Parsifal's Sunny Days Poems



Welcome to what is now still yet to become another book of poetry for you to read. In the first formulating basic stage of the skeletal outline of 60 poem topics on pages through six chapters being made and will come. I have visualized and concieved the concept of Sunny Days Poems. It is another bright idea of the sun coming down to light our way forth and give us all the enjoyment and different aspects of what the day has and holds for us. As I normally do, I will be writing from memory, of some of the ideas and concepts that I have and will formulate in my mind to explain the weather, the visual idealogical concept of a bright smiling happy day, that is pleasant to enjoy and great to be around in. Something of an utopian reality of life on the farm, city dwelling or just urban life and getting on with the job. Days are wonderful and you can get so much done while the sun shines, you will get wet weather, dark, windy and overcast days, and days when you are just too tired or taxed out, to be of any earthly use or heavenly benefit. But for the mean time, the central focus in this book will be sunshiney days. Sunny Days, bright days and a welcome approach to a positive and happy lifestyle. We just want to identify with what makes us smile and be happy. Sunny days, with a bright smiling face on the suns projection, God looking down and seeing you clear in the eye, with rays of benefical happiness. You just have to admit it, that when the sun shines, people are a lot happier, even though we need the rain for the garden and you don't like it, when it is too hot all the time. The seasons have to and will play and important part in this book, and as naturally and normally Summer is going to be hotter and more sunny days. Winter has some interesting times and aspects to achknowledge and enjoy to as well. While Northern and Southern hemispheres have opposite seasons and times, while the balance of life works out in the wash as the earth turns around in a day and orbits the sun in a period of a year or even a decade or century. You will get a wide variety and assorted conditions of different types of days. No matter what the weather is, you will always want to still look for and find the sun, smiling as happy as can be. Now however it is time to stop writing here and get on with the job of writing the poetry book, of what is going to be and is now established as Parsifal's Sunny days. I look forward to the adventure with you once again as you try to stay tuned as often as you need to, to get up to date and keep alongside, with what is going on in the writing of the poetry book. What you can expect is just going to have to be left up to you, in final as I say that. All is well, lets go. Enjoy the read as much as I will enjoy writing it. Darel McAllister.


1 The Sun Comes Down

The sun comes down, the music plays,

Grace and melody nearly all day;

Rays of light shining bright,

Sunny days happening right.

In the mood for a poem of song,

Travelling life, doing it long;

Sunny days a freind to follow,

Long lost years, seeming hollow.

Cloudy days, sunny days,

Bright as ever and always can;

All a part of God's great plan,

Working hard to give him a hand.

Rainy days, sunny days,

Could get even louder and brighter;

Softer and more gentle rays of light,

God bless you as Jesus meant to.

Sun shining down, sunny days,

Happy days, smiling faces;

Streams of light, plenty of cash,

God is good to those who love him.

The sun comes down, golden bright,

Fresh loving light, lines of love;

Sun rays, happy days, all of the above,

Keeping what is right for us.


Goodness gracious.

2 Rays of Beauty

Rays of beauty, doing their duty,

Happening true and beautiful;

Light coming down onto you,

Shining through your window.

Rays of beauty, on my back,

behind me now and then turning aorund;

They hit me straight in my eyes,

Blinded me for a second, I don't know why.

Rays of beauty, morning dawn,

Coming down through the sunrise;

Happening true, no compromise,

Sunset bright, night starlight.

Rays of beauty, shining bright,

To light my way and show me home;

The path of life, the light of mind,

Brilliant rays, the dawn of time.

Rays fo beauty, right again,

Write this down with humble pen;

Type away and get it right,

Rays of light, well insight.

Rays of beauty, the road I tread,

Eternal walk of life, not dead;

More to life than meets the eyes,

Rays of beauty, light of life, not death.


Well said.

3 See The Light

See the light, humble light,

Bright sun, great might;

See the dawn, see the morn,

The sunset, paid my debt.

See the light, the light of truth,

Shining on the sin as proof;

Sun shines down upon the ground,

All the dirt goes in the bin.

See the light, the brighter days,

Happy smiling faces always;

Suns shines down to light my way,

The light of day, the righter way.

The sun shines down to see to what,

Show me where and there and who;

Then and when are happening to,

Keep me safe from rain and dew.

The sun shines down, I know it will,

Morning fresh and birds the dill;

Sititng high on tree and hill,

Nice green grass, I need the pill.

The sun shines down, to me to ask,

Who in heaven is up to the task;

God shines bright and all night,

Venturing the day and light.


My mind will.

4 Through The Clouds 1

Through the clouds, rays of light;

Shining down on me so bright;

Sunny days, happy days,

The sun coming through the clouds.

Through the clouds, the son of God,

The sun, the sin, the perfect trod;

Absoulutely nothing wrong or odd,

The best of everything, the sun is one.

Through the clouds, the sun of God,

Light to shine upon my eyes;

Seeing the light in the right direction,

Rays of light, perfect reflection.

Through the clouds, words of work,

Light upon the dust of earth;

Born now from my humble birth,

Sands of time are always worth.

Through the clouds, the grace of God,

Upon the heads and hearts of love;

Mercy shining into hearts and minds,

Cleaned and clearing dirty blinds.

Through the clouds of heaven scented,

Roses fragrences, perfume meant it;

Always fresh and always new,

Coming again and happening true.

Through the clouds of sky and space,

Beams of light upon my face;

God is good through years of grace,

See the day, the light of way to trace.


Seven Days.

5 Heavens Right

Heavens right, God in sight,

True and perfect, beauties delight;

Grace of God, heavens might,

The kingdom of God, daylight.

Heavens right, God is light,

Life of heaven, day and night;

Heavens right, broad daylight,

Awesome God, power and sight.

Heavens right, reign of light,

Hell bent east and west aright;

North and south, word of mouth,

Do not poubt or even doubt.

Heavens right, rainbow colours,

Blue and yellow, black and white;

Spring and Autumn, day and night,

Summer and winter, rain is free.

Heavens right, well of water,

The dew from the fountains shelter;

Ocean mass of happiness,

Brighter days of seas and bees.

Heavens right, it just has to be,

Eternal life and light of day;

Smiling faces, who to reach,

We are all going to the beach.


Honey money.

6 Maybe Perfect

Maybe perfect, maybe right,

Christ all mighty, shining light;

Left undone, not done for me,

Hanging upon a old cross tree.

Maybe perfect, beautiful and true,

Everything happening right for you;

Sunny days, beautiful blue,

The suns light coming all anew.

Maybe perfect, best for me,

Long lost dark ages, I can't see;

God send the light into the dark,

Show me the depth of your love above.

Maybe perfect, days due delight,

The best fo time, morning daylight;

Red and gold leaves, green has been,

Fallen upon my old freind of night.

Maybe perfect, maybe wrong,

Signs of the times, happening long;

Beauty surrounds me all my days,

The duty of the permanent rays.

Maybe perfect, nothing else will do,

Beauty perfect, happening true;

God of grace and love, with mercy to,

How could I love you more, than I allready do.


