Parsifal Creates Himself

Parsifal Creates Himself


Passion For Fashion

Self instigated thought continues to evolve and revolve. In the central fashion of the passion of paradise, Parsifal Creates Himself to be a journeying soul on a venture to discover and an adventure to understand knowledge. The confusion is taken out of the picture by the black and white writing, righting his mind to understand truth and logic in positive thought criteria. The creative picture here is one of discovery and digestion of thought as we now get underway in another book of creative experience in the context of Parisfal and how to search and look for wisdom in the knowledge of being, or coming from a fool's perspective to create a right minded view on things through writing. You just can't create wisdom out of nothing, there are governing truths in the world that just have to be sorted out and written down for other people to read and discuss. There are indeed rules and rights and wrongs in life, writing just paints the black and white perspective on how we could or should look at any given situation or set of circumstances. This book hopefully will aim to do that, in that as we go through and write the poems in discussing dialogue, there will be some creativity and understanding as to what the truth in wisdom really is. There is also plenty of scope for individual and selective creativity, which comes from that in the free flowing writers licence to express themself in ordered structure. There will also be a free and easy attitude on mind in delving out into the deep of the unknown. Anyway it goes, it will turn out how God has planned it and prepared it in His mind. I just have to try and tap into the thoughts of God and His heavenly perspective and mind of peace for what is the desired outcome of brilliant paradise all around, in the end of written verses of poetry. Do enjoy yet another book of poetry, it is far too interesting for me to keep writing it now for me to get sick of it. Indeed the intrigue and fascination of what God has instore and what will come out is the very next thing to happen in the work and this hopefully will hold your interest and give you happiness as well to. Stay tuned for another ride of your life. Darel.

CHAPTER 1 Creation

1 In The Beginning

In the beginning,

God created the universe;

The heavens and the earth,

And He said that it was good.

In the beginning,

God said let there be man;

In the course of His perfect plan,

And woman to keep him from loneliness.

In the beginning,

Satan the serpent tempted Eve;

The fruit of the tree of good and evil,

She ate some and gave some to Adam.

In the beginning,

Sin entered into the world;

Now we have a fallen state.

Adam and Eve had to leave their garden paradise.

In the beginning,

Noah and the flood,

Two of every animal in the ark;

God will save us with His love.

In the beginning,

Noah sent out a dove,

Returning with a leaf in its beak.

God saved us with His love.


Life goes on.

2 Love Is Great

Love is great,

Grace must relate;

All you create,

The mercy debate.

Love is great,

God is the greatest;

Jesus humble servant,

People trying to say it.

Love is great,

Time on your hands and side;

Life is an easy glide,

Taking your partner for a ride.

Love is great,

The beauty of no more hate;

Loving, living, just being one,

All the fun if only you had won.

Love is great,

Good food forever more;

God has to be in the mood,

Honour, freedom and have to move.

Love is great,

Heads, tails and books;

Faces, faith and looks,

Two people just being.



3 Apple Trees

Apple trees,

Cherry blossums;

Lemon drinks,

Orange squeezed juice.

Apple trees,

Eucalyptus gums;

Grape vines for wine;

Sin is in the pot.

Apple trees,

The good things you have got;

Wash your hair in apple henna,

Pies, struedle and turnovers.

Apple trees,

Both red and green;

Golden and delicious,

Stewing and baking desert.

Apple trees,

Your looking at me,

Man and woman,

The evil snake.

Apple trees,

Bad and good;

Happy forever,

Heaven and hell.


Money tin.

4 Only One Sin

Only one sin,

Spoiled it for everyone;

Adam and Eve,

Ate that piece of fruit.

Only one sin,

Jesus died for them all,

Down through history,

Each to their own.

Only one sin,

Poisoned for the rest of us,

That wicked viper,

Tempting and testing us.

Only one sin,

All the world to win;

The earth still to spin,

When evil entered in.

Only one sin,

Good thing your thick skinned;

Take it on the chin,

Put it in the bin.

Only one sin,

Time two or three,

Loving only me,

God is up above.

Only one sin,

How could you be so naive?

The world is full of sin.

Needing a dieing saviour.


For five money.

5 Everything Exploded

Everything exploded,

Youv'e heard of the big bang;

Then everything just was,

Something out of nothing.

Everything exploded,

God created the world,

The heavens and the earth,

The beauty of relationship.

Everything exploded,

Mining the minerals;

Dig deep in the pit,

The city where you sit.

