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As time and events unfold and dialogue arises with relevant needs and reasons for conversation I will discuss, highlight and elaborate on the above Twelve Points of interest and highlight and expose truth and falsehood in the means and aspirations of selfishness, creativity and funds generation for the readers diagnosis and general discussion for and from of commercial news arising out of the worlds day and current events as well as analysis of criteria in local, state and national news headlines and try and give a relevant explanation and observation of how I see it through my eyes and why it portrays to me as a reason to write about. This is for your general information and comment if you like. I aim to give a right, true and accurate account of news that is relevant and necessary for peoples understanding in and for the correct way of righteousness. Darel.

I have talked a little in Current News and will talk further and consistently as news arises and as I see a need to explain my point of view and your need to see clearly the right way to understand the truth and keep the politicians and public honest. Darel.

Political And Business news

8/2/2016 2.00 pm Good Afternoon News

I have just read the ABC news and it appears that Malcolm Turnbull has put a stop to the GST increase, but suffice to say that there will be other tax incurrences applied to compensate losses in potential revenue. Having said that I will say that I filled in a survey the other day that asked me if I would support a 15% GST and I said yes, but wait a minute the option of no was worse in my mind than yes. After going on the other day about Rome not being built in a day and Slow and steady wins the race is also very true. So what comes to mind, without knowing what Malcolm has in mind is that if we make a 15% levy for GST Markets may feel the pinch further and that could drag the economy down finacially and as a country the economically pinch on the consumer could create a worse state of affairs than we have got allready. Then there is the advocates for the 15% hike. They have there pints as wel as more income gives the economy more money to spend and create jobs and pay wages and so we have the work force agaianst the stock market in my books where as the workers will gain and the investors will lose, unless somehow God can see fit to combine the two for a win win outcome, but usually as i see one increase means another decrease and unless all can remain productive we will have a lose lose situation as pensioners will also drain the economy of any real spending money in the Government coffers with a pay increase which is always very expensive for the Government for cost of living adjustment. Some how productivity has to control the country, while pensioners drain income and the share market superannuation holders try to capitalize and maximinse returns with minimal productivity. Food for thought and more later. Darel.

8/2/2016 3.00 pm Good Afternoon News

Good afternoon and welocme back for a bit more GST TAX talk. GST is consumer orientated and should be consumer generated as it really is by nature. This to me is healthier for the economy and is why it was created in the first place. Personal tax in my eyes has always crippled the economy and if the rich have managed with it I am sorry because it crippled me. Expenditure is purpose and affordability based and the rich can afford to spend more and pay the tax at the counter for higher turnover and consumption. The pensioner is more cost aware and spend more shruggaly and shrewdly for essential items and counter tax is a natural incursion that the pensioner should budget for and allow and The Government should consider or compensate for cost of living indexation. So we have an economy based on money and things, where by the rich will buy the luxury items and the pensioner the supermarket specials. each incur the same tax proportional to percentage of price and cost and also to necessity and requirement or indulgence and therefore tax is proportional to expenditure and a counter GST looks more realistic. So do we have the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, unfortunately this is usually the case and there is little that you can do about it but tax the higher consumer more in additional purchases. The poor have the time factor on their side in that they are less stressed and have more time to do what they want on a pension while they suffer the minor irritation of less money to spend. Who is happier? God knows best and both have fores and againsts. As long as exploitation is not applied in dictator form we have success. Then the average worker who really is to be the average or main income worker and spender, needs their superannuation package in place for retirement as they are the main contributers to society and therfore should benefit accordingly on a crossectional annalysis over the duration of the lifetime. This is economic science at the basic and abreviated core, but fundamental truths are foundational to a countries health. I probably could rant and rave all day on it, but once again, suffice to say that the above ten million Australian workforce all contribute miles more than I do. So our GST question remains alouf and The Prime MInister has got his own ideas on what to do, we will all hear them later. Once again food for thought and more later. Darel.