Eternal friend.

7 Christ All Mighty

Christ all mighty, heavens dew,

Fall afresh on me anew;

Fill me with your light of life,

Smile upon my humble life.

Christ all mighty, right of day,

Teach me to walk along your way;

To the road of heaven and light,

Let me see you in your truth and might.

Christ all mighty, God bless your soul,

The one who dragged me out of pit and hole;

Your the one who filled me with joy,

You smiled upon this happy boy.

Christ all mighty, day is night,

The might of light, is your right;

Preach to the poor and let them hear,

The good news of old, God is near.

Christ all mighty, true and right,

Lead me to your heavenly light;

All the good and best of God,

Heaven in the quest, to beat the odd.

Christ all mighty, perfect true,

God the light for me and you;

Sunny days, nearly all my life,

Rain hell bent on giving strife.


Due dew.

8 Brilliant Sky

Brilliant sky, full of red colours,

Crimson gold, and yellow orange;

Read along the lines of love,

God is king of heaven above.

Brilliant sky, light shining bright,

Coming through the blue in rays of light;

Best of everything dawning might,

Sunset darkness, clouds alighting.

Brilliant sky, where the rain has gone,

Everything green and very fresh;

When the sun returns to happiness,

Around it goes and turns again.

Brilliant sky, another day,

I wonder and only ever ask God why;

The day returns and comes again,

From the dark of night and frightened pen.

Briliant sky, I just have to try,

To find the light from day and dark;

The angels grey and hark the spark,

From where I lay under the twilight.

Brilliant sky, as to how to compare,

Ancient brightness from days long gone;

Show me truth and light from dark again.

The sun shining brightest and bright again.


High up there.

9 Sin Sun Son

Sin sun son, sing along,

Sunk the ship and sink is drink;

Perfect purple, problem pink,

The best of the bad did stink.

Sin sun son, Christ the light of day,

Who leads upon the humble way;

The weight of the universe, I lay,

The hell bent cross to pay.

Sin sun son, wait upon the way,

A happy song will come along,

To fill the mind and light the day,

The beauty of the error, paid the grey.

Sin sun son, bright yellow gold,

The stain of dirt, all washed clean;

Eternal waters of light and life,

Christ is holding the bright light.

Sin sun son, see it all clear,

The hate of hell will dissapear;

Watch and see all the day come clear,

Christ the perfect wisdom of what apears.

Sin sun son, judged the old and new is true,

What was beaten, has gone and blued;

What was paid was the grace and due,

The best will only accept what has grew.


Mountain tops.

10 Perfect Days

Perfect days, all your ways,

Wonderful due and true;

Best of heaven all your mercy,

Grace and peace your humble joy.

Perfect days, lots more to do,

Write it all afresh and new;

Sun shines down, golden smile,

Light rays bright with joy.

Perfect days, things I have done,

All around and lots of fun;

Happy days, smiling days under the sun,

Play in the park, till it gets dark.

Perfect days, brand new ways,

All the things of love and play;

Sunshines bright until the night,

Things are right, in the light.

Perfect days, I love God's ways,

Hidden treasures from kingdom days;

There has got to be always a lot more,

Of all that has been and gone before.

Perfect days, hidden ways,

Where what has been has come again;

Sun shining bright, show us your light,

Reveal the truth of days long gone.


Memory Lapse.


11 Reflecting Glory

What is brighter than the sun?

A million stars reflecting God's glory;

Smiling in the face of life,

Perfect love, perfect reflection.

Reflecting Glory from God above,

To His people below in love;

From heaven above came a child to save,

A humble servant, a merciful slave.

Reflecting Glory, amazing grace,

Beautiful wonder, brilliant face;

Magnificant saviour, God of love,

The name of The Lords smiling son.

Refleecting glory, Jesus Christ the one,

Beating all the bad, the sun shone and won;

Shining glory on to all creation,

Reflecting the face and grace of God.

Reflecting glory from the heart that serves,

The service to the way and cause;

Beautiful heart and heavenly mind,

The peace of God, where all inclined.

Reflecting glory, raise an offering,

The house of The Lord's is worship;

Come into the presence of His glory,

Heaven reigns above earth forever, Amen.


Golden Gallion.

12 Meek and Wonderful

Meek and wonderful, a blaze of light,

Shining glory on the water surface;

Peaceful tranquil, calm and still,

Waves come in while life is will.

Meek and wonderful, light on water,

Perfect glory, shining forever;

You still the storm, and make a way,

The truth and honour on a sunny day.

Meek and wonderful, Christ's humble spirit,

The world turning around, people fear it;

The earth a big moving spinning ball,

The sun shines down to light on them all.

Meek and wonderful, how you won them all,

They see their sin and repent from within;

To come into righteous relationship with Thee,

Perfect saviour, lead them on high to heavens home.

Meek and wonderful, gracious and glorious,

Merciful, loving, believing the best in everyone;

You do what man could just not do on their own,

You rose above the evil and reigned on your thrown.


Without moan or groan.

13 See The Faith

See the faith Thou has in us,

Restoring us from time and dust;

To rise up with the host on high,

To heaven right above the sky.

See the faith and life in all,

The eternal home of heavens call;

God our father you love us all,

Don't miss out on even one small.

See the faith and beauty within,

What is deep below the heart of sin;

Look into the eyes of love,

God shines down from heaven above.

See the faith, the light shing on the water,

Reflecting truth and honours glory;

There is no end to Jesus story,

God the victor, Christ the perfect.

See the faith and truth in our life Lord,

Understand that we fail to rise against Thee;

Our knowledge inferior, to yours superior,

The wonder of love which reigns perfect.

See the faith our hearts and minds desire,

Let us see you in all your conquering glory;

Why do we doubt or fail to defend,

The God who loves us and wants us friend.


Common ground.

14 Mirror Image

Mirror image, perfect reflection,

My identity in Christ my God;

Like faith as light on water,

Sun shining smiley face.

Mirror image God looks down on us,

Sees His children, who he loves to see;

Seas and oceans, waters of heaven,

Fall upon the humble earth.

Mirror reflection, image of Thee,

Perfect creator, everything right with Thee;

Even humble serving and loving me,

You are the greastest thing to see.

Mirror image, reflecting Thee,

God the greatest creator, is He to be?

Whosoever shall turn from sin,

A place and home, with rest in Thee.

Mirror image, how can I tell,

The grace and love you have as well;

The picture of your mirrored bell,

Chiming, ringing, singing all is well.

Mirror image, the face of God,

Seen and beaten all the odd;

Mirror image, grace and love,

Shine upon us from above;

Sunny days and sunshining skies,

Reflecting on the waters edge.


Clear to think.

15 Lovely Beauty

Lovely beauty good to see,

Look down upon the face of me;

Show me your love to reflect,

Shine your light into my life.

Lovely beauty, wondrous grace,

You smile upon us with your face;

Looking down, you long to see,

All the wrong, won to Thee.

Lovely beauty, damsels duty,

Submits unto her fathers love;

Water light reflecting surface,

Her eyes see the blue skies sun.