Everything expolded,

Out of the desert,

Wilderness or anything,

Going walk about where.

Everything exploded,

Just as he said it would;

The man in the street,

Somewhere to put his feet.

Everything exploded,

Signs of the times,

The way that it should be,

Just how it really is.


The big rock.

6 Life In The Garden

Life in the garden,

A paradise of flowers;

Plenty of fruit to eat,

A beautiful unspoilt world.

Life in the garden,

Things could not get much better;

Then sin entered into the world,

Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Life in the garden,

That deceiptful serpent,

Tempted them to eat,

Spoiling everything that was good.

Life in the garden,

The tree of knowledge;

And of Good and Evil,

Tastes sweet and good but was bad and rotton.

Life in the garden,

Sent from within the grounds;

Absent from their paradise now,

They were punished for their sinfulness.

Life in the garden,

Left all the good behind,

An angel with a flaming sword,

To guard and stop them going back.


A whole new world.

7 Walking Aimlessly

Walking aimlessly,

Without God's guideance,

Not knowing His leadership,

In a dreamtime land.

Walking aimlessly,

Food for thought;

Hunters and gatherers,

Aboriginal walkabout.

Walking aimlessly,

We have no clear direction;

Looking for the light of life,

To come into our lives.

Walking aimlessly,

No where to go;

Where to turn now,

I just don't know.

Walking aimlessly,

No purpose or plan,

Making unsure decisions,

God's need is at hand.

Walking aimlessly,

Please point out the right way;

I could get lost going all day,

Dear God find me, lead me I pray.


Heading home.

8 A Long Time Ago

A long time ago,

God did make man;

For His good pleasures,

Purpose and plan.

A long time ago,

God did walk the earth;

Walking for the worth,

Jesus came along.

A long time ago,

Skies were the heavens,

Ancient pits of hell,

A place where all is well.

A long time ago,

Jesus taught us down here;

Miracles and parables,

Living water and eternal life.

A long time ago,

Money was not important;

Now its too important,

No place where to go.

A long time ago,

Life was but a sweet walk home,

To family, friends and things I've known,

Now I have stopped running, I have a place of my own.

A long time ago,

Music was good to my ears,

To hear the sounds of silence,

Peaceful joy and tears.


Loving God.

9 The Future Comes

The future comes,

Leaving the past behind;

When I had peace of mind,

Now looking forward.

The future comes,

Every moment ticks bye;

Ears on earth, eyes to the sky,

You just have to wait for tomorrow.

The future comes,

All the good things I wanted;

Dropped in my lap by God,

Worth all the waylaying.

The future comes,

Time is beyond us;

Now in the present,

Good things all around.

The future comes,

Yes, sooner or later,

One way or another,

You'll get what you bargained for.

The future comes,

Greatfully being recieved;

Delicious and joyously,

A great dinner appeared.


Here today, gone tomorrow.

10 Present Now

Present now,

All accounted for;

Glories and graces,

Good things all around.

Present now,

Signs of the times;

Poetry in rhymes,

Reading along the lines.

Present now,

What were you waiting for;

Time is of the essence,

Fishing in the esterary.

Present now,

Time moves right along;

Comes out to meet you,

Tells you where you belong.

Present now,

Rollcall has been done,

No truanting today,

Don't spoil all of our fun.

Present now,

On good behaviour;

It all is right here,

Just see how it appears.


Yes I am.

CHAPTER 2 Earth Works

11 Top and Bottom

Top and bottom,

Different hemispheres;

Artic and antartic,

Equator relationship.

Top and bottom,

North and South;

East and West,

The difference in between.

Top and bottom,

Heads and tails;

Face and feet,

Pants and seat.

Top and bottom,

Ideas coming;

Arms and legs,

Toes and fingers.

Top and bottom,

Europe and Asia;

North America,

Africa and South America,

Top and bottom,


Bight and Gulf,

Cape and Tassie.


Five Oceans.

12 Mountain High

Mountain High

Valley low,

Tops and bottoms,

Here I know.

Mountain High

Peaks of snow,

Cows in the corn,

Sheep asleep.

Mountain High

Voices in the wind;

Calling and rising,

Listening ears.

Mountain High

Down below;

Here I am,

There you go.

Mountain High

Up to the sky;

Clouds of heaven,

Volcanos smoking.

Mountain High

Green green grass;

Heading home to the hills,

Along rivers and streams.