10/02/2016 3.30 pm Reflecting On The Stock Market¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†

I also checked the stock market and shares are down again after sucessive consecutive losses for another long while now and have dropped from there average 5-6000 points on the ASX to 4700's and nearly went tinto the 4600's this afternoon. I predicted 12 months or more ago, that shares would drop to 4500's and now it looks like they could. This downturn in the market is due to economic pressure on the Goverment to maintain job standards and workforce ethics with productivity and negative reflections on the debt. With high levels of superannuation retirees draining the workforce of market share and pensioners sitting on their savings without spending for a rainy or windy day. The secret is as I now beleive is that if you have got a bit of money hang onto it in the banks rather than the stock market as you might need it, if another recession or even and depression takes place. The sun is shining and the the people on the beach are smiling, but not for much longer as I see the drain on the economy of the seniors and retirees or pensioners enjoying their retirement which is costing the country a fortune, but if you have got the money you can afford to enjoy it, that is a fact, but at the workforces benfit or expense? Don't panic completely as I see the market recovering again from about 4500 points when it hits that rock bottom, it could go further than that, but I think people will wake up to themselves to become more work conscious and productive when there superannuation investments are payments and are costing them instead of earning interest. More later. Darel.

12/02/2016¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†4.00 pm The Market and Boom Trends

I have noticed that the market has taken another down turn today after US and Chinese and British stocks were very low overnight. I also notice that the mining stocks are doing well despite that trend of downward spiral when some are up 6% or more. I also notice that the mining boom is suppose to be over and that the new trend for investment is Chinese apartment blocks in prime locations boom and that is fine as long as multinationals don't try and take over the country. We are expanding with building at a great rate and while getting the work done is important, because of the Chinese downturn in their market as well, Chinese investors have been looking for other places to put their money and Australian Apartment blocks are great investments for them. We need the money poured into the country and as we also have a rising population with higher immigration now as Australia is a main destination of would be for successful people and is a desired location above anywhere in the world nearly, with our way of life. We can not become complacent with immigration and we must maintain strict regulations for qualifying as the standard that we all here have worked hard to achieve. Things have to be managed properly with stringent scutiny and controls for any would be immigrant to come here and enjoy and not spoil what we have.

23/02/2016 4.00 pm Good Afternoon News

Good afternoon and welcome back to my day, I have watched Question Time in parliament House, according to The Prime Minister, Labour is trying to reduce the values of real assetts, your house. Acorrding to The Opposition leader The Governemnt has backflipped on Capital Gains tax on Superannuation. The Prime Minister says that Australian have a right to negative gear there property and make money out of their investments.The Opposition defy's the prime ministers legitimency. Og cource you are going to get in house cross bantering and bickering when the substance is not about balancing inflation with the cost of producing an income, but with power and politics to Govern, instead of managing and maintaining the country, which is only an indirect response of the action in my opinion. Of Cource I do not really claim to have any experience myself in leading a Government, but I can see that Tax needs reform to some degree and GSt cutting and bulstering is not my expertise as it would take considerable study and analysis to comprehend the relevant allocations, which I don't have access on a grand scale to do, nor would I try if I could, but occasionally I can see unecessary spending and overblown accounts. Superannuation and the property market are for the mainstream workforce of which I humbly bow out on any official representative level, but remain a concerned on looker to keep the basturds honest as Bob Hawke might of said I think. More later. Darel.

4.00 pm Second Wave News

A bit more on this afternoons news. Resource shares are up while the market droped again. I don't know if this is a reflexion on the business boom for construction or an export feast for Chinese capitaliization, but while we pull minerals out of the ground it just leaves gaps for the future generations to fill and come up with answers for. Overpopulation is becoming a very real problem now with over 7.3 billion people world wide and Australia crossing 24 million for the first time a week or so ago. It just means that the urban conjestion of bigger cities like Beijing, people will be looking for less crowded places to live and our space which is expanding rabidly in urban developement will be filled quicker than we think with immigration and new births. The population is getting older and staying older. There are more people over eighty driving than the younger 18-24. This is just all a reflection on rapid expansion of our civilization and if we don't watch it, it will become a situation that is well out of control. More Later. Darel.

