Parsifal On Life Style

Parsifal On Life Style


Life is like magic, money an unforgiveable love. It is all really just water off a ducks back out there on the lake. Lifestyle is sequentially your own idea or opinion of how and why things really are and how you live out your life with your own particular way or identity. We all need our own individual style in this life and Parsifal On Life Style is what this book is all about. With so many different and such broad ranges of facts, aspects and ideas to cover and write about, it has just opened up as a free for all. However we need to keep a bit of decorum and a few standards and restrictions in the state of mind as we go through and write this new book. It looks like an easy task or job, which I am more than up for once again, but there is some hard core topics to cover in this book which will surmount as a real challenge to meet the necessary criteria for the quality of justice to be done to these ideas. Lifestyle in itself is a very broad range of a set of topics to cover and excel in, to contain the right perspectives and a bright outlook on what life really is, the sunshine of the heart in a smiling portrayal of brilliant thoughts. Needless to say or go any further than not to acknowledge the dilligent effort that is required by reading for the writing itself, not as a selfish endeavour, but one that is centrally focused on the opinions of other people. Hopefully we will be able to discover what all these thoughts are and from what I call conscenous of ideas for what the general reality of thinking really is and has been extablished over the recent decades. Once again we will try and draw from the heart and mind a deeper depiction of life for what it really is, a happy place to be and a pleasant conditioning of thinking and ideas for enjoyment and discussion of thought. We only have to look and go searching in our own souls, for what the real picture of life is and how to change and adapt to its given generation of leadership and guidance for living. The beauty of it all is, that it all falls into place as we go along and we all get the picture in the end. But for now it is back to the drawing board to seek and search out what life holds for us all once again, as we go in and do another book of poetry, this one Parsifal On Life Style. I do hope that you all enjoy it and that you to may get something out of it just as I do by putting in the hard yards to do the work and therebye create the impact for the book itself. God Bless. Darel.

CHAPTER 1 Sinfully Simplistic

1 Loving Beauty

Loving beauty,

Gorgeous surroundings;

Pretty women,

Natural perfection.

Loving beauty,

So many a cutie;

Delicous meals,

Fresh forever.

Loving beauty,

Signs of wonder;

Heavens kingdom,

Glorious times.

Loving beauty,

On the wings of a dove;

Filled with love,

Fashioned to serve.

Loving beauty,

Divine prayer;

God's grace and mercy,

Freedom for all.

Loving beauty,

Circles of magic;

Faces of faith,

Hopes presence.



2 Handsome Money

Handsome money,

Pay the gentleman;

A fist full of dollers,

A brand new car.

Handsome money,

That dinner suit;

Piano concerto,

Tuxedo and bow tie.

Handsome money,

His good looks,

She falls in love,

They get married.

Handsome money,

Pass it over here,

Lend me your ear,

Good to see and hear.

Handsome money,

No trouble thanks;

Smiling, not funny,

Be good to all.

Handsome money,

He is dressed to eat,

She is cooking dinner,

Both a pair of winners.

Handsome money,

Beautiful signs;

Fresh and deliver,

A sweet family affair.

Handsome money,

Looks for a magazine,

Cover glamour there,

House and land.


His wallet.

3 Nice As Pie

Nice as pie,

And twice as lucky;

Something lovely,

She can cook it.

Nice as pie,

But for how long;

Making sense,

Over the fence.

Nice as pie,

Charmed I'm sure;

Making money,

Beauties handsome.

Nice as pie,

As per usual;

Nearly all the time,

If you can stand it.

Nice as pie,

Things going well;

Back on track,

The way it should be.

Nice as pie,

Loving looking,

Prayer and care,

Love at last.


Tough it out.

4 Free and Easy

Free and easy,

The way things go;

The way you like it,

All works out well.

Free and easy,

Taking your time,

When it gets harder,

God on your mind.

Free and easy,

Money comes and goes;

Things cost a price,

Loving it very nice.

Free and easy,

Working for wants,

What you require,

Needs you desire.

Free and easy,

Seems like cheap labour;

Things are getting hard,

Filling in the pieces.

Free and easy,

Finding the picture;

Framed for the fame,

The puzzle is done.


Heaven and hell.

5 Its Not Yours, Its Mine

Its not yours, its mine,

Happy to do it my way,

Money you have to pay,

The time of the day.

Its not yours, its mine,

Passion playing its course;

Praying for each resource,

Signs to watch and look for.

Its not yours, its mine,

Peace of heaven on your mind;

Time heals all those wounds,

Aching, paying, pain of hell.

Its not yours, its mine,

I ought to know for sure;

What you want, you cannot have,

Leave me with what I own.

Its not yours, its mine,

Working out for the perfect;

Things all going your way,

Peace for coming day.

Its not yours, its mine,

Life on a limb, I am inclined,

Eating out, wined and dined,

Good food, tomorrow its gone.


Happy people.

6 Keeping To Yourself

Keeping to yourself,

Not bothering others;

What I have got is mine,

Yours is your own to.