Lovely beauty, wonderful love,

Reflecting glory in her great love,

Daughter of God, come home to Him,

He will let you see and reflect when dim.

Lovely beauty, time for each,

See the light and unto Him reach;

He taught the hearts and souls to eat,

Feast upon Him, as he will teach.

Lovely beauty, His rest I find,

For peace and still and quiet of mind;

Rainbow wars of love and hate,

Lord! your love was to create.


Bread and water.

16 Dazzling Bright

Dazzling bright, sunshiney light,

Twinkling, flickering on water to delight;

Sparkling, harkening to the word of right,

Write the passage of the huge God sight.

Dazzling bright, home to glory,

The truth, the never ending story;

Lead us all home into your sight,

Watch over us in peace of night.

Dazzling bright, sun shines upon the earth,

Water crystals are glistening still;

Reflecting, refracting, rainbow light,

The fight was won, the cross of right.

Dazzling bright, the pain and agony,

Lost in the dark of ages gone;

Coming to shine on us at home today,

Many have gone their own sweet way.

Dazzling bright, the deep dark forest,

Home to animals and birds in trees;

Lead these little friends of ours,

To know Thy love and Thine powers.

Dazzling bright, light of night,

Stars that dance in to the moon light;

Flickering, freindly, forever, finding flight,

Shining down on us in the middle of the night.


Might be mine.

17 Dancing Lights

Dancing lights, sparkle on water,

Flickering, freindly timeless sights;

Welcome to the writes of rights,

Like extra terrestrial, out if might.

Dancing lights of alien craft,

You cross my mind and my path;

I wonder whether things are true,

But know in God I can't misconstrue.

Dancing lights by ballroom halls,

A waltz or foxtrot, feet move all;

Disco lights of spinning balls,

Reflecting light onto the walls.

Dancing lights, saviours mind,

Save us from the Devils kind;

A world of hate and endless sin,

Help us your children to see and win.

Dancing lights of sparkling stars,

A sea of water, endless cars;

Headlights shining in your glory,

Guide us home, a safe story.

Dancing lights, sun on water,

Another beautiful lovely daughter;

God is great, His mercy sweet,

A child can see the light of His.


Coloured floor.

18 Light Waves

Light waves, coloured thoughts,

Moving, thinking, as we ought;

God a good sport Who bought,

A sort to catch the souls, who are caught.

Light waves, pleasant dreaming minds,

Humble, simple, gentle, pleasing, kind;

The right way home for which to find,

The truth, the right, the fearless type.

Light waves, beaming, blooming, shining true,

Through the dark and the bright blue;

Stars of night, your light will shine,

Until the day of sun and dawning fine.

Light waves, perfect light,

Keep the truth and Godly fight;

Beat the sin and dust of strife,

Your life will need a beautiful wife.

Light waves, brain waves,

Surf the coast of God's delight;

Right waves, saviour saves,

Jesus the brave of truth and right.

Light waves, conquest sails,

Ships that pass into the night;

To come again at the crack of dawn.

Born into the new day morn.


19 Kingdom of Light

Kingdom of light and sunlit days,

God will lead us all into His ways;

Smiling, sunny, shining grins and pays,

Beautiful dishes of fishes prays.

Kingdom of light, Lord lead us home,

Unto the place where we belong;

Dawn of creation, endless times,

Human hearts and Christ like minds.

Kingdom of light, your grace abounds,

Temples built on mountain mounds;

Home on high with you in heaven,

Light of day for twelve of twenty.

Kingdom of light, you search us out,

Who trust and love, but deny and doubt;

Where there is plenty, there is poor,

The balance of life, implore to adore.

Kingdom of light, life of God,

The best were beaten to ruin the odd;

Gentle hearts and minds of souls,

Come into the safe stable and fold.

Kingdom of light, we were taught your parables,

Wanting selfishly, our own endeavours;

Jesus holds the key to death,

The life of light, the tender breath.


No one loses.

20 Light Of Life

Light of life, see it clear,

Draw the breath, fleeting near;

Spirit of the shining light,

Life so dear, but tragic deer.

Light of life, the taste of duck,

Help us with our dismal luck;

A train on track is not a truck,

Stop us all from the passing buck.

Light of life, perfectly true,

Seeing you with eyes as glued;

Help us to never lose hope and sight,

Show us you are holding the eternal light.

Light of life but I hear you say,

The Devil wants His evil ways;

Shine your light into our days,

The grey of day, your sons rays.

Light of light, bright sining sun,

Wondrous laughter, healing fun;

Birth and beauty, see the cause,

You hold every audience applause.

Light of life, caves of dark,

Lead us into the spark and hark;

Speak into our hearts and souls,

Give us lives, to lead us old.


Glow worms.


21 Picture Perfect

Perfect picture, coming clear,

Dirt and dust dissapears;

Rain clears the air with prayer,

God of grace, lead me there.

Perfect picture, clear skies,

Not a cloud, clear clean blue;

I love The Lord coming true,

Nothing but the best for you.

Perfect picture, painting postcard,

Colours, a mechanism of love.

Spreading the horizon with a sunset,

Creation of the evening, starlight.

Perfect picture, of you in the mirror,

Looking at me, as things seem dimmer;

Clear and bright the light appears,

We are us and all is as clean as dear.

Perfect picture, beautifully sound,

Colours in the window, whispering ground;

Safe and secure, white as winter,

Candles lit, inspiration dinner.

Perfect picture, a grassy lawn,

Green and shadey, skies blue as morn;

Come out of the shadows, evening dusk,

Life is the light of passion and trust.


Brilliant spectrum.

22 A Clear Day

A clear day, perfect in every way,

Seat by the fireside, ocean spray;

Good old God, had all day,

The golden sun on me, had shone.

A clear day, near to my heart,

All things right, not dismal or odd;

Seeing clearly, with perfect vision,

The world is a step, to global mission.

A clear day, God got it all his own way,

I just keep trusting my Lord, each day;

He will lead me home safe and bright,

To heaven in the skies of sheer clear delight.

A clear day, a plane flies by and lands right,

Places and people, a beautiful sight;

Life is like water, heaven like light,

Evening star, brilliantly bright.

A clear day, something lovely,

A pair of love birds, settling, nesting;

Doves from the story of Paris air,

Nothing more beautiful can compare.

A clear day, prayer on the wings of despair,

From the deep dark night, God is there;

A light shines bright into the morning,

The light has come, all head the warning.


Best left to let.

23 Air and Water

Air and water, life and death,

Every single living breath;

Floats on high above the clouds,

Taming the shrew, lost the clowns.

Air and water, sweet as love,

Living daily, right and clean;

The shroud endowed and due,

Heavens picture, perfectly true.

Air and water, baby in a cradle,

Crying for the very first gasp;

So much time ahead to live,

The first the best, the least the last.

Air and water, plane and ship,

Ocean tides, a heavenly tip;

Moon and sun, I dreamed about,

Fill my heart without fear or doubt.

Air and water, land and sea,

Heaven help both you and me;

High on heights of God's great love,

The world our home, life about.