30/06/2016 5.00 pm Good Knight News

I am going to have to buy into the new proposal for the states to collect and desperse tax revenue. First you can't count the cash at state level, that is the countries job. When you have Australian currency you must hande it at a national level for revenue raising. It has always been and should always be dispersed and collected at federal level. You may as well say, local council can run Canberra. The ACT could be come a micro nation on its own, the way politicians handle parliament. I am not writing for the fun of it but to establish traditional values and concepts as proven and tried and in the case. it is definitely the case. I don't want to be a stick in the mud and stop the proime ministers progress and aim for action and advancement, but we ahve to be realistic about the truth. You need a logical chain of delgation from the top down. It is no good getting the stes to handle the countries money when they have to have it passed to them first so that there is the necessary line of mangement and logical form or progess for funds dispersement. The money is minted in the capital and it is no good saying to the states make your own money, collect all your own individual taxes and make it easier for the federal government so that they don't have to do all the work, but just play supervisor. In mangement structures supervisors are below managers and so you will end up having the states dictating terms to the federals. The prime minister should act like a CEO instead of a line manger delegating. I have not read all the news articles on this subject, but I know people are not happy with the idea, as they like me just can't see the future of state tax departments working.

Political News 30/05/2016

Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. I have just studied the news and the Federal Budget over the last hour or so and all seems to be in order despite a $450 billion spending allocation being threadened buy public spending or the lack of its potential to come in under estimates for spending. I am not an optimist with major spending but would tend to make a more conservative approach in order to try to ensure expectations. I guess an optimist hopes for major spending buy the public to get higher expectations in GST revenue, but I would tend to guess and support that a realistic or more rational limited expectaions was more reasonable to expect. However having said that, I would also consider teh consumers idea of saving for a rainy day a bit more now even though I tend to spend everything I get, most shewd people with money who know how to handle it and spend it are shrugle and tight monetarily and with fiscal budgets and spending projections. I wish I knew how to be so conservative with my bank account. As you know my money is tied up in books with a collection of over three thousand paper books and as a writer I am tied down and committed to that intrical work and its longetivity for a working interest in the general sake of the best of interests of life and people with their considerations for things in writing books. Also I am an advocate for the best interest of the public in general and I would advise on the common good and what has the best interest for the countries economic priojections and educational standpoints for morality. However they still remain my own personal opinions and need much consideration and perusal of my readers for the right and best outcome of all concerned to come into fruition. That will do me once again for today. May you vote for the leader that delivers what you want, but as I have heard, that the public for Governments sake are trending away from major parties who seem to have a monopoly for self gain and interest to a broader crossection of minor parties who all off something individual for a lot of people who simply want what is best for themselves and their own personal interests like the major party leaders who get consumed in the amount of the things and the general mass of money involved with decisons these days, but don't really cater for personal needs. The Budget still remains optimum in my point of view, as they all generally seem to do in consception, but the processing and the distribution usually tends to change quite a bit like my own budgets by the time paymenst are actually made and budgets are really just that, an estimated projection of possible spending for a desired or optimum outcome. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†

14/06/2016¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†5.30 pm Good Knight News - Britain and The EEC

I notice that there was 30 billion wiped off the market today with speculation that Britain will exit the EEC and while that has been a possibility for some time now, Britain has performed well under the EEC union and they have gained and benefitted in my opinion. I originally thought when they entered it that they were better on their own, but bonding relationships and mutal bonding has helped them with free trade agreements. You should not change something that works, but just to be different and say that they tried and that they want to have a go on their own again still offers possibilities of change and a difference. Really it is news worthy, but that is about all. The fact is that that is their trade geographical vicinity and like Australia's is with New Zealand and Asia geographically speaking. Also Asia, in particularly China, are world leaders in production and marketing and they trade anywhere in the world comfortably as they are central to all. So I would say britain perhaps you could exit, but you still need trade agreements with Europe, while Britain is The head of The Commonwealth countries, Europe is really a more dominant foce and a power not to be reckoned with but treated as inductriously wise and well worth deakling with in trade agreements. Britain use you head ( If The Queen and English The Prime Minister can come to terms with each other ) maintain your traditional values but don't knock a gift horse in the mouth with some of the best agriculturally producing crops in the world in Europe, let alone the Mercedes Benz and many other European quality products. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.

23/11/2016 6.00 pm

It was a funny day on the markets today with a normal gradual incline all day to put the markets back in a stronger position again and economic recession jitters seem to have all gone. This is good for the whole economy as if there is a slow and gradual incline most of the time then the economy is growing and consumer confidence is strong and healthy for all Australians in the budgeted economy. Debt will decrease and gradual consumer spending will increase and housing and building investment will become stronger and have more confidence as well, this puts whole The Australian Economy in a mush stronger and healthier overall position in the gflobal perspective with less debt we are more slef sufficient and more able to handle out foreign expenditure and maintain a sensible balance between imports and exports. This is all good for the Australian economy and if our economy is stronger we can help support and prop up other weaker economies for more global strength in economic expenditure and consumer conscenous spending enjoyments. All good for the nations economy and third world developement and standard raising in general in education, health and infrastructure combined.