Keeping to yourself,

Never mind me at all;

People just going their ways,

On the long and lonely road.

Keeping to yourself,

Signs of the times are gone;

The sun is shining what it shone,

Nothing new, no not at all.

Keeping to yourself,

My mind on what is mine;

Don't interfere, it hurts,

The truth of right and love.

Keeping to yourself,

You can have everything you own;

Just don't walk across that line,

All of mine, well that is just fine.

Keeping to yourself,

My books just sitting on the shelf;

Time to read and share around,

Prayer for air above the ground.


Good Stewarts.

7 Do Others Matter?

Do others matter?

Times are tough and hard;

To lonely to go all the way,

By yourself all on your own.

Do others matter?

Don't be so selfish and greedy,

Of course other people matter,

Get things in perspective,

Do others matter?

When I am so focused on me;

Learn to get your eyes off yourself,

Look to God, read the books on the shelf.

Do others matter?

Concerned with your own wealth;

The ideal view of your health,

The big picture outside yourself.

Do others matter?

Take time to think and reflect;

See the beauty in the mirror,

But see other people first instead.

Do others matter?

Concerned about the cross;

Jesus died for you, you know,

Send God back your love.


Hard to focus on self.

8 Hard As Hell

Hard as hell,

High as heaven;

Skies are beautiful,

Magma below the ground.

Hard as hell,

Why do you hurt?

War is with water,

Cup of tea for pain.

Hard as hell,

Alcoholic beverages;

Drinking yourself silly,

The next day your head aches.

Hard as hell,

Life is a sweet love affair;

Don't get into trouble,

Problems are torture and torment.

Hard as hell,

You just imagine it all;

No it seems real to me,

The pain to pay what you need.

Hard as hell,

Work for what you want;

Pleasant weather a treasure,

All in the balance and measure.


Get over it.

9 Nobodies Perfect Anyway

Nobodies perfect anyway,

As if I really need to tell you that;

Everyone just doing what they want,

This time, it is all you really need.

Nobodies perfect anyway,

God looks down from heaven,

Gives us His grace and love,

Mercy shining on us all.

Nobodies perfect anyway,

I am just doing my own day;

Accept friendship off caring others,

Somebodies wanting and waiting.

Nobodies perfect anyway,

Things all going the worlds ways,

Look to people and God who is wise,

There is a silver lining to very cloud.

Nobodies perfect anyway,

We all make mistakes, don't we;

Forgive and forget if you can,

Help people to get over it.

Nobodies perfect anyway,

It is just the way we look at it sometimes;

Focused on self and not others,

See outside yourself for a change.


Getting away with it.

10 Whose Getting Their Own Way?

Whose getting their own way?

It is really not me all the time;

Money to pay for what you want,

Is this the way it really should be?

Whose getting their own way?

People insisting on what they want;

Force never helps, but proves evil,

Signs and wonders of the Devil.

Whose getting their own way?

As if I should really know or care;

Things should just work out the way they do,

Heaven is full of peace, hell only despair.

Whose getting their own way?

Don't all thoughts belong to God anyway?

Look to the one who is kind and good,

Then things might start going your way to.

Whose getting their own way?

They know very well who they are to;

Keeping to themself instead of sharing alike,

It just seems that you are all in it for your own.

Whose getting their own way?

Things just falling right into place,

As your driving down the road going home,

We all try hard to get what we can.


Selfish endeavour.

CHAPTER 2 Personality Rules

11 Facial Expression

Facial expression,

Looks can decieve;

Fools often percieve,

Tricks of the mind.

Facial expression,

Portraying how we really are;

Giving hints and ideas away,

How we feel and show our looks.

Facial expression,

Lost or loving;

Happy or sad,

Being bad or glad.

Facial expressions,

Contented or cross;

Making money for the boss,

Never a frown or loss.

Facial expressions,

Good or sorry;

Right or wrong,

In trouble when we are caught.

Facial expressions,

Looking up or down;

Around and around,

Head above the ground.

Facial expressions,

Amusing or funny;

Laughing or crying,

Raining or sunny.


Smiling back.

12 Keep Smiling If You Can

Keep smiling if you can,

Happy people laugh longer;

Good to be alive, right,

In poetry I write.

Keep smiling if you can,

Never look down and out,

Avoid trouble and problems,

Look on the bright side of life.

Keep smiling if you can,

Loving, looking and learning;

Grinning from ear to ear,

Truth and proof appear.

Keep smiling if you can,

You will live a lot longer;

Try to do what is right,

God always perfect and bright.

Keep smiling if you can,

Its really a wonderful world;

Working hard to avoid boredom,

All the good gone on before.

Keep smiling if you can,

Things fit in to God's plan;

Working for the benefit of all,

The earth, a big spinning ball.


Peaceful people.

13 Laugh A Minute

Laugh a minute,

Take time to smile;

Good for your soul,

Slowly growing old.