Peace of mind.

13 To The Sky

To the sky,

Up there I fly;

On wings like eagles,

Wind beneath me.

To the sky,

Taking off;

Landing again,

Rocky cragg.

To the sky,

Sitting in a plane;

Looking out the window,

Seeing the earth below.

To the sky,

I glance an eye;

Up here as I fly,

To see the clouds pass by.

To the sky,

Do I fly;

Looking back,

What is down there.

To the sky,

The day passes by;

London to Sydney,

A long long flight.


LA is fine.

14 Flying For Thee

Flying for Thee,

Flying for me;

Up in the clouds,

Jesus Christ will come.

Flying for Thee,

Holy spirit wind;

Blows where it likes,

Never will it sin.

Flying for Thee,

Time by your side;

Turn of the tide,

God rules in heaven.

Flying for Thee,

If only you can agree;

What is in it for me,

Life is for free.

Flying for Thee,

Birds and the bees;

Money and the honey,

Bible, books, trees.

Flying for Thee,

Butterflies knees,

Don't lose heart now,

Brain is quite smart.


Touch down landing.

15 Farming Land

Farming land,

Arable land,

Crops go in,

Harvested again.

Farming land,

Wheat and the barley;

Cows and the sheep,

All good to eat.

Farming land,

Ploughing and sowing;

Rain and the sun,

Ripening and reaping.

Farming land,

All good and done;

Food for another season,

Money for a reason.

Farming land,

Farmers families;

Cooking the dinner,

Kids around thee table.

Farming land,

All in good time;

Writing the rhyme,

Church on Sundays.


Pub beer.

16 My Right Hand

My right hand,

Writing for you;

Reading for me,

Leading us to.

My right hand,

Things going on;

Happening right now,

If I only knew how.

My right hand,

Working is good;

Things how they should,

Right idea again.

My right hand,

Pen and a spoon;

Scratch and the moon,

Happening real soon.

My right hand,

Typing away now,

Left hand helping,

Things they allow.

My right hand,

Eating and drinking;

For now and forever,

Prayer and the weather.


Whether ampidextrous.

17 Heaven Above

Heaven above,

Hell down below;

Choose your direction,

Make your choice now.

Heaven above,

Hell down below;

Its your decision,

Precision incission.

Heaven above,

Hell down below;

God is up there,

The Devil underneath.

Heaven above,

Hell down below;

Which way are you going,

I don't really know.

Heaven above,

Hell down below,

All well and good,

Bad people will go.

Heaven above,

Hell down below,

We get to the bottom,

My head to God is happy.


Castles in the air.

18 Power Tools

Power tools,

Fools and pools;

Building houses,

Buying Bunnings.

Power tools,

Its a nice day;

Working hard,

Plenty of money.

Power tools,

Electric machines,

Hand held power tools,

Making and creating.

Power tools,

To get the job done;

All in a days work,

Quicker and easier.

Power tools,

240 volts;

Saws and drills,

Electric windings.

Power tools,

All good to go,

Use them wisely,

Safety considerations.



19 Transportation


Planes and ships;

Cars and trucks,

Buses and trains.


Travelling around;

Getting from here to there,

Around about and back again.


City to city;

To and from work,

To the back of Bourke.


All in a days work,

Driving where you want,

Or on shankes pony.


From horse back and carriage,

Down through the ages,

To future machines.


The spirit of rapture;

Christ on the cross,

Meaning and loss.


Making tracks.

20 Mining and Digging Holes

Mining and digging holes,

All in a days work;

Minerology and money,

Getting rich out of the ground.

Mining and digging holes,

It seems that we all need it;

Precious metals and base metals,

Things that we can make out of it.

Mining and digging holes,

BHP and Rio Tinto;

Exploring and exploiting,

Your own piece of ground.

Mining and digging holes,

Getting deeper and deeper;

When will it all stop?

Have you reached the bottom yet?

Mining and digging holes,

See that iron ore belt;

Coal in vast suplies,

Natural gas and bore water.

Mining and digging holes,

Another day on the horizon;

Getting the minerals out of the ground,

Thank God it is now pay day.


The miners happy.

CHAPTER 3 All About Me

21 I Play The Fool 

I Play The Fool, 

I am no fool though;

It takes a clever man to play the fool,

Not some stupid idiot.

I Play The Fool, 

How would you see me?

As a fool or not?