1.15 pm Good Afternoon News

Good afternoon again today. I have been watching the news. The treasurers report of a week third quarter with negative growth due to poor productivity, I surpose I can put my hand up for something to do with that, life is not very interesting lately, but in uncertain economic times it is usually safer to stay safe than try too many outrageous things that could go wrong and make things worse, keep it slow, stable and under control and you have a chance of doing something positive about it. When you are losing you have to take a step back and reassess the cases and make small adjustments to resteer and correct the cource. Australia is still a very high performing economy and is not losing by any state of affairs. We have a low interest rate which is good for home buyers and gives people a hope and chance at owning there own home and therefore there is a reason to work for something that is realistic and not out of reach or range long term. We have a strong economy job wise despite a down turn in new jobs growth, per head Australia has more working per capita than most countries workforces and this is encouraging for all. More training and more skill equipping would be good, but for those who have a allready trained mind they can feel confident putting it to work in a successful country. We are not losing by any state of the situationa nd if we can slowly and steadly reign in our foriegen debt we will get into total control and start making a profit to surge ahead. Imports and exports play a major part in economic productivity, but growth is internal and it depends on how hard we work ouselves as to how successful our country is. If we can mange to keep our exports higher than our imports we are doing well and will steadily climb back inot postive territory, despite our requirements for foriegn investment we must learn to be economically independantly viable and self resourceful. Also on climate change or should I say carbon and emissions taxing a small GST amount to cover heavy poluters would be good for economic recovery and keeping Australias environmental impact focus on clean air viable again. Where you don't want to drag the economy down with increased power prices, you do want to stop the big poluters. Anyway enough for now. More later. Darel.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†


4.30 pm Good Afternoon News


Good afternon again. I have been watching the news for about an hour and I have a comment on Australian Energy Resources, Currently we are in a position to wind down mainstream coal and fossil fuels energies to a more long term sustainable renewable energies like wind, solar and still remain using some natural gases. Solar is definitely the way forward to the future in my book and with solar cells being placed on most roofs over the coming decades then we will be in a better place ecologically to sustain energy which is being too heavly poluted into the environment and the sun being our best and most longterm energy form, this must indeed be harnessed. Carbon polution is really destroying the air we breathe and for long term air quality we must go green or renewable now and carbon taxes are really only a short term fix and do not create a solution to the problem but just help manage a trouble area without solving the problem. Money is there despite debt payment requiremnts and we must have power throughout Australia. With money spent on renewable energies there is more economic stimulus in any reajustment changes through work load and producitivity. It is hard to explain and expand in any great detail here but just to say that don't panic with power, but slowly adjust and change to a more sustainable future. More Later. Darel.

3/05/2017 2.00 pm News

I have been going through the ABC's News website as I usually do more than a few times a day. The ASX has dropped about 60 points today and back in the 5800's after looking like heading for 6000 points yesterday. If it sits around 5900 there could be stability for a time and a while, but with a volatile world at the moment the market could keep going in a surging dive. With house prices strong people are sitting pretty with their assets, but for those trying to move by upsizing or downsizing or simply looking for a change of environment they are buying into a heavily priced market and they can't really make anything out of it but only look for long term stability. That means that the stock market is also more attractive as it is easier to make a cheap doller for financial investors. Interest rates are on hold again due to high turnover in the workforce which affects morgage repayments and family economics with schooling costs and simple general budgeting. More later. Darel.