Laugh a minute,

Try not to frown;

Let your hair down,

Really go to town.

Laugh a minute,

Good for your stomache;

Gut wrenching belch,

God ringing a bell.

Laugh a minute,

Smile while you can;

Good for the spirit,

Love when near it.

Laugh a minute,

For the best times of your life;

Funny looking at your wife,

Cooking a ball of strife.

Laugh a minute,

Helps clean the cobwebs;

Brightens up the day,

Clears the mind away.

Laugh a minute,

Only looking at yourself;

Christ the perfect subject,

Good times going all around.


It feels good.

14 Take Time for Others

Take time for others,

Fathers, mothers;

Sisters brothers,

Freinds and lovers.

Take time for others,

Learn to try and be kind;

Peace and gentle on your mind,

Fashioned to serve, time for mine.

Take time for others,

Help out where you can;

God's healthy plan,

For the needy man.

Take time for others,

God bless your endeavours;

Unselfish, sacrifical giving,

Time for other people living.

Take time for others,

Learn to go without a bit;

Share your cares and concerns,

Look on the bright side of life,

Take time for others,

Peace, joy and plenty;

Caring and sharing alike,

Selfishness only smothers.


Healthy help.

15 A Nice Heart

A nice heart,

Helping where you can,

Smiling happily at others,

Peace in God's plan.

A nice heart,

Being kind to others;

Always willing to help,

Loving God's beauty.

A nice heart,

Healthy and happy;

Working for the common good,

As the way people should.

A nice heart,

Not a mean mind;

Joy and sharing,

Good times for all.

A nice heart,

Plenty perfect happy;

Tired and a bit nappy,

Fools seeing smart.

A nice heart,

Got the best part;

Good from the start,

Smiling from inside.


It feels good.

16 Brain Waves

Brain waves,

Time tidal;

Money in the sand,

Your soul and hand.

Brain waves,


The sea air,

Better ideas.

Brain waves,

Thinking for yourself;

Other people matter,

Cognitive linking.

Brain waves,

What is for dinner?

Surf and turf,

Reef and beef.

Brain waves,

Coloured thoughts;

Seeing black and white,

Grey in between.

Brain waves,

Blue ocean water,

People must thing like God,

Or at least try to.


Well perspective.

17 Speak Well Of Others

Speak well of others,

Respect will come your way;

Consider other peoples thoughts,

Care how the heart recieves.

Speak well of others,

Show love and compassion;

Share a caring concern,

Its not all what you earn.

Speak well of others,

Loving guiding thoughts,

The beauty of service,

Fashion on the surface.

Speak well of others,

Learn to love and care;

They will return the respect,

Giving you back their love.

Speak well of others,

Thoughts of sharing;

Caring and consideration,

Stars twinkling in the sky.

Speak well of others,

Time night and day;

So to mean things right,

All good in God's sight.


A listening ear.

18 Cracking Jokes

Cracking jokes,

Not at other people's expense;

Funny, laughing, ha ha,

Good to grin and win.

Cracking jokes,

Amusement time;

Things in perspective,

A good disposition.

Cracking jokes,

No egg on your face;

It turns and its on you,

Happy side of life.

Cracking jokes,

That one is a winner;

This dogs a sinner,

People smiling grinners.

Cracking jokes,

Laugh a minute;

At least for a while,

See the funny side of life.

Cracking jokes,

He is a good bloke;

How she speaks and spoke,

The confusion and the smoke.


A place for everything.

19 Love and Kindness

Love and kindness,

Goodness and mercy;

Compassionate understanding,

Helping heal hurting hearts.

Love and kindness,

Treasures of heaven;

Grace and richness,

Blessings forever.

Love and kindness,

More than money;

Time good eternally,

Peace fo people.

Love and kindness,

Good things for all;

People working together,

God's holy word.

Love and kindness,

No sorrow and worry,

No stress and anxiety,

Good bye to all hate.

Love and kindness,

Caring and sharing;

Spread it all around,

Godliness and greatness.


God's goodness.

20 Plenty Of Consideration

Plenty of Consideration,

Time caring for thoughts;

Share and share alike,

Think beauty is special.

Plenty of consideration,

Time heals all wounds;

Prayerfully, respectfully,

Showing love and concern.

Plenty of consideration,

How to help other people out;

The best things in life are free,

Working to worth every word.

Plenty of consideration,

Benefits going all around;

Places to find and search on ground,

Mountains and money mound.

Plenty of consideration,

Pretty smiling faces shining;

Love the big picture seeing,

Looking for the sheep and cows.

Plenty of consideration,

Carefully thought provoking;

Brain waves thinking kindly,

Time for other peoples ideas.


Think things.

CHAPTER 3 Characteristic Relationship

21 Who Is God

Who is God?

Do you even care?

What is it you ask?

Don't you know the answer?

Who is God,

Someone up there in heaven;

Looking down and smiling on us,

No-one creating all the fus.

Who is God,

Does He like me?

