Parsifal's Poetic Verse

Parsifal's Poetic Verse


Welcome to my 28th book of poetry. Once again we are here to find answers to the questions of life on earth through extrapolative literature and this time it is still going to be another poetry book for you to follow and persue. This one focuses on everyday things like, life, people, romance, God and heaven, country atmosphere, travelling, tropics, enjoyment, beaches and places. As per usual it will be and is going to be a journeying adventure. All the good stuff that you have come to expect by now in my poetry. I will be very self conscious, not to be too repetative with my work to varriate and differ as much as possible from previous subjects like these, that have been allready covered in some depth. However the challenge remains to write different, new and exciting verse out of what the book of Poetic Verse has in its very enticing and desired subject matter. There is still a great need to be creative and original in the depicture of the poets created and imagined scene. Looking for ways to be exploratative, relevant and rational in originality, while trying to cover as many different aspects of the verse and write with as many descriptive and provocative words as I can, so as to make you wonder! why did he do that, why did he use that word and just how did he come up with that philosophical concept of reason and ingenuity. The more I think about it, the more I think how wonderful and great, the new book of Parsifal's Poetic Verse is going to be. Come with me for the ride and view of looking once again, as I digress and interwine into many different types of the words of life. Putting pieces, into a picture puzzle for you and me to sort out and work on in the process of the progress of writing this my new book, Poetic Verse. There is always going to be a beautiful possibility of romance, love and the variances of the normal lifestyle of modern day living, but also relevant social apsects and depictures of reality. It is a joy to write and a labour of love once again. Hoping to get this one done in a quick and orderly fashion once again. But still needing to take the necessecary time to get it right. God bless you as you come along on the journey and stay tuned, buckle up again for the ride of your life. Now lets get on with the job of doing the hard yards of writing this book. Enjoy the read. Darel R. McAllister.

Chapter 1 Euphoria

1 Spiritual High

Stuck in mind on a spiritual high,

Thinking that I am flying home through the sky;

Lost in love and looking for a home,

Cost me all I had and nothing I own.

Its euphoria on a spiritual high,

Thinking of loving everything I can;

My minds gone to heaven and wind where I've been,

Time for reality and being spiritually kind.

All of this loving, I don't know what to do,

God has the reigns and it is time for dreams come true;

Love on the ocean, thinking and dreaming,

All the things that I would rather be doing.

God cares for me and sees my heart,

A spiritual blessing is just a small start;

But big enough to see me home and around and above,

A heart full of hope and a head full of love.

God loves little children more than I can imagine,

He taught me how to love and see;

All the very good things of God,

About spiritual blessings and the fruit on my mind.

A spiritual high, I am living in a dream,

Clouds floating by and looking at me;

Time for everything and everything needs time,

A spiritual blessing of a home in heaven on high.


Lost in love.

2 Heavens Home

Its lonely at the top on high,

Where God abides at home and right;

Heavens home is a place to enjoy,

A place of peace and perfect rest.

Join the crowd all trying to get there,

There is room in my heart for Thee;

To go and be with God forever,

You say its going to be great for good.

I am too young to die just yet,

But I love in my heart, this God on high;

Who's home is in heaven, a place to view;

Where good is plenty and life is right.

Heavens home, my place or address just here,

A place where I can sleep, eat and enjoy the rest;

People have mansions, places of pride,

Castles in the air and over the sky.

My home is in heaven where, when Christains die.

A place of paradise perfection, people there,

A place to reflect on God and what's real life;

Heavens home is for me with God on high,

You can keep the money, heavens home I'd rather I.


Keeping House.

3 Paradise Perfection

Its a paradise perfection, you know of course,

A place in heaven, alone with thee;

To abide and live with God forever,

And love and serve on earth till then.

A tropical manifestation of glorious treasures,

People lovingly giving the hearts to Thee;

God of glory and heavenly peace,

Where turmoil and strife, struggle and cease.

A mirror image and reflection of God,

Staring at the one who saved the lost;

My heart, my joy, my peace of mind,

God in heaven, being heavenly kind.

Its a paradise perfection you should know by now,

A place of love and humble power;

Beauty around us and all is ideal,

A paradise perfection, the here and now.

God loves us all do you believe,

He will help you to love and recieve;

He will lead you home on high,

To heavens home when you grow old and die.

The paradise perfection of heavens dwelling,

A home on high with love forever;

Great goodness great God, you are,

The paradise perfection is for me right now.


Home in heaven.

4 Love In Heart

God put this love in my heart to share,

To teach and heal and answer prayer;

To be good and kind, for each forever,

No matter whatever, transcedental weather.

Whether you right or being kind,

God is good with peace of mind;

Creation was made for each good person,

To love and cherish God forever.

He put good in my heart, not bad, but love,

Great glory shining through the heavenly sky;

He is the morning and the rising sun,

And is the sunsetting on all we have done.

Sin is really just a dirty word,

With God singing through ever little bird;

So now I have love in my heart to carry on,

The goodness of God and what has shone;

A beautful paradise perfection of God on high,

A place where comfort is love of home.


How could I bare.

5 Brilliant Mind

Brilliant mind, perfect heart,

Simply clever, absolutely smart;

Mine inclined to serve you,

Yours to hear The Lord.

Brilliant mind, stillness of peace,

Quiet and thorough, never to cease;

New car, new home and family,

No more war, no more famine.

Brilliant mind, sitting pretty,

Everything you ever wanted;

Big pity, sititng in the city,

The world goes around the earth.

Brilliant mind, country smile,

Laughing silly for a while;

Stop the hate, going to hell,

Jesus makes all things well.

Brilliant mind, mind of Christ,

Parables and miracles to tell;

Working hard to fix the problem,

Trouble just melts as well.

Brilliant mind, joy of the spirit,

The self is valuable and worth;

Happy in heaven, it is paradise,

Peaceful existance, sweet life.

Brilliant mind, good things last,

People being kind, slow or fast;

Taking my time in a rhyme of past,

Rhyhmn and beat, both well passed.


Prayer to eat.

6 Tropical Planet

Tropical planet, delicious fruit,

Places, planes and people;

Going out to do and see,

Islands, boats and seas.

Tropical planet, rainforests at large,

Exotic plants, green and coloured life;

Concrete jungle, cities limits,

All is hard, but we do at ease.

Tropical planet, heavenly food,

Cooked by a chef in a restaurant;

Home to the wife and back to bed,

The beauty of wedded bliss in head.

Tropical planet, a world of wonder,

God lives in a tropical paradise peace;

Come home to Him and live in heaven,

All the best of life found in Jesus Christ.

Tropical planet, eating your heart out,

Delicous delicacies, delectable delights;

Dining and eating the food of life,

Water to drink and juices in plenty.

Tropical planet, perfect peace,

Lush and green and slow release;

Growing and flowering in red and yellows,

Purple and pink, flushing meadows.


Tea and biscuits.

7 Age And Beauty

Age and beauty, young and free,

Old and wise, good heads for me;

Peace and harmony, loving all,

Frowning, wrinkled, skin and pores.

Age and beauty, good to see,

Heavenly people, she and he;

All meaningful tranquil thinking,

Peace of mind and paradise within.

Age and beauty, perfect hearts,

Looking, seeing, God's delights;

Life is sweet, lovely lights,

Brilliant thinking, brilliant minds.