I am sorry I forgot.

I Play The Fool, 

Make no mistakes;

Its not as simple as all that,

You can make yourself look foolish.

I Play The Fool, 

But I am wise;

Parsifal the wise fool,

In your own eyes.

I Play The Fool, 

Not in my own eyes;

How other people see you matters,

Things work better when you do it right.

I Play The Fool,

Not all day long though;

Only for a short time.

Money is the game of business.


Keep counting.

22 I Am Wise

I am wise in my own eyes,

Appears to be silly in yours;

Payments are still in arears,

Seeking worth for my cause.

I am wise in your eyes,

Things seem to fiit into place;

Looks like its all turning out right,

At least in my and your sight.

I am wise in other peoples eyes,

When God sits and reigns on the thrown;

As heaven opens up a brand new picture,

Of worth and value in all that you own.

I am wise in the eyes of God,

When I look to Him and obey;

Words of heaven and earthly treasures,

All added up rightly in different measures.

I am wise in the mind of Jesus,

Brilliant creation come through the clouds;

The kingdom of heaven in the weather,

The whether of leather and a feather.

I am wise if I take the time to understand,

All the glories and wonders of the promised land;

God reigning in the sun coming through the rain,

Ignoring all the hurting and all the pain.


Peace of Mind.

23 Seeking Learning

Seeking, learning, 

Looking, wanting;

Good things coming,

Waiting, searching.

Seeking, learning,

Wondering, working;

Words and searching,

Classic, classes.

Seeking, learning,

Kingdom of God;

Heaven above,

Hell beneath.

Seeking, learning,

Brand new ideas;

Find in shops,

Buy new fresh.

Seeking, learning,

Famished, starved;

Glutony, piggish,

Feast of times.

Seeking, learning,

Loving, laughing,

Happy, sad,

Mad, bad, sorry.


24 Knowledge Works

Knowledge works,

Truth and information;

Subconsscious matters,

What you know you say.

Knowledge works,

What you know in words;

Talking about life,

Facts and figures talk.

Knowledge works,

Great ideas sooner;

Working for good worth,

About just what you know.

Knowledge works,

Searching learning,

All about time,

Money in the bank.

Knowledge works,

Figures out whose;

Lots and lots of facts,

Establishing details.

Knowledge works,

Finishing touch to life;

Showcase quality,

End is the begginning.



25 A Few Guide Lines

A few guidelines,

My set of rules;

Your set of rules,

A/The set of rules.

A few guidelines,

New work happening,

What just to do,

How you spend your time.

A few guidelines,

Governing ideas,

Politics meaning,

Establish the truth.

A few guidelines,

Nice ideas to live by;

So we don't get hurt,

All good in the end.

A few guidelines,

Things working out well;

The way things should be,

Who is doing the right thing.

A few guidelines,

Working by the law;

Rules and governing laws,

All in God's good design.


Safe people.

26 A New Direction

A new direction,

Reasons to take;

Look and see the way,

How do you do it.

A new direction,

From here to there,

When and now today,

Who, what and where.

A new direction,

North and South,

East and west,

Different hemispheres,

A new direction,

Up and down;

Round and round,

Below and above.

A new direction,

Love and kindness,

Faith for the future,

Hopeful decisions.

A new direction,

Wandering aimlessly;

Different directions,

Purposeful living.


God, mercy and grace.

27 Central Conscentration

Central conscentration,

Middle spot;

Point of view,

What it is you want.

Central conscentration,

Focusing in on it;

Getting right to the point,

Right direction.

Central conscentration,

Pivotal point of view,

What your looking for,

Intense knowledge.

Central conscentration,

Wisdom understanding;

Creating a future,

Purpose and meaning.

Central conscentration,

Time and money;

Rhyme and reason,

Seasons and logic.

Central conscentration,

Just what you need;

Things to read,

Books on the shelf.


Learning anew.

28 Beautiful Verse

Beautiful verse,

Rhyming lines;

Wisdoms instruction,

Passionate meaning.

Beautiful verse,

Love and nature,

Faith and belief,

Hope and trust.

Beautiful verse,

Pretty to look at;

Lovely to see,

Working for good.

Beautiful verse,

Creative mind;

Self and mine,

Goodness for others.

Beautiful verse,

Kindest thoughts,

Creative wisdom,

Normal understanding.

Beautiful verse,

Picturesque views,

Paradise perfection,

Heavenly ideas.