10/11/2017 5.00 pm Good Evening and Good Knight News

Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. I did a little bit of homework this afternoon, by digging up the Federal Budget for 2017-2018, we are earning $444.4 Billion projected income and spending $464.3 Billion projected expentiture. That is only a $20 Billion difference that they have to make up or cut back on for the financial year. Social Security and Wefare $164.1 Billion and Health $75.3 Billion, which is a total of $239.4. That means that $464.3 Billion projected income minus $239.4¬¬¬¬¬¬†Billion,¬¬¬¬¬¬†in those two expenditure categories is $224.9 Billion and that is just about nearly 50% of the total expenditure budget may be 48% / 52% against the rest of expenditure and so my point is that health and welfare is the most important single measure of expenditure on the pay list. My $22 thousand a year comes out of that and I would so like to be independantly self supportive and not sponge on the government even though I can justify my income by work expenditure. The trouble is that we need more of this sector in the workfoce by being rehabilitated to develope skills to earn an income, some old age pensioners in nursing homes can't really help themselves and so we can justify that while a lot of other elderly are self contained within their own homes and just managing to live their lives on the fortnighly basis. Good luck to them, but for the rest of us retirees or disability benefiters, their needs to be adequate assessment of financial requirements and while they are being rehabilitated they can become productive in the future like me. I just need another form of income that pays me enough for my work and compensates my effort with rewards. I guess I work cheap and the government gains something out of me being productive and not a total drain on society, but we all have our cost and come at a price for our existence. How nice it would be if everybody was adequately compentsated for their work efforts by the productivity measure up in the heavens of equality and fair pay somehow. That is enough for my thoughts for today. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.


3.00 pm extract

I also read about 80 pages of Gough Whitlams The Truth Of The Matter on the train and ferry. Up to chapter 7 now page 123 and about to get to The Dismisal, chapter 6 was the main lead up to that, but the early chapters were good to in that they provided the lead up with a Bill for borrowing $4000 million from the USA that was refused by The Senate and they wanted to make it $2000 million, the budget was untenable because of that, also The Governor Generals role and appointment. More Later. Darel.


3.30 pm Good Afternoon News


Good afternoon again today. I would go on to say that in nearly all of Goughs standpoints and points of view I would support wholeheartedly and infact he would have been much better to stay on as prime minister than to have The Double Dissolusion and Malcolm Frazer take over. If he had had four or five terms, Australia would be a much better place today. Only yesterday I read that a woman from Anglicare had got up and said that the recent tax breaks to the rich was costing the average Australian $37 a week which would have been far better spent paying of what is still an enormous overseas debt. The Howard Government got that under control and it was thrown out again by Labour for their intermediate term of Gillard and Rudd, Rudd gave pensioners a $1200 hand out which no one lauighed at or rejected, including me as a recipient, but that through our economy into termoil, I wonder whether Whitlams wages payments which he was borrowing for would have done the same, but he was a much more powerful leader and a stronger character than other recent labour leaders. Anyway that is history now and the results and actions speak for themself. What we need is a strong leader in Govermnment again who can get the country out of debt once and for all and build up economic security and work stability for advancement and make the country gho forward on the international market scene with higher exports than imports and healthier investment in the country from internally for lower unemployment and lower inflation. In other words a more productive nation people and economically wise, education is the key. The genral rule is that a Liberal Governement will want the rcih to get richer and A Labour Governemnt will work for the worker to make the balance of money more equal. that is the way it is today and becoming ever more prominent like that now in that direction. I support finacial equality as a general rule, but also spport that the harder you work the higher your wage entitlement, the later is short lasted in many cases and while you may earn enough in the short term for sustcained financial inde[penance and retire early you are not pacing yourself with regular and on going work to remian productive and physically and mentally healthy for a long term sustained duration. Life in the fast lane always pays a hard price for a quick gain, the common good of the country is better spread out over a prolonged period for sustained economic growth and happier healthier lifestyles with family dependance and prospects for upcoming generations to maintain the nation with faithfull stewardship. More Later. Darel.¬¬¬¬†