Age and beauty, love forever,

Perfect harmony, joy whenever;

To see her, mountain money him,

Keep it simple, joy and peace within.

Age and beauty, looks upon the heart,

Wisdoms teaching, people being smart;

Respecting leadership, age before beauty,

All the little cuties, doing my duty.

Age and wisdom, mercy and grace,

All the goodness, loves to relate;

Look and see you in the face,

To glorify the world with every glance.


Time heals.

8 Time Forever

Time forever, piece of peace,

Wisdom is in the years of life;

Days coming and going forever,

On certain terms, in uncertain weather.

Time forever, eternal life,

Blessings upon you, no more strife;

Just keep on going anyway,

You will find and have time each day.

Time forever, whether happy or sad;

Behaving well or being mad,

Locked up in jail or free as a bird.

Time forever, in poetry and rhyme,

Simply sinful, not a crime;

Loving living, doing in time,

Looking seeing, no more grime.

Time forever, oceans and waves roar,

Rich with everything or without and poor;

Creation is simple, the goodness of life,

Kindness always, a pleasing delight.

Time forever, or just wishful thinking,

Drunk in the pub, just keep on drinking,

It does not really matter anymore,

You may as well give the whole game away,


Come to Jesus, there is time for you still.

9 Seas and Skies

Seas and skies, pleasant weather,

Different blues and similar whether;

Life is really a mixture of blues,

Green trees to break up the boredom.

Seas and skies, pretty to see,

Beautiful blues, pleasing me;

Love and happiness, joy to be,

Water and clouds, sometime now.

Seas and skies, oceans and heavens,

Looking down and raining on me;

Reigning for the truth, of beauty to see,

Happening so real, you feel apart.

Seas and skies, out on a boat,

Looking up to heaven, a plane flies;

Changes that heal, from time to time,

Being ready for what is to come.

Seas and skies, looking blue and beautiful,

Doing what you can to be dutiful;

Answering the questions in life as to why,

See the sea and look up to the sky.

Seas and skies, I ask the question,

I don't know why the atmosphere changes;

Looking down and reflecting on the water,

The skies relfecting a blue colour on the seas.


Happy Both.

10 Mountains and Rivers

Mountains and rivers, peace within,

Complete understanding, depth and reason;

Peaks and valleys, in there season,

The rivers run down, very pleasing.

Mountains and rivers, still flowing,

Trees on the mountain side;

Still well alive and growing,

Snow capped peaks melting.

Mountains and rivers, towering and going,

Reaching to the heavens, high as high;

Rivers running down the hillside flowing,

Grass by the side, with flowers blooming.

Mountains and rivers always showing,

Money by the billions, time forever;

The water of life, changing to either,

Freedom for everything, you can't buy priceless.

Mountains and rivers, streams and hills,

Looking lovely and sitting pretty;

Beautifully undulating, no sign of the city,

Rolling plains going on forever to meet hills again.

Mountains and rivers, perfectly clear,

God is the blessing, creation untold;

Sheep in the meadow, cows in the fold,

Swiss alps and Everest, made of gold.


Life and peace.

Chapter 2 Uptopia

11 Poem Perception

The word of life,

In the living world;

The truth that lies within,

God brings His peace to them.

The living word of life,

God's children free to live;

From memory of recollections,

Poem perception lies within.

Poem perception, reveals what is,

True and honest, is the way;

Peace within from rhyming couplets,

Time to live and life to win.

Poem perception, tears will flow,

From deep within the heart of love;

Christ the truth and the way,

Lives to bring peace to you.

Poem perception, lead me home,

The eternal kingdom, gates of Rome;

The springs of life, joy reveals,

The tears rolling down upon my skin.

Poem perception, Jesus lives,

Revealed in hearts and lives of all;

Reigning freely people in peace,

The tears are rain upon my head.


Best believed.

12 Heaven Reigns

Heaven reigns, above on high,

Beyond the earth, beyond the sky;

The kingdom of God is in heaven,

The children of earth's, eternal home.

Heaven reigns, God knows best,

His children up the streets of gold;

To a castle in the air and skies,

A palace where we can call it home.

Heaven reigns in hearts and minds,

In the sky and eyes of mine;

A paradise utopia, perfectly pleasant,

The treasure of the permanent present.

Heaven reigns in Gods eternal presence,

A place to call home and dwell on high;

Clear as whistle and very sparkly clean,

Where your headspace just dissapears.

Heaven reigns for children, boys and girls,

Collecting shells for keeping to themselves;

Life is a beach after alll is said and done,

How in the world, could life be so much fun?

Heaven reigns, now don't you go to hell,

Come to God where all is living and well;

The best of life is happening true forever,

Don't get caught in any different weather.


Whether beyond infinite.

13 Nice Nervana

Nice nervana, happening true,

The ultimate high, the picture view;

You don't need needles or drug injections,

Get high on the love of Jesus Christ.

Nice nervana, uptopia's perfection,

The love of God in the sky room;

Safe and sound under the roof,

Don't lose your mind in isotopes.

Nice nervana, tropical love,

Paradise perfection, in romance above;

Lost in love of beautiful adoration,

Every tribe and tongue, each nation.

Nice nervana, God in heaven,

Pictures paradise with my pen;

Peace of mind and tropical bend,

One hundred million lovingly attend.

Nice nervana, assorted iceceam fruits,

Sex and marriage, the direction of routes;

Children freely coming into the kingdom,

Sunday school ends and begins again.

Nice nervana, the sands of life,

Time running by, heavenly nice;

Waves rolling along and up the shore,

Sewing and reaping, board and bored.


Suffer the surf.

14 Fruit Salad

A bowl of fruit salad, simply delicious.,

With frozen yogurt, sinful but delicate;

Pinapple boats of watermelon and icecream,

Honey dews, cantelopes and rock melons.

Fruit salad, just how can it all be,

So delightful and magnetically tastily;

Cherries and grapes, apples, apricots and peaches,

Nectrines and bananas, while sitting on the beach.

Fruit salad, how shallow, how lovingly deep,

The depth of happiness in fruit salad to eat;

Mangoes and paw paw, oranges and manderines,

Glad for fruit salad, everything that money can't buy.

Fruit salad, free on tropical islands,

Coconut bowls, no doing the dishes;

Fresh fire roasted fishes with coconut milk,

A treat and a taste, that is simply delectible.

Fruit salad, just one more time will do,

The best of beauty and fruit salad for you;

It fills the heart and soul and mind,

The peace, just brilliantly and heavenly kind.

Fruit salad, how distinguished and heavenly pure,

Washed in the love of life's clear, clean water;

Heavenly minded for all your sons and daughters,

Nice, kind and healthy, not alcoholic poisioning.


Strawberries with cream.

15 Pie In The Sky

No pie in the sky when you die,

Heaven on earth is real right now;

Cherry pie, apricot and apple Danishes,

In heaven where your head starts to fly.

Pie in the sky, a humble quotation,

Where do I go when I die I suggest;

Down in the ground or a pie to digest,

Another country, station or nation.

Is there pie in the sky when you die,

Are you just living a picture of grandeur;

Do you know Jesus as your heavenly Lord,

There is great treasures in His heavenly reward.