One for you.

29 Brilliant Brain

Brilliant brain,

Creative mind;

Working hard,

Just the truth.

Brilliant brain,

Thoughts of care;

Understanding you,

Dare to be different.

Brilliant brain,

Creative ideas,

Love and peace,

Goodness forever.

Brilliant brain,

Kindness wins;

Wake up fresh,

Start a brand new day.

Brilliant brain,

Working for you,

My ideas for me,

Helps understanding.

Brilliant brain,

Results achieved;

Belief system,

God is great.


Good works.

30 Might As Well

Might as well,

Nothing else to do;


Understanding to.

Might as well,

Things that I want;

Having to work for,

Might as well,

Something to do,

Nothing else matters,

What I have done already.

Might as well,

Saving, earning time;

Money for creation,

Magnifying truth.

Might as well,

Go to the beach;

Play in the park,

Worship God.

Might as well,

Take what ever comes along,

Grace is granted,

Mercy, peace talks.


Ideas working.

CHAPTER 4 You Matter To

31 My Meaning

My meaning,

Something different;

Similar the same,

Some things alike.

My meaning,

Message sure;

Happening true;

Missing only you.

My meaning,

Money for needs;

Something to read,

Somone still leads.

My meaning,

God in control;

Grace and mercy,

Goodness and kindness.

My meaning,

Love and concern;

Beauty in order,

Brilliant peace.

My meaning,

Perfect harmony;

No more wars,

Good can't be lost.


Happiness purpose.

32 See You Clearly

See you clearly,

Keep things clean;

Just as I mean,

Jesus eye and beam.

See you clearly,

Avoid the storm;

Stay well and warm,

War a nice jumper.

See you clearly,

Out of the blue;

Seeing you only true,

Peace between me and you.

See you clearly,

Sun shining bright,

Out in the light,

Straight in my sight.

See you clearly,

When its dark at night,

Still stay in the light,

For the good and the right.

See you clearly,

Beautifully bright;

Brilliant peace of mind,

Perfect being kind.


Happy days.

33 Beauty In The Eyes Of Others

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Doing my duty and the lovers;

Good in the mind of God,

Happy in my own eyes for good.

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Seeing God's creation;

Mountains and the oceans,

Rivers and the streams.

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Happy smiling people;

Looking good to each other,

Peaceful friendly faces.

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Seeing what good can be done,

Knowing the good that is done,

All the good that has been done.

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Seeing me true and clear;

Seeing her near and no fear,

Perfectly happening true.

Beauty in the eyes of others,

Love of behaviour and you;

Well mannered good person,

Care and compassion for others.


We did it right.

34 The Beholder

The beholder,

Beauty in the eye;

Seeing the ttrue self,

Real and natural.

The beholder,

Having what you know,

Sharing what you care,

Loving who you can.

The beholder,

Good to say and have;

Knowing and growing,

Peace in prayer.

The beholder,

Kindness and goodness;

Love and well meaning,

Shining in the cleaning.

The beholder,

What you have and got,

What you hold onto,

Who you need to give.

The beholder,

Love in creation;

Mercy is in grace,

People out in space.


Loving living.

35 Through The Window

Through the window,

To see the looking glass;

Out of my eye to see,

The ocean and the sea.

Through the window,

Peace and happiness;

Joy and restfulness,

Glory halleluyah.

Through the window,

A boat on the horizon;

Sailing merily across the sea,

Brining me good things to eat.

Through the window,

Just what seems to now appear,

Something nice and sweet,

Something dear to eat.

Through the window,

Looking loud and clear;

The boat seems to draw near,

The captain has the steer.

Through the window,

From a room with a view;

From the top of the building too,

Just out as far as you can see.


Happening you and me.

36 If You Need

If you need,

I am here,

Here to listen,

Here to read.

If you need,

I am here,

Time for others,

What you want.

If you need,

I will listen,

Help where I can,

Loving others.

If you need,

Someone will lead;

Refrain from hindering,

Helping where we can.

If you need,

You will get,

Don't go without,

God won't let that.

If you need,

Here to help,

Never worry about it,

People can fix.

If you need,

Good things in life,

God giving glory,

Goodness and things.


Kindness wins.

37 Love A Smile

Love a smile,

Life in style;

Like a day,

Going your way.

Love a smile,

Happy and loving;

Glorious glad,

Greeting others.

Love a smile,

Looking happy,

Loving others,

Good to be.