The beauty of His presence,

Hiding and unseen.

Who is God,

The person of Jesus;

Died on a terrible cross,

Forgives all of our sins.

Who is God,

Grace overabounding;

Mercy and truth,

Father of love.

Who is God,

Great, grand or father;

One who listens to my prayers,

Answering them His own best way.


I care.

22 Why Does It Matter

Why does it matter?

Who God really is;

A person I can trust,

Someone to thank for lunch.

Why does it matter?

What I think or mean;

Trying to keep it clean,

So that my mind is clear.

Why does it matter?

What goes around comes around;

Things just turning in circles,

So everything works out in the wash.

Why does it matter?

This gift of life that is mine;

Things must seem important,

What higher object is at stake?

Why does it matter?

Beautiful perfect people;

Creation all falling into place,

The world going around as right.

Why does it matter?

Pictures in places and time;

Working for a better life,

Money a means to meet all ends.


Goes on record.

23 Sharing and Caring

Sharing and caring,

What it is all about;

Showing your love for others,

Be sure God makes no mistakes.

Sharing and caring,

Understand the times,

The age old problem of wonder,

Hoping for a better tomorrow.

Sharing and caring,

The truth really does hurt;

We have to put things in perspective,

And show it all as it really is.

Sharing and caring,

Gods love surrounding;

Beauty preoccupied with self,

Perfect in every other way.

Sharing and caring,

Mercy graciously magnified;

Good relationships,

Kindness in all the troubled parts.

Sharing and caring,

Prayer for the lost sinners;

Time for sitting down listening,

Coming home to be with God.



24 Personality Traits

Personality traits,

Individual characteristics;

Id, ego and superego,

Self esteem, not selfishness.

Personaility traits,

Charisma and charm;

Smiling and grinning,

A happy disposition.

Personality traits,

Ignorance and rudeness;

Some people are just like that,

It takes all types to make up the world.

Personality traits,

Fun of the party;

Everyone having a good time,

Nothing wrong with that, no crime.

Personality traits,

Things showing on your face;

Signs of your self expression,

Happy, sad or indifferent.

Personality traits,

Laughter and endless tears;

Just showing who you really are,

God trying to make you a star.


Who we are.

25 Kindness and Consideration

Kindness and consideration,

Showing your love for others;

Perfect in every place,

People smiling on their faces.

Kindness and consideration,

Working towards a caring goal;

Forgetting all the needs of self,

The greater goodness for God.

Kindness and consideration,

Perfect manifestation of love;

Goodness in the heart and mind,

A caring sharing attitude.

Kindness and consideration,

Taking time out for others;

Working, helping, loving,

The kingdom of heaven for those.

Kindness and consideration,

Harmony all around the world;

Things working for good on earth,

People learning to behave themselves.

Kindness and consideration,

Prayer in times of need;

Stopping all of the self wants,

Sacricficial love and care.


Beauty does it.

26 Needing People

Needing people,

Kind loving hearts,

Warm centred and caring,

Good to be around.

Needing people,

More always coming;

Caring environment,

Circles of love.

Needing people,

To talk and share with;

A simple caring attitude,

Love still floating around.

Needing people,

Signs of the times;

Prayer from the heart,

Love on your mind.

Needing people,

For relationship;

God can use you,

Your place in heaven.

Needing people,

Its a wonderful world;

Helping each other out,

Working towards the common good.

Needing people,

They are great to be around;

Keeping your head above the ground,

Treasures in heaven above.

Needing people,

For the love of God;

Kindness and goodness,

Nothing being at all odd.


Working hard.

27 Self Reflection

Self reflection,

How do you see yourself?

Someone good or bad?

Kind hearted or angry?

Self reflection,

Bouncing looks off others;

Finding yourself in a book,

Understanding how people feel.

Self reflection,

Image in the mirror;

Do you like that person?

Who are you trying to emmulate?

Self reflection,

Educated and caring;

Intelligence and understanding,

Knowledge fo the truth?

Self reflection,


Self analysis,

Have you found what you were looking for?

Self reflection,

Is it naughty or nice?

Are you who you should be like?

Inviting to be with or repulsive?


Mirror image.

28 How Others See You

How others see you?

Beauty in the truth;

Life the perfect image,

Love abounding and free.

How others see you?

Is it self reflection?

Do you relate well with others?

Creating an important image.

How to others see you?

As a nice person or not?

Are you mean and ugly?

Are you showing care and love?

How do others see you?

Are you just words on a line?

Do you get the picture?

Is it pretty of not?

How do others see you?

Working for the common good?

Meaning well and helping?

Good things come to them.

How do others see you?

Loving, looking, learning?

Creating a better world?

Life on earth together.


Like myself.

29 Its The Heart Of It

Its the heart of it,

How you think and feel;

The core central meaning,

The truth of the situation.

Its the heart of it,

Human understanding;

Perfect relationship,

Is the world really corrupt?

Its the heart of it,

Things in the right place;

Getting together for love,

People working for peace.