Air and water, the quest to win,

Breathing freshness, toil in bin;

All is good, God is great,

Create, debate, relate the state.


Rest to come.

24 A Few Clouds

A few clouds, a pleasing thought,

Not too many, a bit much at all;

Making their minds up, which way to go,

The day comes and rows in flow.

A few clouds, pay the price,

The saviour rose and cost was nice;

Coming back again, through the clouds,

To reign victoriously, day and night.

A few clouds, not much to worry about,

Care free living, judgement eniment;

Whether weathering the elements,

Or just loving, doing, being, living.

A few clouds, God knows them all,

Light and fluffy, high and whispy;

Kingfish, jewfish, swim the tide,

Raining, pouring, enduring ever.


Black writing.

25 Brilliant Blue

Brilliant blue, perfectly true,

All things happening, brand new;

Skies that smile on and on forever,

No matter the day or even the weather.

Brilliant blue, happy and clear,

Apearing ethereal, near thin air;

The purpose of reason and season,

God loves heaven, just there being.

Brilliant blue, sun shining gold,

Grey and tidy, not dismal or old;

Ancient cepter, accepting truth,

The thrown of heaven, living proof.

Brilliant blue, something for you,

Me, well what or who am I to count;

They were them, those were these,

Sky blue dreams, crystal clear.

Brilliant blue, lots of love,

The morning awakening of God above;

Nothing wrong, everything right,

Brilliant blue, heavens skies delights.

Brilliant blue, wonder to adore,

Whats wrong with wandering,

Through heavens pearly doors,

The golden path, leads home to love.


One true day.

26 Heaven On High

Heaven on high, you can all say goodbye,

Hope in money left at hells doorstep;

The one way to God, is through His son,

The bad is gone, come live in the sun.

Heaven on high, the light has come,

The odd of sin, is stained in death;

Get a new life, take a fresh breath,

Full of the spirit in heaven on high.

Heaven on high, born of the spirit,

Washed in the blood, Jesus is it;

Baptized in the water, God is love,

Santified holy, high in heaven above.

Heaven on high, God sits on His thrown,

All the people think, what do they own;

Drink down the sink, the stain of sin,

Put your rubbish in the bin to win.

Heaven on high, perfect paradise,

Lost in love of heaven above;

High on a hillside, God's resting place,

A castle, a fortress, imagining love.

Heaven on high, a tropical island,

Sun shining through the coconut trees,

Soft and gentle on aqua blue water,

The air is life, a slice of tropical fruit,


One verse.

27 Breathing Kingdom

Breathing kingdom, loves open door,

Come to Jesus, tall or small;

Children the hope, the future for all,

Life is but, the earth, our ball.

Breathing kingdom, heart and mind,

Living air, beautiful and kind;

Hear the parables, see the miracles,

Christ, our heavenly king reigns.

Breathing kingdom, unity in peace,

Loving glories will endlessly cease;

Memories from each wonderful land,

Every soul wil be immortally fresh.

Breathing kingdom, quiet and quaint,

Still the morning, love is faint;

Wisdoms tool is passion and truth,

Fall in love with God's heavenly rule.

Breathing kingdom, Riviera running,

Capri, mediterranean, Mikanos sunny;�������������������� 

Greek isles and eternal city of Rome,

Love capital, Paris on the Seign like home.

Breathing kingdom, heaven is air,

Awake from bad and comb your hair;

Your European holiday is here,

You have been to Britain, written born.


United heaven.

28 See The Heart

See the heart, true and sweet,

Narrow minded, brain is smart;

Thinking how do I get there,

Heaven has got to be somewhere.

See the heart, here I am,

Where is day and there is night;

Who is this, what is that,

I am meant to be here for thee.

See the heart, greed and pride,

All good things in God abide;

Truth and right, clear daylight,

What is hiding, will meet God's sight.

See the heart, it wants to help,

Serving dilligently, those in hell;

Pain is aweful, save us God,

A home for the weary, food for free.

See the heart, her in heaven,

She cleaned everything, as sparkling as ever;

Give her your love and reward from Thee,

A home in heaven, worth all of me.

See the heart, hope, faith and love,

No time for wrong doing, right for me;

Write for a living, with love and trust,

God does the giving, I will heed Him first.

See the heart, read and lead,

No time to be idle, money trees;

Poetry in motion, the train does stop,

The joy of God, things in shop.


Just keep going.

29 Clarity of Mind

Clarity of mind, peaceful thinking,

The joy of living, always giving;

Getting or betting maybe lost,

Love stands still, life sweet lust.

Clarity of mind, I wish I could,

Thoughts so cloudy, something should;

Would you want, that I do perish,

Clean and clear, there is no tarnish.

Clarity of mind, working hard,

Heavens harbour, famiy home;

All good wood, paint and varnish,

No time to waste, dissapear or vanish.

Clarity of mind, life is air,

Cleaning hearts and minds to clear;

Voices singing heavenly, songs so dear,

A choir of angels, nothing to fear.

Clarity of mind, starting to come clear,

Thoughts of purity, righteous and true;

Beauty in the making, heaven in sight,

Loving, living, lonely, strong forever.

Clarity on mind, brilliant saviour,

Christ the risen, home in heaven;

The day is ending, sun setting,

My friend in God, tomorrows coming.


Perfect souls.

30 Beauty In The Face

Beauty in the face of God,

The face of God is love;

The sight of grace is love,

Mercy comes with healing.

Beauty in the face, heavens sky,

Earthly truth, heavens lie;

Natural in nature, native skin,

Born to serve, born to win.

Beauty in the face, heavens grace,

One thing hiding, God will ace;

Nothing odd, God does not play dice,

Maybe one day, once or twice.

Beauty in the face, the universe awaits,

I say, to you, have a nice day;

Don't give into the world and pay,

God has done it all His way.

Beauty in the face, Just keep going for Him,

No time to stop or go within;

Just keep looking up and stare at him again,

You just can't lose with God but win.

Beauty in the face, heart will cheat,

Look Him in the eyes, something still;

Tell the truth and love Him dearly,

Cosmic lover, keep appearing.


The sky smiles.


31 Christ Is Coming

Christ is coming through the heavens,

Reigning sun through clouds of white;

Light that shows its endless weather,

Rain that flows and dwells within us.

Christ is coming to live and dwell,

Heavens mesages for us to tell;

God is in our hearts forever,

Water showing in tears of love and pain.

Christ is coming in pleasant conditions,

To tell us of His love for us,

Truth and stories fably told you,

The eternal God of name and fame.

Christ is coming whether you know it or not,

Like Him or hate Him, still the same;

Glorious victory is His honour,

Worthy of our hurts and shame.

Christ is coming to take you home again,

Through the sunlit plains of old;

Christ the son and God The father,

Still the one and all the same.

Christ wants you to share His glory,

No more doubts or fears of loss,

Greif is fallen far beneath us,

Lost in wonder, love and grace.

Christ is coming to earth forever,

Homeward bound are we to Thee,

Rest assured in His loving forgiveness,

You are safe, when held on high.


Return To Heaven.