Love a smile,

Like a while;

Life in style,

High in heaven.

Love a smile,

Good to see;

Lovingly to me,

You happy to be.

Love a smile,

Over the hill,

Take a pill,

Gratefully will.


Glorious be.

38 Good Looking

Good looking,

Good to see,

All nice things,

Happily free.

Good looking,

Him to her;

Us and we,

There they are.

Good looking,

Over the seas;

Hills and mountains,

Rivers and streams.

Good looking,

Good to be;

Happily loving,

Beautifully agree.

Good looking,

Room to move;

Love and flowers,

Glorious grateful.

Good looking,

Loving him around,

Beautiful to see her,

Intwined together.


Married to be.

39 What Do You want

What do you want,

That is what you need;

Seeing people agree,

Happily to be.

What do you want,

Peace of mind,

Brilliantly agree,

Organised for free.

What do you want,

Money in the bank,

Time on your side,

Memories by the dozens.

What do you want,

Beautiful things,

Car and a house,

Sweet family love affairs.

What do you want,

God caring about me,

Sharing time with Jesus,

Praying peacefully in prayer.

What do you want,

Things the way they should be,

Everything happening true,

Beauty and brilliance all blue.


Right happily.

40 Something For You

Something for you,

Something for me to;

Sharing and caring,

Beautifully in prayer.

Something for you,

I am doing it now;

Finding out what you want,

What you really need.

Something for you,

Writing down these lines;

For you to love and read,

Finding things you possibly need.

Something for you,

Getting the dishes done;

Someone else there,

Selfless sacrifical love.

Something for you,

Beauty in the air;

Seeing precious times,

Money between the lines.

Something for you,

All you really need,

Someone who really cares,

Beauty beyond compare.


Caring concern.

CHAPTER 5 Love Unfailing

41 Perfect Love

Perfect love,

Drives out all fear;

Love and peace draw near,

All is good and sweet to care.

Perfect love,

God is great;

Goodness and love relate,

Reflecting God in prayer.

Perfect love,

And endless grace;

Faith in other people's face,

Lost in truth and space.

Perfect love,

God is love,

Goodness and greatness,

Kindness in the air.

Perfect love,

Fun filled spirit;

Lovingly, freindly care,

Jesus Christ in prayer.

Perfect love,

Everything relates;

Nothing ever hates,

Love fills the air.


Fashioned for service.

42 God Is Strength

God is strength,

God is strong;

So that people live long,

In His strength with a song.

God is strength,

Do the right thing;

To recieve the blessings,

That mighty God brings,

God is strength,

Love His ways;

Search for wisdom everyday,

Trust the truth that is right to say.

God is strength,

How long the length,

Of His allmighty love,

Doing what He told us to each day.

God is strength,

Infinitely great;

Eternally wonderful,

Grace and mercy pour out.

God is strength,

The world is nieive;

Losing hope and faith appears,

Live within His guiding love.


Long days and years.

43 Nice Conditions

Nice conditions,

Fair and easy;

Caring and loving,

Working well.

Nice conditions,

All is good;

Time is right,

Money being paid.

Nice conditions,

Sounds so true;

Caring for you,

Prayer for me to.

Nice conditions,

Loving relationships;

All fits together,

Situation inclusive.

Nice conditions,

Living standards;

Pay disclosure,

Union fellowship.

Nice conditions,

Working environment;

Good boss at times,

God in control.


Do it easy.

44 Always Good

Always good,

Sometimes bad;

Happy and glad,

When doing the right thing.

Always good,

Behaviour should;

Certainly rewarded,

Knowing God's love.

Always good,

Could and would;

Heavenly minded,

Peace and happiness.

Always good,

Time is great;

Hope and faith relate,

God is love.

Always good,

Trying hard to find;

Gratitudingly kind,

Peace of mind.

Always good,

Well meaning,

Socially aceptable,

Good and right.


God must be.

45 Best Things Last

Best things last,

A long long time;

Good to have and hold,

God the gift of cold hard gold.

Best things last,

The beauty and the beast;

Never losing even the least,

Things grow old and never cease.

Best things last,

When you look after them;

Precious to see and know,

Make sure you care enough.

Best things last,

Time in the past;

History that has passed,

All good happening now.

Best things last,

As long as you want them to;

Keep feeding and growing them,

Children learning and playing.

Best things last,

Make your bank account count;

Watch the time on your hands,

Wonderful country, wondrous lands.