Its the heart of it,

The love connection;

Rainbows in heaven,

The well of creation.

Its the heart of it,

All turning around;

Everything just happening,

The rains coming down.

Its the heart of it,

Circumstantial evidence;

The law of the land,

Conviction and mercy.

Its the heart of it,

Offering forgiveness;

Justice and grace,

Judge free from guilt.



30 Nice Thoughts

Nice thoughts,

Good sports;

Right ideas,

Holy spirit.

Nice thoughts,

Good ideas;

Caring people,

Love going around.

Nice thoughts,

Good to see;

Right in heart,

Caring community.

Nice thoughts,

Our home land;

God saves sinners,

Grace for winners.

Nice thoughts,

Faith and mercy;

Believing in freedom,

Truth and understanding.

Nice thoughts,

Peace forever,

Harmony in heaven,

Hard but good.

Nice thoughts,

Not hate like hell;

Beauty and perfection,

Paradise picture.


All is well.

CHAPTER 4 Love and Leisure

31 Relaxation


Take it easy;

Plenty to do,

All in good time.


Peaceful memories;

Fun in the sun,

Sitting on the beach.


Lieing down for a rest;

All that you have done,

You did it at your best.


God gives you time,

Time to unwind,

Taking time out for yourself,


What is really meant;

Pleasant circumstances,

Recovering from work.


Full peace of mind;

Coming to the quiet,

Sleep well all night.


Turn off the light.

32 Playing Sport

Playing sport,

Good to get exercise;

Nice to win,

Health reasons matter.

Playing sport,

Team comraderie and friendship;

One on one games,

Each individual name.

Playing sport,

Good for the mind,

Physical activity,

Mental health to.

Playing sport,

Player participation,

Learn to get connected,

Trophy for the winners.

Playing sport,

Revel in His love,

Good government,

International events.

Playing sport,

The olympic games;

Each country participates,

Be fair and caring.

Playing sport,

Individual goals,

World records,

The truth untold.


Peace and love.

33 Television and Cinema

Television and cinema,

Moving coloured pictures;

Sit down, relax and watch,

Viewing entertainment.

Television and cinema,

Eating hot popcorn,

Jaffas and nuts,

Snow cones to indulge.

Television and cinema,

Living lounge room;

Feet up at home,

Changing channels as required.

Television and cinema.

DVD's on computers,

Relayed to the large screen,

Total home enjoyemnt.

Televison and cinema,

Home theatres;

Watching all hours,

Late up all night.

Television and cinema,

Try to avoid the ads;

Documentaries and movies,

News at all times.


All hours.

34 Eating Out

Eating out,

Restaurants and dinners,

Feasting at home,

Kings and queens palaces.

Eating out,

As if we all really could,

Dinner for two,

Or a family occasion.

Eating out,

Visiting friends and family,

Cooked up a party,

Just a good start to me.

Eating out,

Various reasons;

Life on the run,

Working relationships.

Eating out,

Loving get togethers;

Sharing a nice meal,

Entree, main and desert.

Eating out,

Never room for a doubt,

The best times are eating,

Food for each to eat.


The bill.

35 Picnics And Parties

Picnics and parties,

Laugh at all times;

Sharing the love around,

Down by the water.

Picnics and parties,

Lunch and or dinner;

Serving the friends,

Having a good time.

Picnics and parties,

Love between two;

Social get togethers,

All out invitations.

Picnics and parties,

Spread out the mat;

Unpack the basket,

Chicken and salads.

Picnics and parties,

Life is very good;

Fruit punches to drink,

Time to understand.

Picnics and parties,

Food for all occasions;

Share with a group,

Politics and politness.


Good eating.

36 Live Shows

Live shows,

Drama and theatrical;

Big River and Oliver Twist,

A Christmas Carol.

Live shows,

Concerts and musicals;

John Denver and Elton John,

Meatloaf and Stormy Monday.

Live shows,

Sydney Symphoney Orchestra,

Vienna Strauss Conservetry,

Violins in love.

Live shows,

Opera and bands;

Parsifal and Tristram,

Richard Wagner.

Live shows,

Opera and concerts;

Those were the days,

Joan Sutherland.

Live shows,

Pub music and crowds,

Band on the run,

Beatles back in town.


My favorites.

37 God In Church

God in church,

Where else could He be?

Mountains and rivers,

Overseas and islands.

God in church,

All those old hymns;

The good old organ,

Now we have live bands.

God in church,

Moving in the spirit;

Firm solid on the rock,

Each individual style.

God in church,

Conventional and traditional;

Pentacostal, free and easy,

The heavens can't contain Him.

God in church,

Notice the truth;

Peace and understanding,

Freedom for all.

God in church,

A love heart offering;

Tithe with your finances,

Time your reward.

God in church,

Bigger than the building,

The congregation all loves,

Praying for our souls.

God in church,

Get the big picture;

God wants to lead your life,

Believe and have faith in Him.


Sitting and standing.