32 Through The Clouds 2

Through the clouds he comes from heaven,

Rescues us from all our sin;

Grace and mercy, peace is coming,

Rest assured your safe with Him.

Through the clouds our king is coming,

Into the courts of the kingdom of paradise;

Well meaning people behaving themselves,

Looking, living and loving the best of life.

Through the clouds, God reigns forever,

His kingdom coming in light beams of heaven;

Look out an dup and see Him on high,

Who reigns and lives and is above the sky.

Through the clouds, people see His glory,

Endless accounts of the never ending story;

Parables and miracles told time after time,

The God of grace and mercies fame.

Through the clouds the king rides and flies,

Reigning endlessly, coming completely;

Perfect Lord, your presence resounds,

God of goodness and kindness is found.

Through the clouds, love tells the story,

The greatness of God the fables glory;

Beauty and plentiful aboundless love,

Given and granted from the God of above.


Complete Forgiveness.

33 A Bit Of Water

A bit of water, sometimes rain,

Wet and dry room to fly;

Tears of love in sweat and pain,

Dear to me form heaven above.

A bit of water from the dam,

To the tap in my home;

Peace on pages in a poem,

Come drink you thirsty one.

A bit of water, dwon the drain,

Pipes of peace, now always sane;

Eternal reign, water is life,

Peace of a clear drink, not strife.

A bit of water, made to order,

Organised and flowing along freely;

A prayer to my father in heaven.

Rain will come where it is needed.

A bit of water, fresh and new,

Clear understanding, knowledge knew;

Remember the love of refreshing water,

Take a drink of the water of life.

A bit of water, my dreaming daughter,

Live in a house by the sea,

He will answer and give to thee,

All you could possibly imagine for free.


Lake, like, life.

34 Sometimes Life

Sometimes life, sometimes strife,

Falling in love with your beautiful wife;

Fashioned with passion in prayer,

The treasure of people, who are poor.

Sometimes life, luck plays a part,

Water off a ducks back is love;

Training to do and be your best,

Trucks that seem to beat the rest.

Sometimes life, peaceful existance,

The pursual and perseverance of persistance;

Poetry in motion and consistance,

Money a moter to magnifigance.

Sometimes life, prayer and love,

Government getting from God above;

Pensioners paid by the tax system,

Private business particulars insistant.

Sometimes life, air is free,

Trees compare with growth and thee;

Build up your self for family fortune,

Own what you can and don't resign.

Sometimes life, blameless and true,

Paid of the cross, the cost and price;

Jesus lover of my soul, heart and mind,

Unfailing God, peaceful and kind.


Persistant pain a doctor.

35 Wisdom's Tears

Wisdom's tears, passive compassion,

Massive memory, love of God;

Created in fear, free from all pain,

Hurts no longer conquer or gain.

Wisdom's tears, dear, good and free,

An existance of peace for you and me;

Unfailing love, heavens treasures reward,

No more hate, greed, evil or fraud.

Wisdoms tears, duty is still bound,

All of creation on solid ground;

Built on the foundation of God's love,

Born of the spirit, washed in the blood.

Wisdoms tears, bears drinking all the beers,

Wines lost in the love of lions lines lives;

The spirit of honey, as sweet as a bunny,

Running like a tap of fresh water money.

Wisdoms tears, no more thoughts of fear,

Christ centred lives beautiful to hear;

Walking or talking, working and paying,

The sun of day is a long time coming.

Wisdoms tears, prayers for caring,

God answers all while constantly sharing;

Home safe in a house of well good being,

All knowing, all loving, all seeing, all freeing.


Smile again.

36 Created Great

Created great, beyond unbelief,

God and master, creater cheif;

Times change and people relate,

What a great God can really do.

Created great, each of us on our own,

Unique and individual and all equal;

Born to debate and win to achieve,

What you conceive, you cannot deceive.

Created great to choose life at its best,

All shall be honoured, all pass the test;

God worked so hard, the seventh day rest,

We pray for the conditions, lest we forget.

Created great, love beyond all measure,

Another sinner found the eternal treasure;

Lost but comes to the saving knowledge of Christ,

Saved by love and faith, with the grace of God.

Created great, Jesus loves us to humbly relate,

An all consuming passion of burning hate;

Not to go to hell and die in pain and suffering,

But to live with God in heavenly paradise.

Created great, love must lead and relate again,

Words of birds in the poetries pen of prose;

Sounds of joy and laughter listening to win,

The victory enabled by everyone joining in.


Saved from sin.

37 Thunder Storms

Thunder storms, dwelling beneath and above,

Lost in dark ages, looking for God's love;

Hearts and souls and minds inclined to find,

The best solution to the problems answers kind.

Thunder storms, raining down upon us from up there,

Thunder and lightning, seemingly coming form anywhere;

Don't get stuck by the words of an unforgotton freind,

God's love is there waiting for you to come and get to know.

Thunder storms I wonder, what have I just done,

Is God trying to punish me for going around the bend;

I have to admit that I was a lost soul deserving death,

And turn to God through Jesus and enjoy life's fresh breath.

Thunder storms are frigthening, wander as I do in sin,

I have to repent of this and ask for forgiveness to;

Look to God who sits on high, controlling all the heavens,

Learning to laugh in the face of the devil and turn to God and wiin.

Thunder storms are happening, yes they are very real,

You know that they are going to rip your heart if you feel;

Don't get a blast from the evil one, cop humble pie off God,

Eat your meals as you wish each dish, or pray to God for love.

Thunder storms, I am down here, God you reign on high,

Coming through the dark black clouds and when grey you cry;

Don't get caught in the storms of life, look God in the eye,

Learn to soar on eagle wings, like angels dare and fly.


Caring prayer.

38 Somewhat Normal

Somewhat normal, nearly always formal,

Casually dressed in cloths so comfortable;

We all seem to know what is on our mind,

Then we bcome stressed at someone elses mess.

Somewhat normal writing lines of happy poetry,

Going down the page, not worrying about the day;

Things just seem to fall into place and go there own way,

People getting what they want, but all forget to pray.

Words happily smiling in your face on a sunny day,

Happily and merrily going there own old fashioned way;

A rainbow and a bird, suddenly a sound I heard to pay,

Grace, old fashioned favour and a loving caring neighbour.

Somewhat normal ventures of the day just passing bye,

The bird flying through the sky, still unafraid to die;

Heaven understanding, loves all grandeur, way up high,

Coming to rest at night, to consider God's perfect plight.

Somewhat normal, peace of mind, money if you care,

Helping people to compare, what is God in prayer;

Help each other being kind, simple things I look to find,

Everything I need is there indeed, I read the lead and see.

Somewhat normal, everything going its own way all of the day,

I am trying to get my way and you your own way as well;

Weigh it in the balance, are you beaten by the sun,

Is Christ your saviour through God from the burning light.


Flight and fight.

39 Expected Conditions

Expected conditions, rainy or stormy weather,

Bright wide open skies were nice all the time,

I just get accustomed to pleasant weather,

When the rubber hits the road, it is hell for leather.