Good to see.

46 God Is Love

God is love,

Good to know;

Great things are,

Home is His.

God is love,

None, not one,

Greater than this,

Home in heaven.

God is love,

Perfect creation;

Almighty treasure,

Passionate pleasure.

God is love,

Nice to see,

Heavenly home,

Grace and mercy.

God is love,

Majesty on high;

Touching the sky,

Seeing eye to eye.

God is love,

Romantic stuff;

Strong and tough,

Never ever rough.


God is love.

47 No Push And Shove

No push and shove,

Or pull and get;

Lots of love and let,

Money if you bet.

No push and shove,

All means the same;

God has a name,

No one to blame.

No push and shove,

Nothing left but love,

Shame on the cross,

Sin nailed for us.

No push and shove,

God leads the Government;

God is full of love,

No beating around the bush.

No push and shove,

No tough and rough;

No mean and nasty,

Being nice and kind.

No push and shove,

God is in the sky above,

Reigning down full of love,

Coming home to live with us.


Be fair and right.

48 Eternal Happiness

Eternal happiness,

Blessings forever;

Right in heaven,

Paradise love.

Eternal happiness,

Give God the glory;

Mercy, truth and grace,

Kindness and goodness.

Eternal happiness,

Peace and harmony;

Music to listen to,

Sweet, sweet romance.

Eternal happiness,

Love, faith and joy;

Hope for the long time,

Living respectfully.

Eternal happiness,

God is good;

Happy and correct,

Things to collect.

Eternal happiness,

The world is my home,

Big earth turning around,

Oysters and prawns.


Eating feast.

49 Infinite Love

Infinite love,

Truth and kindness;

The gift of grace,

Mercy and blessings.

Infinite love,

Forever more;

Understanding peace;

Knowledge of joy.

Infinite love,

Hope for the high;

God in heaven,

Living happily.

Infinite love,

Thorough and right,

Perfectly correct,

Never ending time.

Infinite love,

Heaven above;

On the wings of a dove,

God is love.

Infinite love,

Truth and righteousness;

Perfect persuasion,

Peace and happiness.


Understanding right.

50 Beauty Beats Best

Beauty beats best,

You can have the rest;

Putting God to the test,

That is why we are all stressed.

Beauty beats best,

Everything addressed;

Looks can decieve,

Believe and achieve.

Beauty beats best,

Looking good forever;

Perfect reflection,

Romantic heart.

Beauty beats best,

Seeing true love;

God smiling from heaven,

Laughing till eleven.

Beauty beats best,

Duty and the cutie;

Love reigning strong,

Living life long.

Beauty beats best,

Truth and recruiting;

Military orders,

Peace on all sides.


At home.

CHAPTER 6 World Without End

51 Peace Forever

Peace forever,

Whatever the weather;

Hell for leather,

Light as a feather.

Peace forever,

Happily loving;

Giving, caring,

Living, sharing.

Peace forever,

Loving passionately;

Reflecting perfectly,

Jesus all about life.

Peace forever,

Romantic poetry;

Kindness, goodness,

Joy and love.

Peace forever,

Eternity reigns,

Infinite happiness,

Sun smiling all day.

Peace forever,

Grace and mercy,

Hope and faith,

Patiently waiting.


All's well, ends well.

52 God Eternally

God eternally,

Life centrally;


And gravity.

God eternally,

Love infinitely;

World of words,

Wall of books.

God eternally,

Against the war;

Drink of water,

Peace forever.

God eternally,

Heavens banquet;

Feast of the ages,

Knight on time.

God eternally,

Life plentiful;

Abundant pleasures,

Heavens treasures.

God eternally,

Truth happening;

Kindness reigning,

Goodness and mercy.


Love forever.

53 Beauty Never Ceases

Beauty never ceases,

Grace always increases;

Kindness releases,

Evil decreases.

Beauty never ceases,

Goodness reigns;

Perfect relations,

Brilliant sunlight.

Beauty never ceases,

Joy in cases;

Laugther rejoices,

Looks completed.

Beauty never ceases,

Books being written;

Sins being forgiven,

Love never forgotten.

Beauty never ceases,

Jesus reigning;

Women looking,

Men with money.

Beauty never ceases,

God is love high above;

Peace forever,

Clouds floating along.


Signs of the times.

54 Just Keep On Going

Just keep on going,

Never just stop there;

Anywhere else will do,

Always finding something.