38 Romantic Reflexion

Romantic reflexion,

The beauty of love;

Peace and understanding,

Time on your hands.

Romantic reflexion,

See her in the mirror;

Passionate image,

What she thinks of him.

Romantic reflexion,

A course of events;

Truth between two,

How it all works out.

Romantic reflexion,

Intertwined together;

Beauty of being,

Love in each others hands.

Romantic reflexion,

Just look at me now;

We're in on this together,

Married over the years.

Romantic reflexion,

See her as she really is;

He wants to make love to her,

Chocolates and flowers.


Eating dinner.

39 Time Out For Each

Time out for each,

Two of you doing things togeher;

Now we can have a break,

A kiss on each cheek.

Time out for each,

Peace and harmony;

Working together,

For a common goal.

Time out for each,

Grab a meal on the run;

Money to eat,

Prayer for food.

Time out for each,

They were the good times;

Old fun and love,

Reach and teach.

Time out for each,

Go to the beach;

Enjoy the good life,

Best to sit and eat.

Time out for each,

Love sharing together,

God will care if we split,

Money in the bank.


Divided we fall.

40 Money To Spend

Money to spend,

Go get what you want,

Feast and indulgence,

All those new clothes.

Money to spend,

A new car to drive;

Houses on the market,

Make sure you know what you need.

Money to spend,

Time in all directions;

No reason for prayer,

If you have got, it spend it.

Money to spend,

You won the lot,

Worked hard to get it,

Its all yours to spend.

Money to spend,

Forget about the bank,

They want to keep it,

Safe and secure.

Money to spend,

Petrol in the tank,

Food on the table,

Love on a merry-go-round.

Money to spend,

Good times for all;

Enjoy it while you can,

See what you have got at the end of the day.


Save what you can.

CHAPTER 5 Things To Do

41 Walking Groups

Walking groups,

These are the days;

To go out and enjoy,

Walking around.

Walking groups,

Mountain tracks;

Along rivers and around lakes,

Trails to find and sniff out.

Walking groups,

Different dimension;

Fresh air and breathing,

Healthy lifestyle.

Walking groups,

Freindly association;

Talking together,

Amongst the group.

Walking groups,

Time for the outdoors,

Lunch on the way,

Carrying enough water.

Walking groups,

Fun time for all;

Enjoying the day out,

Good things all around.


Fresh air.

42 A Day At The Beach

A day at the beach,

Lifestyle enjoyments;

A picnic for all,

Sand and the surf.

A day at the beach,

Jesus is love;

Sun shining down brightly,

Good times all around.

A day at the ebach,

Put up the beach umbrella;

Your towell down on the sand,

Lie down rest and get tanned.

A day at the beach,

Don't forget the sunscreen;

Don't want to get burnt,

Slip, slop, slap.

A day at the beach,

A swim in the surf;

Catch a few waves,

Paddle in the pools.

A day at the beach,

Life is just too good;

God blesses each of us,

Heaven in the blue skies.


A beach ball.

43 Country Drives

Country drives,

A day out of the city;

Back home in time for dinner.

Or stay in a motel if you like.

Country drives,

The cows and the trees;

Climbing up around mountains,

Winding down and through the valleys.

Country drives,

Passed the forestry fields;

Crossing different bridges,

The wide open plains.

Country drives,

Out and gone for the day;

Enjoying the great scenery,

Picturesque greens and blues.

Country drives,

The skies and the meadows;

Horses running free,

Sheep grazing all the time.

Country drives,

Staying under the speed limit;

Just enjoying taking your time,

Beautiful creation of nature.


Fill up first.

44 Eating Out

Eating out,

Good times all around;

Enjoying the good life,

Fun eating the best food.

Eating out,

Clubs and pubs;

Restaurants and cafes,

Take away if you must.

Eating out,

Food on the go;

Driving around everywhere,

Fast on the road.

Eating out,

Taking time to sit down;

Enjoying the finer points of life,

Good food your reward.

Eating out,

Cheese tasting and orchards,

Don't forget the pie shop,

The baker is waiting reading.

Eating out,

High afternoon tea;

Cakes, coffee and cream,

Smagasborg for lunch.


Feel full.

45 Family Time

Family time,

Peace be with you;

Sharing and caring,

Love going around.

Family time,

The lounge room;

And dining room,

Talking amongst each other.

Family time,

Days out for a drive,

Home to watch the TV.

Extended family get togethers.

Family time,

Doing the gardening,

A BBQ at home together,

Swimming in the pool.

Family time,

Good things being done,

Loving relationships,

Cousins and grandparents.

Family time,

Christmas dinner,

Birthday parties,

All off to church.

Family time,

Watch what is going on;

Takes time out for each,

We're all in this together.


The budget.

46 Climb That Mountain

Climb that mountain,

Go on get going now,

Don't wait till tomorrow,

Its begging and asking for it.

Climb that mountain,

Over hill and down dale;

Better take a packed lunch,

The sight from the top.

