Parsifal On Tour


 Preview and Summary

The idea I originally started off with in this book was to travel around the world and write poetry on the subject matter of the people, places and countries cultures as my long time hero James Michemer did in novels.

But when it came to the crunch and the pen hit the paper it did not really work out that way at all. There are some inspirational poems set by the scenery in Hawaii, Penzance and Bavaria, but the real nitty gritty came from massive amounts of long term reading and the adaption to the area and environment which put me in the mood to write what I wrote.

As you will see there is some with attacks on society and some of them with the natural heavens of rolling rhyming words that depict a holiday atmosphere and pleasant conditions.

There is also some vigorous accusation that dispute the reality of the whole of humanity and this I intend to elaborate on and further discuss as matters arise out of the work and things start coming into the light of a new rising really relative world, that with further thought and understanding of reading will make news and headlines around the earth. If you wish you can take this with a grain of salt or get on and address the situation to prove and correct things that have gone wrong and see them as they really are and they should be.

If we choose to neglect the truth we will continue to suffer on a long term basis and the written poetry which is simple and hard at first to grasp must be understood so as to understand the direction to take in the future.

To satisfy the curiosity of my readers and to provide some idea of what I learnt and saw as I have travelled around the world I have included a selection of photos which may not be so relevant to the poetry but will satisfy the desire of my audience to give them some idea and taste of the original concept of Parsifal on Tour.

N.B Pictures are in order taken.

Poems are written in Hawaii, Penzance and Frankfurt and home not adjacent or opposite photos.

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