26/11/2018 Good Evening and Good Knight News


Good evening and good knight and I hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. I did not get any more reading done this afternoon, but just watched the market take yet another dive to nearly 50 points. Tomorrow is hard to predictbut over the enxt little while the market will hang low. Christmas spending will buck it up a bit, but that will be trancedental as the economic climate still remains week. October is usually low and abad month for the markt and it went down in November as well. December as I say is hard to predict, Christmas could pick it up, but 2019 and 2020 remain negative in my opinion. Some light and hope in 2021 if people behave themselves. More interested in fixing the Epping to Castle Hill tunnel to take double decker trains and the long term for a university where the Old Roual North Shore Hospital is as that ebcomes obsolete now wiith the new Northern Beaches Hospital. There is Macquarrie Hospital and Hornsby and also Bella Vista. They should make a Northern Suburbs University as that is the highest achieveing academic area of Sydney where The current North Shore Hospital is. They should also rebuild The Mona Vale Hospital for aged care specialty treatment with. Also The Northern Beaches needs a train line more than Chatswood To Bankstown does. That is another watsed metro project that does not conform to the standardising of Sydneys Trains, especially with 24 new double decker trains. They should buy another 50 of them on top of that for future use. The light rail will go out to La Perouse eventially like is was 60 years ago to keep people happy, but still they could have extended the Bondi line underground to La Perouse and eventually under Botany Bay Heads to link up with the Cronulla Line. They need to run a train line from Chatswood continuing on from The Epping Line past The New Northern Beaches Hospital and down through Seaforth to Manly and then back up along the whole way to Palm Beach underground and then back up from Mona Vale through Terry Hills and St Ives and above ground where possible along Mona Vale Road, to Gordon, Pymble and/or Hornsby. These are plans for 2025 to 2030/40, but don't waste money on Metro in my opinion. Especially with all the traffic increases on the roads happening now and predicted to get even heavier and more conjested by 2025, trains and tunnels are the way to go for the future to relieve conjestion in peak hour and higher population times. Good Knight and God Bless. Darel.¬¬¬†

27/11/2018 8.30 am Good Morning News


Good morning again today. Also the country is buying 20 new submaries which could blow out to $50 billion, that is what I am told. Wouldn't that money be better spent of the Northern Beaches Railways, that would do 50 suburbs with trains. If they don't build a university at Royal North Shore they need to rebuild some of it to bring it up to date and add more training facilities for teaching medicine students. The new hospital to Dee Why line could be added and also a way along under Military Road to North Sydney from Seaforth for an underground train for Mosman, Cremourne and Neutral Bay. We are probably looking at 2050 to 2060 for all this. Also the Princes Highway needs upgrading to Melbourne all the way from Nowra, some of it is done but further work is required. They will be finished with The Pacific Highway from Sydney to Brisbane soon and could start work on the Princes. Also West and North Connex are nearly finished and work on Northern Beaches could start by 2020.¬¬¬† America and Europe leave us sitting in the corner with roads and trains projects. We are working and catching up but it is a slow process with only 25 million people in Australia, which is gradually becoming more dense. More Later. Darel.


11.00 am Good Morning News

Well I have watered my plants and finished another chapter of John MacArthurs book The Glory Of Heaven, early fiished that one to. I notice that not only did we a beautiful day yesterday with glorious weather but we have the same again today. Election just about finally decided and and the market up 1000 points since I last wrote on it a bit over a few months ago now. It sits at record highs in over 11 years at aropund 6500 points as it was down around the 5500 a few months ago. Once again the same thing happened after Trump won the election when he was red hot on fire to do the job and work hard, he has become a bit exhausted and others are eyeing off the top job in the USA. The same thing could happen to a Australian leader if work gets the better of him. Just must work rest and play and manage to maintain that happy balance. We need the rain for the farmers again with drought predicted across the Winter months, then comes the Spring Rains with any luck as the farmers plough their fields now getting ready to sow their crops as the Winter progresses. We can't take all the good for granted and sit back on our hands and think how happy we all are, get drunk and have a party and all is good and well. That is not real life no matter how wonderful it seems. We need a drought on alcohol not water, water is far more precious for food and drink for crops and trees and all the animals and us if we are smart. We need water for showering, cleaning and also the dishes and washing and flushing the toilet. We always underestimate its true value. There is enormous supplies of water acrosss the planet, but our selfish desires and greedy natures want other things more than we do the natural ecosystems of life cyles in weathering environmental conditions. That is what the Independant Parties kicked up their heels about Climate Change, it is real but they still have their wine and cheese days to celebrate winning a seat, a luxuberent lifestyle of many people is a complete drain on the natural ecosystems of the environoment, all the Aussie BBQ's with a few beers it is just too good to be real and true for long term sustainable living. The earth has natural climatic and cyclic conditions which myust be respected rather than ignored. If we are not carefull we will kill of our species through over indulgence and luxurious living, respect the poor and get the rain to pour, equality for all and not one having all and others nothing. It is a challenge to deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Jesus but the narrow road is always the one to take for the better living conditions and longetivity.