Pie in the sky, do you have eternal life?

Are you sure of your peace and salvation?

A million pictures of your perfect relfection,

Jesus has the keys to the truth of the way of life.

Pie in the sky, there is really no hope in that,

Put you trust and faith in the resurrected lamb;

Come eat with Jesus in the banquet of heaven,

The marriage of the lamb in church perfection.

Pie in the sky, your the pilot, you can fly,

Meat pies and football, peoples grand final;

Tomato sauce to cover and flood the surface,

The blood of Jesus is the spiritual service.


Free flight.

16 I Feel Like I am Flying

I feel like I am flying,

Up high in heaven above;

Come with me for the ride of your life,

Poetry to write and stay out of strife.

I feel like I am flying,

Flying high up in heaven above,

Looking, living in the game of love;

Dreaming, soaring, flying, not dieing.

I feel like I am flying,

Peaceful feelings come to mind;

Taking it easy as you please,

Good to be home and write at ease.

I feel like I am flying,

Over hill and down dale;

Country scenery, greenery and mountains,

Complete understanding comprehensively.

I feel like I am flying,

Overseas and along above the water;

Beaches pretty perfect, very pleasing,

Over city skyline, harbour and cars.

I feel like I am flying,

Everywhere and anywhere,

Through the skies to heaven above,

Full of love. through clouds above.


Comfortably relaxed.

17 Home and Happiness

Home and happiness, peace and love,

Looking with open eyes to God above;

Turn off the television, look to him,

Read a book and get a grin.

Home and happiness, a peaceful easy feeling,

God is grieving when people stop believing;

Sit on the lounge and have a cup of tea,

What more on earth can you do to please me.

Home and happiness, get the jobs done,

Everything clean and bright, so the joy comes in;

Breakafst, lunch and dinner, food in the stomache,

A peaceful easy feeling, Jesus will come in.

Home and happiness, Bible studies to do and share,

Invite all your friends, Jesus still wins souls;

Get rid of the cobwebs within, be pure and holy,

It is such a joy and beauty to follow Him soully.

Home and happiness, the love of family,

The husband and wife sharing all the things they say;

Teach your children wisely, Jesus is the light,

Lock up safe and secure when it comes the night.

Home and happiness, put the rubbish bins out,

Get rid oft hat evil and the wills of sin;

God has an eternal home in heaven for those He invites in,

Make sure you have got your ticket, invite Jesus in again.


God Blesses the poor.

18 House On The Water

A house on the water, really plain to see,

Ferries passing by, boats that want to be;

Rivers, lakes and esteries, houses line the coast,

The good things of life, a house on the water the most.

A house on the water, more than basic lifestyle,

A little above the average, the elite their perfect while;

They say that best in life is free,

But you can give them to the birds and the bees.

A house on the water, go fishing and swim,

Get a bit of sun on the water, put the boat in;

Watch the sun come up reflecting on the water at sunrise,

See the sunset, with reds and yellows in the sky at days end.

A house on the water, well just what comes up next,

Looking out across the bay, seeing other houses;

All good news, people endowed to live life and pray,

What else to you want to do, but look out the window all day.

A house on the water, the front lawn is mowed,

Two cars in the garage, holiday mode per say;

The gift of God is awesome, mighty not to stray,

Beauty and perfection, enjoy your house always.

A house on the water, looking out and chance a stray glance,

The loungeroom for sitting, the kitchen for food and beds at night,

Like you could dance your whole life away, without a single doubt,

Poeple enjoying creation, the best of God is set and let out.


My turn next or soon.

19 Parramatta River

The rivercat goes up and own Parramatta River,

Under the bridge to McMahons Point, Darling Harbour;

Balmain, Glebe Island, Greenwich and Hunters Hill,

Five Dock, Drumoyne, Putney Ferry and Gladesville.

Haberfield Rowers, Birkenhead Point and Caberita,

Sydney Olympic Park, Rhodes and Wentworth Point;

Rydlemere and along the mangroves to Parramatta,

As the rivercat turns around and goes back to Circular Quay.

Houses line the treasured waterway of Parramatta River,

Boats at their pleasure, going up and own each way;

View the city skyline and Sydney Harbour and Anzac Bridges,

Picture perfect postcard on the best city in the world to live.

Cockatoo and Goat Islands, Pier One and Barangeroo,

Luna Park for all the children that want to have fun;

Don't break the curfew hour after dancing into the night,

See the harbour night lights across the distant plight.

All the best in life is yours, if you only follow me,

Jesus said I will make you fishers of men, Pyrmont Bay;

The Star Casino working hard to make extra money in time,

Don't fall into the pits of hell and get caught by the water police.

Waterfront cosmopolitan dining, ritz and rich enjoyment,

Bars and restaurants line the way, the menu the feast of the day;

Maddam Tuesews, Wildlife and Oceana Aqarium at Cockle Bay,

Don't miss the best things in life, The Sydney Entertainment Centre.


God's world.

20 Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour, where on earth do I start or begin,

North and South Heads, Middle Head and the Spit;

Watsons Bay, Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Point Piper,

Double Bay, Darling Point, Rushcutters Bay and Garden Island.

Elizabeth Bay, Kings Cross, The Opera House and Circular Quay,

The Harbour Bridge and back the other way again;

Milsons Point, Kirrabilli, Government House and Neutral Bay,

Mosman Bay, Taronga Zoo, Balmoral, Seaforth and Clontarf.

Balgowlah and around all the way back and to Manly and the Beach,

Manly Ferries, Narrabeen, Freshwater, Queenscliffe and Collaory;

Half and hour each way up and back across the heads,

A day out on the harbour, just simply can't be beat.

Sailing boats and cabin cruisers, tall ships out and about,

A slice of heaven and paradise from the rich who pay;

Habour cruises, paddle wheelers, John Cadman ll and James Cook,

A harbour cruise is a lot more than a good night and fun.

Climb the harbour bridge and see The city skyline from Center Point,

North Sydney and The Central Business District, worth too much for me;

I like to take a walk along both North and South sides and take it all in,

Living on Sydney Harbour is for all those who have the joy and win.

Well where do we all dare go from here, up and down the coast,

Only to come back again to The Rocks in Sydney Harbour at night,

There is not much more that you could want in life, than living here,

It is simply the best place in the world to live, to visit and to see.

Now it is time to hang up my tie and find a place to sleep,

Fort Denison, Shark Island and Potts Point Island I think.


It can't be beaten.

Chapter 3 Life On The Beach

21 Sun and Surf

Sun and surf, lots of fun,

Out and about under the sun;

Life on the beach is so great,

Love and freedom just relate.

Sun and surf, frolick in the sea,

Life is a beach after all;

Life guards waiting there on call,

Don't get caught in a rip to be saved.

Sun and surf, life is just great,

Enjoying life, freedoms mate;

Love and life, freedoms joy,

Life on the beach is great.

Sun and surf, people just love,

Getting ultra violets under the sun;

You can't stop me from having fun,

Life is too short and people know.

Sun and surf, boys and girls,

Playing on the beach in the sand;

Don't dig a hole and bury yourself,

Enjoy the day and go home safe.

Sun and surf, people really adore,

Waves and foam and surfing again;

Golden sand and blue water waves,

Going for a swim and catch a few waves.