Expected conditions, whether you are happy all the time,

Or laughing through the face of crime and adversity;

Don't give up, there is still some luck, through diversity,

Bad times come and go, good times come at last.

Expected conditions, the properties of age and healing,

All good things come to those whose heart is working and feeling;

What is broken and bent, can be straightened and tightened,

Don't hide in a corner, cowering and being all frightened.

Expected conditions, you had better watch out, God is about,

Coming to your aid and stopping the world from hell bent sin;

He will give you help and light, just ask Him to come in,

God will show you everything, if you will only let Him love you so.

Expected conditions, traffic everywhere on the road again,

God where are you, I am wanting my new found friend;

Travelling the highway anywhere, through the skies of life,

You are everywhere, while I am still here caught in strife.

Expected conditiopns, what have you now come to expect,

Do you still want everything or is there somethings you reject;

Moany palys its part for sure, I can't get by or on without it,

But to worship it instead of God, things just don't seem to want to fit.


Were you looking.

40 Not So Clear

Not so clear, coming near, don't know what is right, right now,

Things could become confusing if I look at me and don't know how;

The person I see in the mirror now is not the same old me,

How blind can I be and unsuspecting, seeing things I want to see.

Not so clear, there is mud being thrown at me in the eye,

Everything was great, but I had to work to win and even try;

Like a plane flying up there through the heavenly sky,

Everything I wanted, was only somewhere to live and die.

Not so clear, peace of mind my heart, God grants the favoured part,

There is not really that much trouble, the problem is the sin being smart;

Stained by crimson blood of unsaved souls, coming to God again,

The best thing that could happen in life, was found at the point of my pen.

Not so clear, this time I have not got what I wnat on my mind,

What I am looking for is people who are nice being kind;

Few and far between, but the lonely types, seem to draw near,

If only the clouds of life would dissapear and things would become clear.

Not so clear, the riaqn is coming down nearly each day its own way,

The reign of God is good but the Devil has just too many with a beer;

The glass of toil and torment beating the chosen few who were found,

Now getting lost again in the dirt of mud and terrible unfound ground.

Not so clear as things have come to appear, things in the dark and odd,

Look to Jesus, you will all see God, in a humble shepard man who trod;

A land of pain and anquish now, Israel's Jerusalem, the holy eye and brow,

The cross of pain, a field I see of shame, cars, not God's love and name.

Not so clear, the dust has covered the hurts and scars of love,

Hate has no controlling measure and everything not now as so good;

An overpopulated world of constant toil and trial, not looking unto to God,

Where in the world do we go from here, steer me in the way love so dear.


Please explain this.


41 Smiling Sun

Smiling sun, happy face,

Poeple loving, people faith;

Laughing, crying, joyful, happy,

Joyfully a day for happening.

Smiling sun, salt and sea,

Surf running up to me;

Foam and waves coming in,

Happily playiing at the beach.

Smiling sun, beams of light,

God looking down from heavens delight;

Smiling into hearts of men,

The face of God eternal then.

Smiling sun, a lovely day,

The world has turned from grey,

Smiling sun, happily gay,

People enjoying life all day.

Smiling sun, loads of laughter,

Bought at a price, free cost;

Jesus loving, happily winning,

Stopping epople from their sinning.

Smiling sun, great to see,

God looking down at me;

The face of God with a smile,

Earthly power, heavenly style.


Grinning ear to ear.

42 Smiling Face

Smiling face, love of God,

Happy people, well behaved;

Enjoying life, far from grave,

Money in the bank, they want to save.

Smiling face, try to be nice,

Home cooked dinner, loads of spice;

What is the hurry, with a curry,

Water of life, there is no worry.

Smiling face, peace of mind,

Human beings, being kind;

A hundred miles I cannot tell.,

Smiling faces, all is well.

Smiling faces, love of Thee,

God look down on humble me;

Good to know, good to see,

What else does God want from me.

Smiling face, all people happy,

Feeling tired and a bit nappy;

Sleeping dreaming in heaven,

Awake from there to where.

Smiling face, looking pretty,

Joyful hearts, no more pity;

Sitting sweet in the city,

Going home, fully committed.

Smiling face, I don't know where,

Home sweet home, breathing air;

Watch the television, no more work,

Despised, rejected, church the word.


Good to see.

43 Pretty To See

Pretty to see, joyful me,

All of you, as I knew;

Ore you do, all comes true,

Crystal clear, christmas tree.

Pretty to see, lovely me,

God is beautiful, all to see;

Days of old, God of gold,

Springs of water, life is free.

Pretty to see, stars at night,

Twinkling silver, brilliant bright;

Light the day, knight the night,

God is good, all should be.

Pretty to see, darling girl,

Dressed up nicely, does a twirl;

She is beautiful, all to see,

Joy for her, joy for me.

Pretty to see, time at hand,

Things to do, wondrous land;

Poeple coming, going to,

Lot's happening, all to do.

Pretty to see, maybe me,

Best Easter, better for you;

God came down, saved us to,

Life is free, salvation for you.


Thankyou God.

44 Lovely Looking

Lovely looking, I remember,

I see you, now past December;

Jesus born at Bethlehem,

Died on the cross at Easter.

Lovely looking, now November,

After October and September;

Four months, I well remember,

January, February, March and April.

Lovely looking, see what is coming,

May, June, July and August;

Eight months now, food for thought,

Twelve if you remember, a year.

Lovely looking, times and seasons,

Beautiful people, for different reasons;

Ocean and mountain scenes,

Environmental earth, keep it clean.

Lovely looking, pictures and photos,

A ship at sea, the sun reflecting,

Shining on the water, perfectly,

People doing what should be, respecting.

Lovely looking, smiles and sun,

Looking at me, you having fun;

Time for drinks and money for food,

Enjoyment, fulfilment, in the mood.


In your face.

45 Good To Be

Good to be, good to me,

Good to you, happening true;

Good to me, lovely to see,

All is good, God is free.

Good to be, understand it true,

Happening and making right for you;

So that all can win and be happy,

Nothing wrong, not sad or bad.

Happily seeing, all the sea,

All is good, oceans for organs;

Playing music, vocal accordance,

Time for lakes, singing voices.

Good to be, free at last,

Time pays hard, from the past;

Money in the bank, the joyful task,

Give it to me, you have to ask.

Good to be, prayer to God,

Giving you just what you want,

I got why I needed and so I should,

Give back to God, something of His.

Good to be, everything true,

Happening the right way, me and you;


Only one way.

46 Happy Heart

Happy heart, something smart,

Wrote words, the wrong part;

Right work, writing is hard,

A writer will write, a hundred yards.

Happy heart, what to say,

What to do, nearly all day;

What to write, half the night,

Dark of day, time of rhyme.

Happy heart, grey is smart,

Use your brain, it is the part;

That lets you see in the dark,

The light will come, the sun a spark.

Happy heart, time fo day,

Grey the brain, black and rain;

See the light, light of day,

Earth is money, constant pay.

Happy heart, head and shoulders,

Looking down, world our earth;

Money turning, learning how,

All the bull, the old cow.

