Parsifal Doing and Going





The whole idea of information is understanding what you need to know in order to progress to find what you need or require through the desired channels and directions in order to facilitate what you want. Poetry which when is written cleverly and intelligently can sharpen the mind and create more and new educational stimuli which develops the brain, creating a more actively peaceful and aware thought structure in order to appreciate the finer arts of life. The information generated is only a meaningful acquisition if you choose to use it, for like any wisdom in any format for instruction, it is best used in understanding, by the knowledge of another persons experience to form an opinion. That we can learn by the evidence of a right and wrong pattern the best way of doing something.

Again with poetry in my books it is just a way to perceive something and develop oral and written skills through reading and writing poetic verse. This attraction of rhyming couplets enhances a desire to acquire time and use time as a priority. It provides new and interesting information in the form of poetic verse, that whose knowledge gives education because it is associated with understanding and leads to experience for employment and enjoyment. It is not really able to be viable as an economic stance but with a little greeness and meaness can be ecologically and envirionmentally friendly and nice.

The important thing to remember about reading is that it is for learning how to relate to write something new and not plagorise or copy others work of originality for a profit or gain. That by the productivity of patience and persistence learn to endure the concept of a writing ability that develops to the fullness of the fruit of creation hidden within the imagination of the mind and is released and depicted and portrayed in written words and speech to generate interest in further reading. Then hopefully book sales will come to provide income and more or most importantly, skills and points of interest that are generated in order to establish some kind of notoriety which gives a reputation that hopefully leads to fame.

This is derived out of any given subject that is understood and needed to be grasped in order to further educate for the future and develop the facility in a strand or discipline studied as an educational objective and passion. The love that is shared out of the work of reading and writing that forms and allows the information of life to be directed for consumers to consume as a profitable endeavor is a labour of love and produces a pastime of peace eventually leading to the grasp of educational entertainment. I hope that you enjoy this my fifth book of poetry and that you too one day might write a book of poetry and until the release of my sixth book of poetry, Parsifal Poetic Logic ! learn to love the writing of written verse and poetic fluctuation of dialogue in Parsifal's Doing and Going.

Darel Robert McAllister

Parsifal Enterprises

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