a logical arguement, written to compare with the demonstrated type of work and indeed the quality and relationship ability of the work to produce its own results.

Your Contributions.

If it is that the need arises for suggestions to be made, for additions and external contributions, it will need to be put in writing and forwarded to the editor/author, in order to really make rational changes to the work, other wise enjoy the reading of the work and if you can relate to doing this type of thing in work yourself, then feel free, as the challenge arises to compete in writing skills of creative literature and it is always gratefully accepted and encouraged to the upmost. Thank you for your endeavours to read and like me, write what you like, as in life you only get what you pay for, as in saying, it is therefore said and in doing it, so is done, or in writing, it is what you express yourself in reality as to be the true depiction of yourself.

Please enjoy your walk through my website of creative inspirational and meaningful literature. Now as you make your way and go through the books individually, carefully and thoroughly I hope, you should take time for yourself to digest the various aspects and reflections, to appreciate the intrical details and depth. To maybe acquire a taste for the personality of Parsifal as a character you can relate to. If you take a few pointers for yourself, well then that is fine, but remember that it is always more important to remain you and be yourself. Perhaps you can find your own niche in the world of writing and develope an individual writing style of your own. For if you can see the beauty in words, I know you will see beauty in the world to and that can be expressed by us all, in the creative writing of literature.

Financial Orientation

Money often is our main goal in life, when it is really just a means to pay a way to the end. It is only a form of currency and its liquidity is of worth, but we should not at all worship it or bow down to it at any time or for any cost.

The answer is to pursue happiness, instead ill fated ideas of self indulgence which cause problems with suffering and pain and are found within the kingdom and meaning of self and monetarial gains, which attract financial success, but alleviate spiritual gain and can deteriorate health. Therefore the picture really is, a bit at a time, of a piece by piece exercise in a positive increase of assetts, that finds the success of living out a normal balanced life, instead of a rich and poor tangibly opposed lifestyle, where the secret is to maintain stability and gradually improve in wealth to a level that you are always happy with and is attained by your personal satisfaction for your comfort zone and general acceptability.

Hence forth while time pays money slowly, we should learn to live within our means and continue surely and steadily to the end. For the fast and furious pay hard and quick, but alleviate the long term standing of the peace and security of the treasures in the kingdom of heaven. Remember that happiness is the secret to well being and mental health for longetivity, as in, if you are happy your personal disposition on life, you want to live and enjoy life, to last longer here on planet earth.

It is a bit like this with every day literature, in that the money only comes when the beauty and brilliance supercede the dullnes of stupidity and life becomes more purposeful, reasonable and meaningful. Happiness is the by product of these endeavours.

Final Note & Thankyou.

Please feel free to explore and digest the many ways that Parsifal looks at life and if you can add him to your list of favourites and follow his daily walk and path of literary understanding in the pursuit of discerning wisdom from foolishness. Then enjoy your personal endeavours in written verse of dialogues and its adventure. In any of the given pursuits, you to may be able to identify with and experience the joy and beauty of meaningful words, as do I through the personable character of Parsifal.

Thankyou for taking the time to look through my websites home page and insights into these books.Please start reading the books now and feel welcome to check out the daily news, budgeting and statistics as you follow the work efforts and pursuits. You won't be able to take in all the books at once, so feel free to invest your time over a lengthy while to indulge in all the book work at your own pace and pleasure. Reading takes time in other words, take time to read!

Don't forget that if you appreciate the work, then you might remember that you can donate to help the website continue.

Enjoy The Read and God Bless. Darel.

Philosophical Objective Statement.

Ps. Life is fair and Justice is for all who obey the law and do God's will.

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