Climb that mountain,

Don't put it off,

Its just something to do,

Get it off your bucket list.

Climb that mountain,

Start at the bottom;

Work your way to the top,

Over it and down the other side.

Climb that mountain,

Plenty of stops on the way up;

Catch your breath,

Have a drink of water.

Climb that mountain,

Never say die;

Sleep well tonight,

Its worth all the effort.


The view.

47 Relaxing in Love

Relaxing in love,

Sitting on the lounge;

Lieing on the bed,

Tired old eyes and head.

Relaxing in love,

Beautiful sweet dreams;

Resting in her arms,

So she gets all she wants.

Relaxing in love,

Signs in the sky;

Heavenly floating clouds,

Sand on the beach.

Relaxing in love,

Gorgious God on high;

Fullfilling all my wishes,

Asleep on the pillow.

Relaxing in love,

Perfect blissful peace;

Like a dove from above,

Soft slow falling rain.

Relaxing in love,

Enjoy taking time off;

Refreshing, lingering, lasting,

Scent of lazy crime.


God above.

48 Going Fishing

Going fishing,

Out for the night;

Catch a big haul,

Empty your nets.

Going fishing,

Marlins on the run;

Give them enough line,

Play till they're caught.

Going fishing,

Traulers come in;

Flathead and whiting,

Mullet thick skinned.

Going fishing,

Throw in a line,

Catch yourself a fish,

Your looking at dinner.

Going fishing,

On the other side of the lake;

Jesus said fish for men,

He made no mistake.

Going fishing,

Up stream or down,

Trout for the eating,

Best restaurant in town.


Salmon running.

49 Spectators Sport

Spectators sport,

The grandstands are full;

Watching the football,

Cricket or baseball to.

Spectators sport,

Basketball or water polo;

Just taking it all in,

Win or lose you grin.

Spectators sport;

The dogs and the horses;

You don't have to gamble,

Money is always a winner.

Spectators sport,

Watching and waiting;

For your team to win,

God loves good losers to.

Spectators sport,

Deep sea yacht races,

Lining the coast for,

The Sydney to Hobart.

Spectators sport,

Netball and Soccer,

You can always participate,

People love to join in.



50 Fresh Air Thoughts

Fresh air thoughts,

Breathing in easily;

Wide open spaces,

Mountain high money.

Fresh air thoughts,

High in the sky;

Take a walk in the park,

Trees growing in the dark.

Fresh air thoughts,

A run on the beach;

Rain clearing the air,

Life is free and fair.

Fresh air thoughts,

Open a window,


Oxygen from carbondioxide.

Fresh air thoughts,

Time on your hands,

Time at your side to,

All the things you can do.

Fresh air thoughts,

A fresh gust of wind;

Breeze through the trees,

Lungs working well.


Air freshioners.

CHAPTER 6 Complex Completion

51 Nearly Finished

Nearly finished,

Accomplished from start;

Ready for the occasion,

The mind and the part.

Nearly finished,

My book near the end,

More poetry to read,

Maybe a new friend.

Nearly finished,

Time just flowing by;

Words clear and tidy,

Working up to the end.

Nearly finished,

God has control;

From beginning and start,

To finish and end.

Nearly finished,

Well worth the effort;

Money in the bank,

Poetry, from memory.

Nearly finished,

Your turn to read;

Think all of the things you need,

Jesus in prayer had the lead.


Here now.

52 Its All In Your Mind

Its all in your mind,

Take time to think;

Thoughts in good time,

The peace of things, fine.

Its all in your mind,

Just what you do think;

The type of drink you drink,

Whether it is being kind.

Its all in your mind,

Peace and happiness,

Money going around,

What you have got at home.

Its all in your mind,

Contentment that you find;

Concentrate hard to live,

The joy of learning to give.

Its all in your mind,

Things that you need;

What you think you want,

God has it all in control.

Its all in your mind,

Just a sign of the times;

Weather still and quiet,

Thunder storms and lightning.


Brain reign.

53 Perfect Perplexion

Perfect perplexion,

Complete complexion;

Mirror image people,

See what is on the other side.

Perfect perplexion,

The world going around;

The big earth turning,

The kingdom of heaven.

Perfect perplexion,

Well if you just stay out of hell;

A happiness disposition,

A long straight distance.

Perfect perplexion,

People in paradise;

Peace in poetry,

Parrallels parables.

Perfect perplexion,

Traditional conservation;

Systematic information,

Knowledge requirements.

Perfect perplexion,

The colour of your skin;

Things dwelling on your mind,

Everything two of a kind.


Beat to win.

54 Time On Your Side

Time on your side,

Taking someone for a ride;

In God we abide,

The turn of the tide.

Time on your side,

Your wife, your bride;

Things going your way,

Right day to pay.

Time on your side,

On the wind do we glide;

Sea breeze so nice,

Sailing ships selling spice.

Time on your side,

Reading for your life;

The truth in the light,

The right kind of write.

