Parsifal's Faith In God

Parsifal's Faith In God


Welcome to what this is, a book of poetry that seeks to honour and worship God in poetic verse. God has been a major and infact the major source of inspiration in my life and when it comes to writing there is really no better subject matter than to write about or reference God Himself. As you are beginning to understand through the endeavours and the walk of Parsifal's life, that he is always going off track and being in need of being set back on the path again to find the best way to walk and infact the right way to live. These escapades of deviation which he has often taken are recovered by finding the right track again and coming back to God for leadership and guidence to seek and search God's Kingdom for the better way to live. While it is all to easy for each and every one of us to go our own ways in life the right path which is the narrow path or road is often hardest to find and it leads to eternal life. This utopian goal of paradise has been sought after by many a man better than I who has wound up in the hell hole again and not been able to recover, with alcohol abuse and drug addiction and sexual deviation, man loses sight of the goal of being more Godlike. This unessecary pit hole of destruction is not the be all and end all of life as there is always a way to climb back out again and by finding or trying to find your way out and looking up and seeking God and the things of His Kingdom to help you in the journey. In this book I hope to have shown you some of the ways out and back onto the road of life and forget or waylay death and destruction, as I aim to help you find the path to eternal life. I under no circumstances take all the credit for that alone, but as I look to God and you can to by aiming to see clearly that there is beauty in verse and that there is a higher meaning than the negative self destructive path of substance abuse and hedonistic pleasures of sex and that a family relationship with God at the head, which is coincided along with a healthy spiritual life of worshipping God on Sundays at a church or a Cathedral will lead you not to your destruction but help you like me find the healthy and happy way of living a life worth while, by honouring God and living on and up to the highest plane of life where God's brilliance is our enjoyment and our pleasure is to honour God. Parsifal failed to see this and I have taken that into account and consideration in this book as he who is one who looks for pleasure and not God has found his way into my heart and the hearts of many by trying to draw him and who he represents out of the pit and onto the higher planes of life where God reigns and where life is worth living in a right relationship with God. I hope that you can find some of my journey and as you to can see your own direction by this undertaking of the book, Parsifal's Faith in God and seek to find the road to eternal life yourself through some of the depictures of this book. Do learn to do and enjoy the road of life.Darel Robert McAllister.


1 The Holy Trinity

2 Three Of A Kind

3 Eternal Prayer

4 One More Time For Eternity

5 Life And Eternal Life

6 Annointed In Glory

7 In The name Of The Lord

8 Love And Salvation

9 My Bodily Death

10 The Judgement


11 The Lord

12 Make Me Perfect Lord

13 Give The Lord A Chance

14 To Focus On The Cross

15 The Second Coming (2)

16 The Second Coming (3)

17 Jesus Is God being Kind

18 Slaves To No-One

19 A Beautiful Heart

20 The Battle For Truth

21 Serious Condemnation


22 Faith, Hope & Love

23 Hope In The Lord

24 The Future Of Hope

25 The Hardest Is Hope

26 The Hope Of The Heart

27 Faith First

28 But The Best Is Faith

29 What I'm Looking For Is Faith

30 Lack Of Faith For Nothing

31 The Love Of God (2)


32 Honour

33 Create

33 Civility

35 Peace

36 Peace And Happiness

37 Prayer

38 Wisdom

39 Holiness

40 Sunday

41 Christmas


42 Fear Of God¬¬¬†

43 God And Comfortable

44 God's Perfect Time

45 The Sky Is God

46 The Clouds Of Resurection

47 The Dove From The Heavens

48 Oh Perfect World


49 The Stained Glass Windows

50 The Passion Of Verse

51 The Fountain Of Youth

52 Aye For Your Life To Me

53 Four Gifts

54 The Baptism Hyme

55 What More Can We Say That Has Not Been Said?

56 The Piano According Player

57 The Salvation Of St John

58 Closed Eyes¬¬¬†


59 Where Have I Been

60 It Is Ok To Come Back Things Have been Alright

61 Well There's No Way On Earth I Am Coming Back

62 The Beauty Of Sin

63 Paid In Full

64 How Beautiful It Is

65 What's So Amazing About Grace

66 Its A Sad Moment

67 I Stand Alone:- The Bystander

68 Childs Play

69 The Last Of The Lonely Race

70 Geneology