Parsifal Self Actualizes


The Complete Individual.
Parsifal and The Pit Falls

The pit falls of Parsifal could be commonly adopted as an adaptation to his role of being the wise fool. If someone tries to assume the role of Parsifal he sadly falls into the pit that Parsifal has dug himself and is always trying to dig himself out of in order to climb out and rise above the situation. But all is not grim if you are Parsifal yourself, for you're main aim is to prove that everyone else is the fool and you are indeed the wise one who rises to the top in order to chop everyone else down and keep yourself there on top of the situation.

You're organization, communication and leadership is adjusted in order to do just that but still there is two problem components, one, the Peter principle and two the tall poppy syndrome. In one sense of the word parsfial rises to the top of the situation only to be met by his own incompetence and inadequacy with everything to do with life and his management lets him down.

Two, the tall poppy syndrome is about seeing Parsifal sitting there like a king which is to be his final claim to fame, but only to be judged by everyone else as a failure and being brought low and undignified by those who are jealous of him or who just want to have a fair dinkum go at him in order to keep the size of his head down and keep him at a containable level where everyone else can try and control him or simply just contain his ideology so that it doesn't go straight to his head or get the better of his better judgment but instead restricts his judgment to simply being able to look after himself and therefore so contain him-self instead of being off in the clouds on some romantic quest.

Abraham Maslow had a needs heirarchy which put self actualization at the top of his list after all the basic needs of survival were met, food, shelter, afilliation and job staisfaction. Parsifal is a medieval knight where the theories remain exploratory and could be deluded. Any conclusive evidence that the ultimate reflection of life is found in the self is purely ficticious and the truth of a loving God far outways the pitfalls of Parsifal's search and journey for the grail, but the reality of everday meaning and the common sense of logic, must still be understood in the continuity of living for purpose and reason, which actually is a reflection on God.