Parsifal's Human Loves



Parsifal was the wise fool as we all should very well know by now and he wandered the world in search of the Holy Grail. This which, as his journey took him along the road of life, he came across, in his search for the ancient relic, many a woman who won his heart and mind, which along with the dreaded demon drink of disease and aimless mindedness got him into his schiziophrenic state of mind. The single solitary thing that he sought was shrouded and covered by his weak personality and many loves for women of which he had to learn to beat and defete. These weeknesses of love in the end, had turned out to be his downfall as for knowledge he gained and sought, beat him for a considerable period of time as he then had to climb out of his hole and back into society. These poems are some kind of illustration of what was going through his mind as his love got the better of him and as he would slowly and gradually turned back to God for what was really his rightful prize of the Castle's Kingship. The path he was walking was not and still is not unlike the book of Human Loves that Parsifal encountered. There is a great diversity of writing and love is the greatest subject in the world to write upon. So we will discover this thing of what is so called "Love" as you read and dwelve into the various mysteries of Parsifal and The Human Loves of life and his walk along the wandering path. You could be pleased to learn that he is not really alone in his walk, but as there are many who have gone astray and tried to walk on the same path themself and have found in written literature a means and away to get back on track and learn from their mistakes to find the path that reaches and leads back to God and the waters of eternal life, to attain or find and reach their own life giving rejuvination and the God of love, where the family home was really the answer all the time. As in Parsifal's Human Loves, the right for courtship could start and lead to that perfect match of the long time sought and God reasoned partner. Please enjoy and may God bless and love you as you read and I love you as you learn what Parsifal's Human Love is all about. Darel Robert McAllister. 

Chapter And Poem Summary

Chapter 1 Painting The Picture Of Love

1 Growing Up

2 Singles

3 What Does Love Mean?

4 One Love For Myself

5 The Property Of Love

6 To Give Rose

7 What Colour Rose Spells Love?

8 Follow The Star And Fall In Love

9 How You Kant Fall In Love

10 Love Comes Back At Me

11 Restoring The Memory Of Love

Chapter 2 Falling in Love¬¬¬†

12 To Young To Love

13 A Little More Love

14 Its Too Easy too Fall In Love

15 Where Can I Find Love

16 The Heart Of Love

17 My Dear Love

18 A Strange Word Called Love

19 Too Much In Real love

20 Whirlwind Romances

Chapter 3 Love Is Hard

21 Where Is Love

22 Alone In Love

23 The Lonelinesss Of Love

24 Losing My Love

25 The Lonely Waiting

26 I've Been A Long Time With Nobody

27 It's When We Submit We Achieve

28 A Love To Last

29 What Is Love Without Love

30 Unbeatable Loving Hearts

Chapter 4 Different Loves

31 Love Sick

32 The Beautiful Woman Down Town

33 Dancing for Love

34 Intelligent Love

35 Because I Loved You

36 Love

37 My Life Was A Pink Rose

38 My Sweet Princess

39 The Beauty In The Eyes Of A Little Girl

40 Boy And Girl

41 For Mum

Chapter 5 The One True Love

42 The Romantic

43 Romance (2)

44 Parsifal In Love

45 Torn Between Two Lovers

46 I've Found The One For Me

47 The One I Love

48 The One I Love

Chapter 6 The Wife For Life

49 Wedding Bells

50 To PronounceThe Sentence Of Marriage

51 Sex

52 One Wife

53 To My Wife

Chapter 7 All About Life

54 Life (1)

55 Life (2)

56 If My Life Depended On It

57 One Life, One Love, One Chance

58 Once Upon A Lifetime

59 I Discovered The Meaning Of Life

60 The Life Of The Perfect World

61 Now Is The Time For Happiness

62 Life Is But A Dream

63 The Ins And Outs Of Life

64 The Life Of The Left Light

65 I'm Disappointed With Life

66 Life Is A Farm