Remember five, see the sixth,

Six stanzas, four lines,

One or two lines to go,

Happy heart, poem is finsihed.

The Signed,

Hours of time.

47 Happy To See

Happy To See, new things done,

All the music, plenty of fun;

Good to hear, something to ear,

Compact discs, musicians arrangements.

Happy to see, books and televison,

You can't do both, watch a movie;

Go to the cinema for a change,

The choir in church or opera.

Happy to see, both me and you,

I know exactly what I have to do;

You can find your own work to do,

So both can get what is true.

Happy to see, accompaning me,

If we can't agree on the same thing,

We will just have different things to do,

All the time knowing peace of mind.

Happy to see the beauty of Thee,

She is wonderful to see and tell;

He will do what He can do,

Water the garden, might as well.

Happy to see, the universe for free,

It costs money, but you have to pay me;

What do you mean, by God is free;

Simply barking up the wrong tree.


Backyard dog.

48 Happy To Be

Happy to be, backward or forward,

Turning around learning from Thee;

Everything costs money for time,

Somethings don't, eat and drink.

Happy to be, prayer for me,

Pray for you, happily to;

God will answer, all things due,

You wil get what you ask for to.

Happy to be, something for me,

You can't remember it all either;

As well as me, your born free,

The lion on the line, mothers pride.

Elsa a Christain, Jesus is Lord,

Cubs are older, the young lion well;

The lion is king of the jungle,

The queen, his long lost bride.

Happy to be, just the way I want,

Better for you to do the work;

Hard to live, health the good word,

Wealth and water, free as a bird.

Working for free, money for me,

It will cost you something to;

Everything right, things so true,

The last line yours, something more.


Cost of sport.

49 You Please Me

You Please me, I please you,

Writing out of the heart to see;

What will be the next line for thee,

I don't know now, someone how.

You please me, all to see,

How good God can really be;

I love him and He loves me,

Finding the family happy tree.

You please me, I want it right,

You are all well in His sight;

God will see, what He can do,

Everything you want come true.

You please me, what is next,

Sticking word for word, to the text;

Verses come freely and easily,

Or at least to me, if I help you.

You please me, evening meal peace,

We eat sheep, with peas and sleep,

Wake up tomorrow, all is done awoke,

Dreaming through the night, plenty of fun.

You please me, lets all agree,

Happening true for you and me;

I want my way, you want yours to,

Agree in the middle, something for us.


Compromise companion.

50 I Love You

I love you, money for me,

I have to spend on things you need;

The price is free, the cost is cheap,

Marriage made in heaven, something each.

I love you, type the work for free,

Your making money out of me;

Time on my hands, poetry rhymes,

Meaning freedom, kingdoms yours.

I love you, something to eat,

Food on the table, thanks to you,

Evening dining, wer'e in the mood;

I paid the bill, you served so well.

I love you, would you like this,

A house as well, as a big kiss;

How about Paris, Rome a night,

Stay home instead, go to bed.

I love you, Olympic smiling face,

Athen's Greece, Sydney 2000;

A place to live, share together,

The lace and space, entering grace.

I love you, simply crossover,

From singleness to marriage;

Never mind the past behind,

The future is made in heaven.


Together now.


51 God Smiling

God Smiling, God's love,

Happy with me, happy with Him;

Lots of love, all I need,

I love her, she will read.

God smiling, the good times,

She loves me, I need her;

Something together, us and we,

Sun shiney days, smiling each.

God smiling, lovely weather,

Whether I am good for leather,

She is light as a white feather.

Money together, we will pay.

God smiling, sunny weather,

Whether happy, whether sunny;

Even when God is sad in the rain,

God grows the crops to fill the shops.

God smiling, laughing at me,

Good to see, good to hear;

He is happy when I am sad,

Working hard to please each day.

God smiling, He owns the house,

He built it and so it is His;

He can give it to whoever He wants to,

It is His church, we will pay Him there.

God smiling, it takes a while I know,

To get everything you ask Him for and show;

Money in the bank, it has to grow,

Nothing is dirt cheap anymore, you should know.


Dad gives away.

52 Hard But Good

Hard but good, God should know,

He has been there and done it before;

It must be fair, why He always cares,

Things have to me done right in prayer.

Hard but good, it all takes time,

Money going nowhere, seems a crime;

Words going down in writing rhyme,

Things I should know and try to find.

Hard but good, works far too much,

Not enough of anything, but I had lunch;

We all have to eat, it is fair to say,

Consider God in prayer, He will pay.

Hard but good, love is so sweet,

Everything you ever wanted, now complete;

Your partner of years marriage, to compete,

With every other couple, you have to beat.

Hard but good, life was not meant to be easy,

Even when the dairy is flowing very creamy;

No good crying over lost spilt milk,

Spend a little time and make a million.

Hard but good, cleaning everything you should,

It is not going ot be that bad and sad forever,

Meaning something nice for you whenever you like,

You try to do it on your own, but it is not a selfish endeavour.


Two together.��������������� 

53 Strong And Tough

Strong and tough, week by week,

Get a little done each, share the load;

I am strong when your are weak,

Lost the paddle and up the creek.

Strong and tough, you just have ot be,

To survive in this world of adversity;

Some distractions of diversity,

All the problems of advertising.

Strong and tough, just keep on going,

You will get through it all in the end;

Share the load and walk the mile with a friend,

All the problems seem to fix themself and mend.

Strong and tough, long and hard,

Live forever with someone else yourself,

Two are better than one you know,

When you have to cosnider everyone else.

Strong and tough, all the food is enough,

Share and share a like, life is other people;

Try and get on togther, life too short and lonely,

Lovely for a couple to be themselves only.

Strong and tough, love is hard and pleasing,

Together you can gather twice as much;

Sit down and have lunch together forever,

God will dish up all the different kinds of weather.


Pleasant together.

54 Forgiveness

Forgiveness matters, so do you and I,

God gave His son on the cross to die;

His love cost all beyond everything else,

The price was paid so you would not be lost.

Simply say sorry to each other, God will bless,

Shame to suffer the pain and anguish of stress;

Living together and sharing one address,

Nothing too hard that you should not want to confess.

Forgiveness means a new start together in life,

Plenty to say and mean enough to each for;

Say it with a little kindness and love to restore,

The best is yet to come and there is even still more.

Forgiveness wants to help and fix the problem,

You can't go on forever, hating and not loving;

We can sort it out and talk while dinners in the oven,

No problem too great for us to work out and to beat.

Forgiveness and encouragement to do the right thing,

Why should you worry about having to lose everything;

It can be fixed if you give God the problem and confess,

The first thing to do is to get over the whole big mess.

Forgiveness a beauty and really magical moment,

When the thing going wrong disolves in a song,

Everything that was happening, just stops being wrong;

You get on with living life happily with your wife,

God has taken the pain and thrown away the strife.


Best beating.

55 Redemption

Redemption comes, atonement covers,

Sin and shame now undiscovered,

Beaten and paid for by the death of Jesus,

The breath of life now fresh again for living.