Sun and surf, lots more time to come,

Money is a board, and all surfer's, tries;

God bless us each, eating picnic lunch,

The goodness of life is air in your lungs.


Free air.

22 Running Free

Running free, life is good,

Enjoying the gift of life itself;

Free as a bird, take up your cross,

Go on your own, or take the boss.

Breathing in air, a very good thing,

Life on the beach, you have to win;

Don't give up, but beat the sin,

Where a smile from ear to ear, with a big grin.

Stepping, striding, running along,

Breath by breath, life is a song;

Keeping on going and go very long,

Keep to the place where you belong.

The sole of your feet, sand below,

You know you eat, food for the soul;

Life giving air, keep taking it in,

The joy of life is beating to win.

Run as free as you can, all your life,

Getting you the best in life without any strife;

Breathing hard and running for your life,

Just keep going, you will win the prize.

Racing for a place in the kingdom of heaven,

Praise your God with the mercy of grace;

Look upon Him to His heavenly face,

The victory is won in winning the race.


God's face and place.

23 Beach Fishing Rod

Lets go to the beach and go fishing,

On the sandy shore to throw in a line;

Hoping to catch that big one for sure,

Hoping to put a fish on the table tonight.

Jesus taught his men to fish for men,

Throw your net on the otherside;

They caught so many, they broke the net,

To win souls to the kingdom instead, come follow me.

But for me whether it is off the rocks or off the pier,

The beach fishing rod is designed for big fish;

Throw in a line, try your luck this time,

That big one you want, dangling on the line.

Walk out along the beach to where no-one else is,

Get your self a piece of beach and park yourself on it;

Your bait is on the hook while you sit back and wait,

To haul in a catch, enough for dinner or tea.

Now you have filled your bucket with a big catch,

Take them back and clean and gut the fish,

Bream and snapper, mullet and whiting;

Black fish, rock cod, leather jacket and salmon,

All good eating as your hungry taste buds tell you.

From early in the morning at sunrise change of tide,

Till evening when the fish are bighting best at dusk;

The estery or the beach front, you beach rod caught a catch,

Best you can do is have them for breakfast as a good match.


The one that got away.

24 Sand Castles

Sandcastles on the beach,

Washed up on the shore;

Build them up and watch,

The waves tare them down.

Use your baucket to make them,

Dump sand upon sand high;

Built them up as high as ever,

Watch them wash away again.

Sandcastles on the beach,

Love and joy and peace;

Reresenting the rich in kids,

Hope and faith and love some more.

Golden sand and blue waters shores,

Castles in the sand are time for all;

More time and money in sansdcastles,

The sands of time in towers of sandcastles.

Sandcastles are a glorious sight indeed,

Stick a flag in the top to make it yours;

Stack upon stacks of sand up high,

Try and build your sandcastles to the sky.

Sandcastles just rise and rise up to the sky,

Building towers of hope way up high;

Love reached down and touched the world,

Your bucket of sand just keeps building more.


On the beach.

25 Waves On The Sand

Waves on the sand just keep rolling in,

Up along the beach, to take you in;

You run pass them trying not to get wet,

But your feet you stop and paddle to enjoy.

The waves run up the beach,

You run up along the beach to;

The joy and love of that free feeling,

Waves on the beach are peace and joy.

Waves on the sand, timelines left behind,

The sand of time, are the old earth ages;

Washed over by the waves again,

The love of running on the beach for fun.

Waves on the sand, waves on the beach,

Teaching us to listen and hear;

The worth of time throughout the year,

Money slipping through your finger tips.

Waves on the sand, well on the other hand,

The love and peace of fresh coming water;

Salt air freshness to clear your sinuses,

A paddle or swim, simply delectable.

Waves on the beach, love that seeing,

Feeling the awe of twinkling by starlight;

I love the sand and water through the souls of my feet,

The newness of each wave, a joy spectacular.


Walking on water.

26 Salad Picnic

Lettuce and tomatos,mayonaise,

Carrots and beetroot, corned beef;

Salad dressing and salt and pepper,

Your salad picnic lunch is ready.

Picnic basket and blanket for the ground,

Plastic knives and forks and plates;

First prayer and then eat your lunch,

Your taste buds will melt by the sunshine.

Down in the park, or by the beach;

A walk around the river or lake;

The atmosphere is exceedingly great,

Two people in love, just must relate.

Walking along hands holding in hand,

Your picnic lunch, is full in your stomache;

The sensation of being in true deep love,

Walking and digesting the food on your plate.

A bbq cooked with steak or sausages,

The salad just right and ready for consumation;

On a table or under a shelter, to stay dry from the rain,

No wasted food going off down the drain.

She made the salad and he cooked the meat,

So both the two could sit and eat;

Lunch in the company of a beautiful couple,

Love a duet and the trouble, a cloudy bluesome.

Cooked to perfection if I don't say so myself,

The salad a light delight to keep the weight off;

We both sat down at the table to eat,

The meal now totally satifyingly complete.


Time to pack up.

27 Time Lines

Timelines running along the beach and sand,

The waves roll up and the time is grand;

Making their mark along stretches of beach,

Time lines are facinating to watch to reach.

Being made at a chance of a person strolling by,

Footprints in the sand, washed away by the waves;

Buying away to live long past the day,

Timelines are trying to make your eyes cry.

The pain in the years of the worn away sand,

Water running up the beach in waves at hand;

Ocean beaches are dreamtime for paradise near,

The hurt of the heart, healed in running away fears.

Timelines are precious in the eyes of the beholder,

Moving and enjoying the change of timelines here;

As you hear the waves roar and roll up in ragged tears,

Time lines are forming in any fashion or kind.

Daigonal and jagged, directions of lines,

Running along the beach in parrallel ajacently;

No reason or rhymn fashion or rhyme,

Timelines simply just take up your time.

Timelines giving heart and hope to the viewers,

The less waste and more want without haste;

The amount of timelines are exceedingly great,

One by one, up to five times in the ten foot space.


Time on mind.

28 Surf's Up, Grab Your Board

Surf's up, grab your board,

Get a wave and ride it in;

Catch a big one, don't get dumped,

It's a long one, all the way to the beach.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Head on out, beyond the breakers;

Wait till the sets start coming in,

Then your off on the ride of your life.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Paddle on out and catch a wave;

Save your energy for the right one,

Waves keep coming in all day.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Put it on the roof racks;

Get to the best beach for a surf,

Where the waves just keep on breaking.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Gte in a tube and get a barrell ride;

Shoot on out the other side,

Paddle out and back again.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Keep on enjoying the beach;

Sunny days, with salt and sand,

Its a great life and its grand.

Surf's up, grab your board,

Its the end of the day;

Time to go home, enough today,

Back tomorrow to try your luck.


Wave rider.

29 Rock Pools

Rock pools, figure eight,

Watch out for the blue ring octopus;

Nice warm water, nice to sit,

Soak and take in, natures bit.

Rock pools, a lovely day out,

Enjoying the sights of rock pools,

Waves coming in on the rocks,

Watch the rock pools fill up.

Rock pools, life is good,

Plenty of sea life to see;

Everything that you ever did need,

Seen on a school or science excursion.

Rock pools, sea anemanies,

Sea urchines and kunji boys;

Tread on them and the water spouts,

The water washes up and fills them again.