Time on your side,

Long time to go yet;

Old age is beautiful,

You have done very well.

Time on your side,

So far so good;

We all like a happy ending,

First or last across the finish.


Happy in Christ.

55 Deep Thoughts

Deep thoughts,

Take them all in;

A thinking brain to win,

Remember to be good sports.

Deep thoughts,

On the other side;

Dark and demanding,

Can be pleasant comprehending.

Deep thoughts,

Take time to think;

Mind on the job,

Be kind to others.

Deep thoughts,

Bottom of the ocean;

Sail the seven seas,

My ship has come in.

Deep thoughts,

Opossite to shallow;

Wading out in the lake,

Mums dinner being baked.

Deep thoughts,

Fun from the start;

Don't get bogged down,

Lift your head and go to town.


56 Not Now Child

Not now child,

Wait and grow up;

Get use to living,

God is always giving.

Not now child,

Work on what you want;

God is all that you need,

Don't rush into anything.

Not now child,

Be meek and mild;

The beauty of caring,

The joy of boys and girls.

Not now child,

No time to be dead,

Grow old graciously,

Be great instead.

Not now child,

I have not got time for you,

When you are much older,

Dreams will really come true.

Not now child,

I will give you everything soon;

If you can pay the price then,

Your grandparents will still learn.


Patient living.

57 Brain Theories

Brain theories,

Have you got one?

God when you grow up,

You were a problem child.

Brain theories,

Pyschology works;

Patient understanding,

Words all worth weight.

Brain theories,

Doctor in the house;

Nurse out there waiting,

Age care conditions.

Brain theories,

Wet days stuck inside;

Occupying your time and mind,

Working well writing poetry.

Brain theories,

If it works, then do it;

Don't go it alone,

We work best together.

Brain theories,

Take time to read;

Mean what you write,

The right way is nice.


Asleep and dreaming.

58 Not So Simple

Not so simple,

Your not too stupid;

Better in the old days,

More time to think.

Not so simple,

I like it like that,

Easy to understand,

Fits God's perfect plan.

Not so simple,

Complex is too hard,

Better theories,

Practical operation,

Not so simple,

Hard at first,

Getting to know what to do,

Learning what you need first.

Not so simple,

Follow the instructions;

The assembly plant,

Mass line production.

Not so simple,

Always difficult;

Do the best you can,

Time must be money.


Being kind.

59 Organise Ideas

Organise ideas,

So that things work out;

All the operation needs,

Method and automatic leads.

Organise ideas,

Work out things in your head;

Understand what you have to do,

Complete the procedure.

Organise ideas,

So that you can understand easily;

Take time for the hard things,

Everything fits into place.

Organise ideas,

Plan, lead and control;

So you get the results,

Doing things all in good time.

Organise ideas,

Living and loving,

Things perfectly happen,

Forming out in the way that they should.

Organise ideas,

Things fall into place;

Naturally and nicely,

Everything works out.


My symphoney.

60 What is Now Constructed

What is now constructed,

Has been well estabished;

Corrected and perfected,

All in the line of duty.

What is now constructed,

Should of all happened that way;

Everything had a time and place,

How could you run out of space?

What is now constructed,

Organisation at its best;

So you can all take a rest,

Accomplished and made sense.

What is now constructed,

Has stood the test of time,

Generated and created,

In the old order of rhyme.

What is now constructed,

You can't take back anymore;

Faith for the the future,

Fixed forever to stand.

What is now constructed,

The writing of complex lines;

Simple but forgetting forgiving,

The book is now well complete.


Had heart.


Free and Easy

Free and easy, that is the spirit. Perplexions and complexions, perfections and reflections. I hope that you might have seen a bit of the joy in this outgoing current work of art. A book of poetry is always a challenge to write and you never know how it will turn out until you get to the end of it. What come easy, really is quite hard and to anylyse the positives and negatives as to why that is so, is just so impractial to discuss and hard to digest. Nevertheless the results are now in and we have another book of poetry added to a fine repetoire of collective works. Down through the timelines of the ages in writing poetry, I have had the great priveledge of discussing the finer points of work in the industry of the arts. It is still a well twisted result of the finished work which actually does all work out in the wash of human unsderstanding and this case my mind of provocative thought. It still remains free and while the easy bit is in the completion, as the whole book of doing the work takes time and demands deep conscentration. However it all turns around and comes up new in the end I will sometimes still never know, all I know is that after all the work is done, there is a fresh range of new material for you all to read and take in. Whether you followed the work as it went along on just came in and read it at the end. Perhaps you have just worked your way through all the books and are reading this one just as any other one that you have read so far, I do hope that you have been enjoying all the reads since starting. I am not going to sit here and kharp or labour on any more points of love now. Somehow trying to certify and assert the deed already done. I do hope that you liked this one however and that you will come back soon for the next book as things progress along. God bless you all in your own selfish endeavours, hopefull they can be shared with others like this one has been attempted to be done. Thanks Again. Darel.