I did it to him and so did you,

The colour red, the crimson stain;

The price you and I just could not pay,

Because God did it all in just one day.

Redemption comes and reveals the truth,

Jesus Christ the victorious living proof;

The cost beyond compare and measure,

That God should make me a heavenly treasure.

He stopped counting your sins and washed away,

He made you clean and helped pay your way;

Like nothing else mattered at the end of the day.

The cross of pain and suffering, swept sin right away.

Redemption made a good person out of me when I was lost,

God counted up the money and paid an amount for the cost;

Nothing I could do would make Him love you or me more,

There was nothing I could do to stop the fear of sin and law.

Redemption was only made possible through the death of Christ,

When everything seemed like it was going wrong, it became every nice;

He looked upon me in my helpless estate and said I will help that fellow,

There is now, no comdemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.


He had to die.

56 Glorification

Glorification, purification and righteousness,

Putred wretched and completely restored again;

God put me in the highest place at His right side,

To live in heaven in holiness, beautifully glorified.

Amplified victoriously, my problems gone and defeated,

Everything in the world well receipted and completed;

God helpd a place for me where I was safe from depletion,

Glorified in the heavenly atonement of the beaten deception.

There was no other way to pay for sin but through the blood of Jesus,

Once and forever an atoning sacrifice for full eternal salvation;

The result in accordance with the law, restoration and glorification,

Nothing more that you and I could do, God did it all from heaven.

A righteous product of sanctification paid in the price of glorification,

Holy and true and giving honour and glory to the king of kings;

The process of glorification, all done through the lamb of God,

A spotless and blameless sacrifice paid the full price of sin.

Glorification beautifully satisfying, Christ the all mighty Lord of God,

The natural understanding, comprehended by our God and king;

Religion, righteousness, redempted and restored in glorification,

Putting you and me in our home place with the heavenly Him.

Glorification, our heavenly being all well, in the kingdom of heaven,

A perfect resting place and position, as the children of God at home;

Nothing more mattered or that we could want then everything bliss,

The fullfillment of the gospel and at last we can all be called His.


Paradise mind.

57 Gracefullness

Gracefullness, peacefullness, joy and happiness,

Restored rightoeously for the heavely process;

Winning souls to the kingdom of heaven and God,

Wonderfully, magically, by Jesus Christ's love.

Nothing cheap at all I really mean to say,

The expensive cost of everything going on all day;

God held and has a resting palce for me each night,

A bed to sleep in holiness, His kingdom of light.

The beautiful understanding, that I am God''s delight,

Nothing you and I could do, but through God's awesome might;

Blessings fall upon you in accordance with scriptures,

From the cross of pain, He down upon us from the skies.

With His eyes, a passing single glance of heavenly grace,

Fullfilled in Jesus who the fether took and gave for thee;

That you and I could go blameless and walk away for free,

The right of loving kindness, a gift you could not buy from He.

Gracefullness a love of being fully and righteously restored,

Atoned by the loving sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord;

The understanding of His love, grace an unmerited favour,

The friendship of our God on high, in a holy righteousness.

Gracefullness, now the kingdom of heaven is for us the living,

Thank Him for your restoration and return to Him in your giving;

Work for the fullfilling satisfaction of winning souls to His kingdom,

That the world would all know His love and in grace His fullfilling.


Moving freely.

58 Mercy Calling

Mercy calling, love restoring,

Being good and being kind,

Peace of mind and constant love,

Calling come home sinner to God above.

Mercy calling come on home,

Be right with Him in His sight,

pain and troubles go away,

He will save you all the day.

Mercy calling I know what,

He will save the whole lot;

Those who feel the heart of strife,

He will save you from the knife.

Mercy calling, please come home,

Rest in Him, you are His own;

A place to kneel and bow to God,

He will take away all your odd.

Mercy calling, the church is open,

Come into through the doors of love;

God is good from right above,

He will heal you from your sin.

Mercy calling, don't run away,

He will save you all the day;

Don't think you can win on your own,

There is a place where you can call home.

Mercy calling wait on Him,

He will heal you from your sin;

Christ the ever loving God,

Your hurt and pain is not that odd.


Come home.

59 Kindness

Show a little kindness,

Lovely and good to know;

People behaving very friendly,

Joyfully know and care about.

Trust in God of peace and love,

He is kindest of them all;

The greatest and the best,

Him or her, He could not forget.

He will bless you with His love,

His kindness, a gift of God above;

For you to know and you to love,

Don't say no to Him this time.

Kindness is the love of God,

The righteousness of kingdom love;

We are His children people fo God,

Don't knock Him back when He offers this.

Kindness a distquished giving,

Love of poor and even pity;

They to share this big city,

Let the rich give them, their gift.

Kindbness, what a freind we have in Thee,

That you should more of me than me,

That I should think a lot more of you,

You have blessed in kindness true.


It will be.

60 Love And Faith

Love and faith, first forever,

Lost and last, saved and redeemed;

Through the beauty of His kindness,

Jesus saved my heart and soul.

Love an faith, eternal life,

The joy of living without strife;

Hoping in your one true wife,

Sin was cutting like a knife.

Love and faith, beauty more,

God is good, for all to implore;

For those who long and do endure,

The best of life, free for sure.

Love and faith, what a way to end it all,

That he should answer at the call;

Rescuring me form this ball,

Saved for free from endless pain.

Love and faith, God is great,

God of righteousness and grace;

Holy restored, redeemed and good,

The best of His love, was done for me.

Love and faith, home nearly all day,

To work and make a life for God,

Finishing a book of love and faIth,

Sunny days, God's smiling face.




Sunny days was a book designed to be written in pleasant weather, however the rain clouds of life came thick and fast, with all the joys of writing a book about happiness and God's smiling face looking down from heaven in and through the sun as the son of God. Sin tainted the meaning of everything good, but God had a better purpose and understanding to show us by His love and full redemption od our souls in the atoning love and grace of His only son. You just could not buy heaven, you had to pay far too much for something that you could not understand or do on your own. Funilly enough though, the sun still shined, the happy smiling face of God drowned out the tears and pain of the anquish of suffering. The bad was beaten by the good, the hope of a better day is now yours and mine. Things of the long gone dark and forgotton past, thrown into the light of His beautiful and heavenly kingdom. You just can't keep a good man down and God is never going to be defeated by The Devil. God won that victory ten times over and over again. It just took a week to finish and write the whole book, with the love of God, the job was made possible by his great love. What was seemingly humanly impossible was enabled and made available by God. Now we have pleasant weather is here and we have a lovely time ahead of us through the gift of God's only son, Jesus Christ. What was bad and beaten is gone away to death and destruction and the love of God comes shining through all the more, even though we still have to hope and have faith in His all conquering and enabling great love. heavenly sunlight has come and given us the day to enjoy, live by and benefit from. Sunny days are here again and God is still the great God of Love. Thanks for coming along for the ride as quick as it was ever going to be, If you have not read it as it has been written I hope that you enjoyed the book by getting to the finish of it now, as simply as I have done and enjoyed to endure to do. God bless until next time around. Darel R McAllister.