Rock pools, take all day there,

Perrywinkles and sea shells;

Crabs and little fish swimming,

The beginning of sea food.

Rock pools, saltwater,

Sea water, life abundantly;

Swim holes for young kids,

Spas for older people.


Fun love.

30 Guys and Girls

Guys and girls, fun and games,

Love and joy, his and her names;

Mixing and matching, find the right one,

Perfect partners forever and a day.

Guys and girls, boys and joys,

Love again, type and pen;

Marriage matching, catching up,

Long life together, long live God.

Guys and girls, bright array and order,

Organise the wedding, abolutely normal;

Life living happily ever after,

Avoid all strife and natural disaster.

Guys and girls, take a partner,

The dance of your loving life;

With your partner, your happy wife,

A chance of children and choice again.

Guys and girls, blokes and dolls,

Smiling laughing, joy behold;

Teaching, training, from days of old,

Girls are gold, boys are bold.

Guys and girls, good and bad,

Sorry and upset, being sad;

Done the wrong thing, don't give up,

Time to repent, God has forgave.


Made in heaven.

Chapter 4 Romance And Love

31 Perfect Partners

Peffect partners, one, two, three,

Love and romance, you and me;

One and two and love makes three,

God is good to you and me.

Perfect partners, gracious God,

All the good things of life, not odd;

Joined in unity, well both in love,

Met on the first date and fell in love.

God has a plan for you and me,

Perfect partners for each he sees;

A plan to prosper and not destroy,

Marriage eternally, girl meets boy.

Perfetc partners, God's loving creation,

Joy overcoming the devil's temptation;

Save yourelves for marriage,

This is not a thing of the past.

Perfect partners, Intertwined together,

All the goodness of love an romance;

Make your you are well suited to each other,

Then live long days out, as perfect partners.

Perfect partners, relationship for keeps,

No good coming apart and falling into heeps;

Stick with the one who God has chosen for you,

Do the good work, so that all will come true.


God's work.

32 A Row Boat For Two

A row boat for two, out on the lake,

He takes the oars, she looks like,

How pretty life can be, soft on the water,

Gently downstream, a row boat for two.

A row boat for two, at Audley or wherever,

A picnic lunch afterwoods, joy overbounding;

Life is good and meant to be this way,

Happily rowing in situations like this all day.

A row boat for two, tempations stops there,

Everything perfect out on the water with care;

Enjoying the gaze of love in her eyes,

Lovingly knowing love beyond the skies.

A row boat for two, picturesque perfect,

Calm gentle strokes of oars in the water;

Up stream or down stream, neither will matter,

What is important is the talk to flatter her.

A row boat for two, for him and her joy,

No use playing around with delicate ideas;

Just enjoy the ocassion and moment of truth,

When his eyes meet her eyes, love is the proof.

A row boat for two, he can pop the question,

What better situation for a marriage sugestion;

She naturally says yes, to his finesse and charm,

They leave and return the boat, both arm in arm.


The chosen two.

33 Cafes and Dreams

Cafes and dreams, coffee and cream,

Sugar, sweetener, olie / milk or cream;

Cafes are ideal meeting places for two,

Man and woman, joining together to eat.

Tea and cake, bun loaf and biscuits,

To dip and dunk in your beverage;

Sandwiches and toasted light meals,

Cafes are real places of your dreams.

Maybe you take a step up to a restaurant,

Better meals, with heavier more filling eats;

But give me cafes in my dreams for love,

Conversation topics and romantic ploys.

Cares in your dreams can be real,

Like you were in Paris for lunch;

Two of you falling in love together,

In the romantic love capital of the world.

Cafes, love and falling in love dreams,

Ideal talking pieces and places of love;

Come to the casbar and we will make love,

Love divine, love divine, falling in love.

Cafes and dreams, dreaming love divine,

All fits in with God's perfect love design;

Two people as partners and pairs in love,

Sipping coffee up late at a cafe at night;

Sharing true love of your hearts desert,

Your dreaming, your in love with coffee.


Latte with cream.

34 Restaurant Nights

Restaurant nights sitting up late,

Enjoying good food for your dinner,

Entertainment, conversation topics;

Sharing and caring your partner there.

Restaurant nights, the best of everything,

Anything on the menu, perfect delight;

Out night after night, plenty to try,

God knows I'll eat or I else I will die.

Restaurant nights, better the others,

Keep eating your hearts delights;

Don't smother out your brothers,

Better than home cooking, even your mothers.

Restaurant nights, chef's got the special,

You eat what you can while you are there;

Take home for later in a doggy bag what is left,

No good stuffing yourself silly unnecessarily.

Restaurant nights, perfect delectable desire,

Orderves to start off, soup and entree;

The main course, followed by desert,

Coffee till your board, talking about life.

Restaurant nights, loving other bruises,

Out on a boat in the harbour or a ship cruising;

The cuisine is delicate and practical of course,

The best money can buy, food for loving life.


Tired out.

35 Cinema And Movies

Cinema and movies, pictures on the big screen,

Happiness is a love story, adventure beware;

Popcorn and soda pops, jaffas and jubes,

Enjoying the dialogue, no sinful mistake.

Cinema and movies, sitting in a comfortable seat,

A chair in the galaxies, star wars beware;

Life is full of wonder, just what will happen next,

A friend tries to call you, you send him a text.

Cinema and movies, home entertainment centre,

Just like you go out for the night, but stay home instead;

Better all rugged up and warm at night,

Not with the cold wind blowing at the door.

Cinema and movies, she holds you hand,

You put you hand on her leg and love is grand;

Then you start kissing in the back row of the theatre,

There goes the movie, it is real love instead.

Cinema and movies, home with the family in bed,

As much as I like television, the theatre is truer;

A real sense of empathy in virgen senseround,

Ice cream and coffee at the end of your show.

Cinema and movies, the picturesque scenery,

Like your driving in your car or home in your lounge room;

The perfect environment and perfect situation,

The unreal utopia is taking over the place.


Plenty of variety and choice.

36 Lets Stay Home For Dinner

Lets stay home for dinner,

Lets light the fire at night;

Sit around home, nice and cosy,

Enjoying a good home cooked meal.

Lets stay home for dinner,

Lets have a candlelit meal;

Lets enjoy good food for dinner,

Family time is worth so much more.

Lets stay home for dinner,

The wife cooked a beautiful meal;

Dinner for two ny candlelight,

Home by the fire, warm at night.

Lets stay home for dinner,

Enjoying each others company together;

Lets stay home for a family dinner,

Lets make love with food at home.

Lets stay home for dinner,

Especially cooked by the wife;

For th husband spose and kids,

Lets enjoy good family time.

Lets stay home for dinner,

Listening to soft music while we eat;

Enjoying a good meal for dinner,

The best food you can put on the table,


Baked the roast.

37 Bed Time

Bed time, sleeping time,

Beautiful dreams, happiness;

Writing poetry, rhyming rhymnes,

Tired up late, time for bed.

Bed time, time for love,

Two partners, sleeping together;

The kids are put to bed first,

The the mother and father in love in bed.

Bed time, relax some more,

Rest a while, settle down;

Wake up fresh, start the day,

Work all day, time for bed.

Bed time, all is well,

Turn the television off first;

God to bed, time to tell,

All in love, all is well.

Bed time, quality time,

Rest enough, enjoy enough;

God is good, God is love,

All will go to heaven above.

Bed time, love is well,

God is good, time is dear,

Rest all night, awake afresh,

God is good through all the rest.


Fresh as a daisy.

38 Travelling For A While

Travelling for a while, on the road again,

Life is good, what you saved up;

Spending on what you love to do,

See the world, come home true.

Travelling for a while, some place else,

A coach tour or a train trip;

A flight overseas and motels,

Cars away for different nights.

Travelling for a while, where life is good,

Sick of home, try some place else;

Life is good while travelling on the road,

Home again safe and sound.

Travelling for a while, perfect places,

Destinations of travel, simply delightful;

All your expectations and more,

God is good at blessing people.

Travelling for a while, home at last,

All the places and destinations from the past;

Future ideas to travel from what has passed,

The road to freedom, Island paradises.

Travelling for a while, palces I have not been,

Beautiful scenery, I have not seen;

Country roads, old bush tracks,

Down the road again of life and back.


Ancient cities.

39 Beach House

Beach house, time for sand and surf,

Running freely on and up the beach,

Investment property for weekend use,

Time does not matter, no usual abuse.

Camped by the side of the road,

The beach house sits there;

Fishing trips and boating adventures,

Just enjoying wasting time al day.

The waves come in and race up the shore,

Plenty to do, plenty to see and implore;

Throw in a line and catch a big one,

Nothing better to do than to fish till night.

Grab your board, surf is up,

Catch a wave love is enough;

All the best things in life are free,

Give me a beach house purposefully.

A beach house, the birds and bees,

Enjoying love so softly and mightily;

Giving God the glory of creation,

What else could you want in life.

A beach house, leave the city behind,

Your home and work in the city;

Nearly all wanting and gone,

A the end of the day, love is one.


The beach towel.

40 Holiday Unit

Holiday unit, investment property,

Not getting rent, not going to waste;

Away for the weekend to take it easy,

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Holiday unit, drive up the coast,

Isn't life meant to be, just the most;

The more you do, the more you rest,

Life on earth, simply the best.

The Gold Coast, Surfers paradise,

Tweed heads, Coolangatta, where else,

A holiday unit, up and on the coast,

Simply the best and simply the most.

Holiday unit, driving in your car,

Get from the city house to your holiday unit;

Life on the coast is simply the most,

Enjoy yourself for a while, while you can.

A holiday unit, maybe out West,

The East gets so boring after a while,

Country exploration, a good idea.

Just rent it out when you can't get there.

Holiday unit, many and plenty of joys,

Like the sports car, good for a toy;

Rest and recooperation, heads in bed,

The best in life is free, simply read.


Adoration Of God.

Chapter 5 Faith and Worship

41 Monasteries

Monasteries, not monarchies,

Monks, not royalty or riches;

Olives, tomatoes and cheese,

Salt bush mutton on the table.

Worshiping God in heaven,

Of poverty and peasantry;

Sufferring to serve The Lord,

God's kingdom is subservience.

Joyfully ringing bells to chime,

Breaking the stronghold on crime;

Waterwheels and grinding wheels,

Wheat for bread baked fresh daily.

Kings and Queens reign in palaces,

Monks serve God in monasteries;

Denial of self, the joyful call,

Happiness in God before money.

Let the poor say that I am rich,

Let the weak say that I am strong;

For the Lord our God reigns on high,

Monasteries dwell in heaven above.

All the hard work, just must pay off,

God knows and feels the pain and suffering,

The beauty of a life of social isolation,

Solitude and sollumnry, with no intoxication.

Working for a permanent place in heaven,

A home to live forever with God on high,

Bridges and roads running across the sky,

To me it is a monastery that is a personal high.


Only one alone.

42 Cathedrals

Cathedrals in the rock of ages,

Carved from sandstone and pages,

Biblical context of ancient buildings,

Standing alone in towns perplexing.

Complex minds of things were built,

God and steeple, bells and people;

In the shape of a cross they span,

Across wondrous country plains and land.

Tall and high, the height of the heavens,

God reaching the stars in a cathedral's presence;

Mighty architechtural grandeur and awe,

God unlocks the gate of heavens door.

Inspring, charming, magestic and proud,

A cathedral speaks in rising voices aloud;

The message felt by all who come in and hear,

Jesus Christ who died, now reigns as God.

Who can say or just who can hear,

What God has got to say to a listening ear;

A cathedral stands in its own domain,

An overwhelming power and beauty and shame.

Cathedrals look down from on high as God,

Wondering why the strange sin is odd;

Judging men by intimidating magnifigance,

The duty and the beauty, all mighty signifigance.


God, our rock.

43 Churches

Holy God, lover of my soul,

Reign upon us from the skies;

Welcome us into your church,

Call all those who look and search.

Open your doors and holy gates,

For within your heavens love creates,

As we seek and want to pray,

To you our God in church on Sunday.

Fill your churches pews that are empty,

Talk to those who want to go but stray;

Lead them home on high unto yourself,

In church, your house for you and us.

Ministers read those books, on the shelf,

To preach and teach us about you God;

Give us ears and hearts to understand,

God your church in every wondrous land.

Let us lietena nd talk to you in prayer,

Show us love beyond the earth to heaven;

Grant us peace as we worship you in church,

Give us eyes of percieving and hearts that care.

Lead us into any church in your good time,

We know you are waiting there for us;

Give us faith for minds to see your grace,

Let us come to you and meet you face to face.


Bells welcome us in.

44 God

We love you God, because you are good,

You love us more than you really should;

Because we had sinned and your son died for us,

We were never good enough, your grace is enough.

Your God the almighty creator of the universe,

Nothing we could do before you first loved us;

Whilst we were yet sinners, Christ was on the cross,

To save us from ourselves and learn to put you first.

God your are worthy of all our lives and souls,

We want to thankyou for all of your holiness;

We want to praise you and lift you up on high,

Draw us near to yourself in faith and love.

God you are the greatest thing in every life,

Reigning above us in you palace in heaven;

God of mercy and peace, sanctify us, restore us,

Teach us and help us to be in your perfect image.

God, look upon your children from heaven and smile,

So that we can stay with you this long little while;

Make us to see you in the fashion that you really are,

Loving and mighty and reigning surpreme as a star.

God, we long to know and understand your nature,

Characteristics and qualities of righteousness;

Let us have the hope and faith to believe in you,

Come into our hearts and live and dwell with us there.


Awesome prayer.

45 Music And Hymns

We want to sing joyful songs to our God,

Music of praise and worship to Him in hymns;

Words cannot express how much we love you God,

As we raise our hearts and voices to magnify you.

Come to church and let us sing songs of love,

To worship and adore you in praise and prayer;

When all the best is dead and gone, we will all come to you,

So help and heal us from our sins and God let us sing along.

Music and hymns are heavenly and in any kind of care,

Raising the roof off to praise you and admire you there;

Nothing we could do on our own, imagining without you,

But in love you can show us, your its perfectly in prayer.

Let us sing our hearts out in music and prayer any time,

Hymns of adoration, to praise you in music once again;

From words of theologins from long ago ancient times,

Song writers in words of poetry, who listen and love in rhyme.

It is such a priveledge to sing unto the lord on high,

Joyfully raising the name of God, through prayer to the sky;

Songs of jubilation and adoration come to the mind of the eye,

To sing our hearts out, praising you to unbeliveably fly.

Songs of praise and choruses, hymns of mountain men,

Hymn books open and people singing loudly love from pen;

The goodness of creation, found in love of words in music,

To celebrate the life of you in hymns, always and ever again.


Beautiful sounds.

46 The Organ Recital

The organ recital,

The chord that never dies;

Echoeing out the organ pipes,

The songs of love and praise.

The organ recital,

Free to those who care;

Who lend a listening ear,

To songs and hymns in prayer.

The organ recital,

Played with love and passion;

In any order and certain fashion,

Praise and prayer to God above.

The organ recital,

Lunchtime concerts in a church;

For people to come and hear,

Music joyfullly played with care.

The organ recital,

Lovingly in notes and verse;

Time will pass, the curse was there,

Crushed in feelings of love and care.

The organ recital,

Cathedrals filled with love and air;

Playing music to the audience,

Organ pipes forever aware.


The organist.

47 The Whole Orchestra

The whole orchestra,

How sweet the sound;

A musical arrangement,

Of beautiful quality pieces.

The whole orchestra,

Flutes and oboes and strings;

Joyfully bringing love to things,

Drums and brass and voices sing.

The whole orchestra,

The conductor has it all in swing;

Pieces played under his instruction,

A musical piece of of joy and love.

The whole orchestra,

Fifty pieces or more to join,

In loving harmony or careful playing,

In unity and sanctity of of God.

The whole orchestra,

Surrounded and included;

Secluded and concluded,

In joyful joining sounds of love.

The whole orchestra,

Beating and bellowing out a sound;

Of loving instruction to the audience,

For your information, simply brilliant.


The concerto.

48 The Congregation

The congregation of the church,

Sits and listens and minds do search;

Waiting for the sermon and hymns,

Piece and love in patient certainty.

The congregation of the church,

Prayer and solitude in numbers;

People getting together to worship God,

Things in the light, nothing odd.

The congregation of the church,

Loving, looking souls that search;

Wanting to see God in anticipation,

Of what He holds in store for each.

The congregation of the church,

The truth and time to each to teach;

Loving learning, knowledge of soul and sin,

Leave the building, put your rubbish in the bin.

The congregation of the church,

Love and knowledge looking for God;

Search the hearts and souls and minds,

What is beautiful and weather kinds.

The congregation of the church,

Whether you are good or bad;

When you sin, God sees and is sad,

He wants to help you from being mad.

The congregation of church,

People know there is so much to God,

So much to to learn and seek in time,

Words of love found in a rhymne.


A thousand thousand thousand people.

49 The Choir

The choir of love and joy and peace,

Echoing their sound to never cease;

In joyful harmonious loving sounds,

A beautiful picture of musical voices.

A hundred strong, they all belong,

To love and praise God above;

In songs of joy and peace and love,

Chords of love in joyful prayer and praise.

Choruses and hymns forever a friend,

Songs to treat the hearts delight;

The sound of unity, perfect sight,

Voices singing in unity so right.

The choir a mystical illusion,

Of love and grace and mercies peace;

Echoing sounds to never cease,

Loves joys and harmonies released.

The choir a beautiful instrumental arrangement,

Voices singing love songs to God their king;

Perfect in sound and song and voice,

The joy of releasing the notes to rejoice.

The choir a passionate loving choral arrangement,

Voices singing songs of love to God,

What could be better or a more loving agreement.


A hundred strong.

50 Ministers Preaching

Ministers preaching sermons,

Loving words of kindness spoken;

Churches filled with congregations people;

To listen and hear the words that are spoken.

Ministers preaching semons,

All the homework of the studying;

To get the message just right,

Careful perfectors, caring what is in the light.

Ministers preaching sermons,

The beattitudes and gospel talks;

The miracles and parables,

The Old Testament law to learn.

Ministers preaching sermons,

The whole congregation is listening;

Words of truth and understanding,

Knowledge of wisdoms years of thought.

Ministers preaching sermons,

Lovingly knowing, Christ beats sin;

Virgin stories to love and win,

The message of the cross resounding still.

Ministers preaching sermons,

Jesus coming again, with peace within,

To take us all home and be with Him,

Where going to heaven when the ministers finished.


Your tithe.

Chapter 6 Country Folk

51 Hillbillies

Hillbillies, country folk,

Life's playing around all day;

Enjoying life in the slow lane,

The lay back pace all the time.

Hillbillies and feuding,

Cowboys got there way;

Neighbours across the way,

Are shooting at me again.

Hillbillies, country Jack,

Jill's still somewhere down the track;

The truck has broken down again,

Can't fix it, still no luck.

Hillbillies and eating,

Fresh vegetables and haystacks;

Road kill turkey, shot the duck,

Don't blame me, I will get you back.

Hillbillies, peticoats and overalls,

Struck it rich, Texas gold;

Beverly Hills and Mexicans,

Farming freinds, are nearly all dead.

Hillbillies and farm houses,

Up the road and back again;

Time on your hands, days well gone,

I put this down in my only pen.


Mary Lou and Jethro.

52 Life On The Farm

Life on the farm,

Kind of lay back;

Country girls and pies,

Guys just getting there way.

Life on the farm,

Well you just have to pray for rain;

Drought has been getting us again,

No use fading away.

LIfe on the farm,

Planted the crops;

Going to the market and shops,

The harvest is gain.

Life on the farm,

Feed all the animals;

Some were put in their pens,

Tomatoes eaten by the hens.

Life on the farm,

Bacon and eggs for breakfast;

Toast and jam with coffee,

Just no good stopping now.

Life on the farm,

Roast lamb and vegetables;

Steak and mushroom sauce,

It just seems like home sweet home.


Meanwhile back on the ranch.

53 The Homestead

The homestead, cooking dinner,

The house on the farm, its is a winner;

Fences all up and surrounding us in,

Chopped the wood, put the rubbish in the bin.

Kitchen and the loungeroom,

The basement and the attick;

Searching for all the stuff,

Tools are in the shed.

The homestead on the highway,

Cars passing by looking in;

See if you can taste the courtry cooking,

The smell will woft and take you in.

The homestead way outback,

Shot the roos for wallaby stew;

Still tastes Ok anyway,

Same day service, all the time.

The homestead up the winding road,

Think I am taking a holiday;

Working hard to share the load,

No good wasting away the whole day.

The homestead, I have got my own,

No use paying what you don't owe;

Making money, working hard,

My house and land, homesteads home.


Stars at night.

54 Country Dinner

Country dinner, cooking winner,

Big meal to fill the table;

Everyone in the house will eat,

Served up the roast and potatoes.

Country dinner, everyone sits down,

A soft prayer offered up to God;

Everyone digs in the whole hog,

A meal fit to give a king.

Country dinner, life is food,

No matter! the people in their mood;

They will eat what is dished up to them,

Or else they will starve, again and again.

Country dinner, put your feet up,

Relax after dinner, with the TV;

Family conversation, cup of tea,

Your set for the night, had your feed.

Country dinner, life on the farm,

No-one hurting, no-one done no harm;

Time for the ciesta and fiesta,

Well I guess that eating is just a joy.

Country dinner, you can hang up now,

Go to bed with a full stomache;

Sleeping in heavenly peace,

The joy of God will come again.


55 Working Animals

Working animals, stockhorse and muel,

Different animals, diiferent fuel;

The roundup and the muster,

The cattle and sheep rustler.

Working animals, don't come cheap,

The draughthorse is a Clysdale;

Rigged up to the big wagon,

Cart the kegs and the hay.

Working animals, not too tame now,

Still a bit of life in the pack;

Big Jim is the race horse,

The stockhorses,just earn their pay.

Working animals, all the other types,

Going around the farm all day,

The geese and rabbits running,

The chooks and ducks are OK.

Working animals, the fram is a business,

All the animals have to pay there way;

No good taking too much time off,

A farm has to make money at the end of the day.

Working animals, maybe fill the dam,

The ducks just love the rain;

The sheep will drink all day,

Well you can lead a horse to water anyway.


Dollers spent.

56 Sewing and Harvest

Sewing and harvest,

Reaping what you sew;

The crops go to sale,

People really know.

Sewing and harvest,

The Lord wins the souls,

People are the field,

The grains in the yeild.

Sewing and harvest,

Price was paid long ago,

Fishing for men,

Jesus Christ on the cross cost.

Sewing and harvest,

Barley, wheat and oats;

Big bucks in the farmhouse,

Storing grains away again.

Sewing and harvest,

Don't fear the drought;

Save some up for a rainy day,

You will be rich again.

Sewing and harvest,

The city can hardly wait;

Crops coming into market,

Just see what they can make.

Sewing and harvest,

Look out upon the lake;

The rains are coming in this time,

Meat on the table and bread to bake.

Sewing and harvest,

Reaping comes to those who work,

Throw your net on the other side,

Taste the back of Bourke.

Sewing and harvest,

Reaping in the rewards;

You did not lose at all this year,

Save, don't spend or things will dissapear.


A long one.

57 Then Came The Rains

We were all working hard to sew the seed,

Then came the rains pouring down;

God works to those who work for him,

Nothing comes to those who wait all day.

Then came the rains down once again,

Just as we had finished planting the crops;

God works wonders to those who love him,

Through the power of pill and pen.

Then the rains came, just as expected,

God is good to farmers all the time,

Those who love him and don't ignore Him,

He will bless and reward them everytime.

Then the rains came just as we needed,

God overlooks and sees everything;

Don't worry about the drought though,

God will send the rains even then.

Then the rains came, right on time,

A land of droughts and flooding rains;

Fills the rivers and dams again,

Fish will swim and be happy again.

Then the rains came, God doing His duty,

Loving those who first loved Him;

This is the beauty of the business of creation.

Everything just falls into place right then.


Perfect timing.

58 Crops and Shops

Crops and shops, drips and drops,

The harvest is taken to town again;

Everything good just falling into place,

God has blessed us all once again.

The food produce is all gone to market,

The land of ours is reaping again;

Food on the table, shops are full,

Go in and make your purchase again.

Crops and shops, reason to buy,

God is good, you don't all have to ask why;

A reason to live, a reason to die,

Crops and shops are full all the time.

Crops go to market, the shops go and buy,

Life is a good thing, look to the sky;

We go to the shops and buy the crops,

The farmers are happy to look in th eye.

Crops and shops, people are eating,

Happy just to get their stomaches filled;

God is good and always blessing,

Mercy and grace to those who doubt.

Crops and shops, everybody is happy this time,

Everything going along life's merry way;

God is good at the end of eveyday,

You know you get to eat and so do I.


Filling the hole.

59 Family Life

Family life, we are all dreaming,

Happily, merrily, along life's, life way;

It is a good thing to sit down and talk with each other;

What did you do today and the other day.

Family life, kids all ahd breakfast,

Off to school each day again;

Good conversation, church on Sundays,

Life on the farm is so sweet again.

Family life, family time,

All the good things money will buy;

You just can't replace quality time with family,

Making sure you all spend time with each other.

Family life, life is a good thing,

Time and money for the family is right;

Good things come along while still in God's sight,

Going behind His back would be wrong.

Family life, sit down and tlak at night,

Off to bed for a good nights sleep;

The loving presence of family life,

God has blessed us all once again.

Family life, things all out of strife,

Love for the husband, love for the wife,

Kids all enjoying good times at last,

Going to church, not the dark of the past.


Sundays church.

60 Town People

Town people out for a good time,

Love and reason lines and rhyme;

The farmer comes in to town to sell,

Goes home happy with money to buy.

Town people looking out for the farmers,

To come into town for buying up supllies;

It is a good thing to keep the farmers happy,

Everything they want, that money will buy.

Town people trying to make life good,

Shops and squares all going very well;

Things have meaning and purpose to farmers,

The town a centre for everything they need.

Town people ooking out after each other,

Farmers are happy things they can buy;

All things work for good for those who love God,

The circle of life still going around.

Town people not shy to drink and indulge,

Don't worry too much, tomorrow will come,

Farmers get drunk and should not drive home,

A night in the pub, a bed for them there.

Then comes the rain and drought again,

You should have trusted God and been on the wagon;

Not drinking yourself stupid with a full flagon,

God to church in the town for farmers to be suited again.


Fun for all.

Final Word - Nights By The Fire

I remember those tired and weary nights, sitting up late around a camp fire. Enjoying the good fills of life and leisure and indulging in the outback camping cooking fires or beach holiday nights with a fire on the beach. Whether it is a fire a home with the family or just a late night meal in a restaurant with a fire going. It seems that the old days have just gone and passed us all by, that there is no fun anymore and that God is just a spoil sport trying to squash our fun. But we really need to get back to the simple things of life, like a camp fire up late, with hot chocolate and marshmellows for supper. Getting to sleep after twelve o'clock some time. The fire will burn itself out overnight if you are on a beach it is pretty safe to just let it burn itself out during the night, keeping you warm as toast while you sleep. God is not really a kill joy, he wants the best for your life, some of these basics are just great to get on with and do sometime, A fire by night when well controlled is a great way to mix and socialize with freinds and family. I use this example because like a fire people burn themsleves out, partying too hard for too long and have to go through the long drawn out process of rehabilitation for years, sometimes eons, never changing from learning the hard way. Making mistake after mistake in the process of doing life like a fire buring itslef out at night. We have to wake up to ourselves and get real, life is not only about money but doing the things you like for as long as you can. For me it is writing peotry and prose, that is a relaxing way of letting out tensions and energy on what is something that is fullfuilling and rewarding in life, I don't want to get to the stage where my fire burns me out, but just go to the place where it is safe to light a fire and enjoy the gaze into it for the night once in a while and unwind with the mesmarizing sparks and embers just doing things right in the night light. God has placed a fire in your life to burn, but not to burn out, doing life right is about being smart, perhaps we have to learn to not light the fire sometimes, but just use the gift of God that he has planted within us all to use and utilize for the benefit and enjoyment to others through writing, or at least that does it for me, how about you having a turn at it to, life is far too short to do otherwise. I hope that we have got the most out of this book which was and now is Poetic Verse, a life time away is a dream every night, think about that one for a finally. God bless. Darel.