Just keep on going,

Time for rest from service;

Retirement means relaxing,

Never a dull moment though.

Just keep on going,

Joy of just happening;

Please follow instructions,

Looking for the implications.

Just keep on going,

So that we don't tire easily;

The wind keeps blowing breasily,

Eternal life increasingly.

Just keep on going,

No end to it all really;

Take time for each other,

Please make more happiness.

Just keep on going,

No time to stop now;

Milk the old brown cow,

Tea of coffee forever.


Time is at hand.

55 Frustrating Stopping

Frustrating stopping,

Never say die;

Just keep trying,

When your flying.

Frustrating stopping,

Keep on shopping;

Floods and mopping,

Crooks and copping.

Frustrating stopping,

Just hit the brakes a bit,

Take it nice and easy,

Enjoy the relaxation.

Frustrating stopping,

Tired and dropping;

Love and flopping,

Rain and sopping wet.

Frustrating stopping,

Keep on going;

The lawn needs mowing,

Vaccuum the house.

Frustrating stopping,

Sit down and watch TV;

Change channels quickly,

Movies go on forever.


Time for everything.

56 Mind and Memory

Mind and memory,

Men and money;

Women flirting,

Something funny.

Mind and memory,

Remember reading;

Really well read,

Lovingly leading.

Mind and memory,

Beautiful thinking;

Car on the road,

Driving carefully.

Mind and memory,

Overseas holidays;

Island hopping,

Paradise shopping.

Mind and memory,

Remember when;

And always where,

Perfectly then.

Mind and memory,

Back from the bank;

Peace and happiness,

A joy to thank God.


Remind me later.

57 Money Remembers

Money remembers,

Beauty all around;

Head above the ground,

Graveyard stones.

Money remembers,

Mountains so high;

Rivers running freely,

Jesus giving life to me.

Money remembers,

Good times that last;

Happy things of the past,

Food that I have passed.

Money remembers,

Actually counting it;

Time goes on forever,

Clouds and the weather.

Money remembers,

Sometimes it just keeps raining;

Water flowing down the drain,

Dams that have to contain.

Money remembers,

Signs of the times;

Good things that last,

Tithes at the church.


God's memory.

58 The Joy Of Heaven

The joy of heaven,

Beauty surrounds;

Peace and happiness,

Angels always singing.

The joy of heaven,

Loving happy times;

Castles in the skies,

Palaces and kingdoms.

The joy of heaven,

Clouds moving through the sky;

Fluffy white and happy,

Blowing in the wind.

The joy of heaven,

Peace to mankind;

Good will to all men,

People, serving, living.

The joy of heaven,

Happy, helping, loving;

No hurts or pain,

Everything perfect.

The joy of heaven,

Time for yourself,

Waiting for others,

Working hard yourself.


More money.

59 Always Spinning

Always spinning,

Earth always turning,

Things going around,

Everything happening.

Always spinning,

Love helping, healing;

Turning the pages,

World full of words.

Always spinning,

Travelling 24 hours;

The whole big earth,

Everything revolving.

Always spinning,

People still winning;

God to stop the sinning,

Heaven and hell thinning.

Always spinning,

Turns slowly dearly;

Heads getting drunk,

Behind on the times.

Always spinning,

World going around;

Earth fast and slow,

Time for things to grow.


God has control.

60 Infinite Earth

Infinite earth,

Everything we have got;

Never ending mending,

Give things to God.

Infinite earth,

Peace and happiness;

Joy of the times,

Heavenly treasures.

Infinite earth,

Dirt and ground;

Rock hard surfaces,

Thick as all hell.

Infinite earth,

Happy birthdays;

Enjoy the holidays,

Working hard anyway.

Infinite earth,

It just lasts forever;

Depending on any weather,

Lava, mantle, living.

Infinite earth,

Eternal joys;

Time just being still,

Age old turning and learning.


What things are worth.


Take A Breather

Time has a way of healing all wounds, if we just take a breather and use some relaxation to help us live and think. Working at your own pace in order to get things done, does not necessarily come at a cost, but the price of not enjoying life is far greater than all the selfish ambition to suceed. Sure we have to work to make a living but at the right time and at the right pace. It is still fair to say that there are no free lunches, but God is not always hungry all the time anyway. Things just have to settle sometimes in order to get done. I have taken my time with this book as a sort of way of mending the mind from over excursion, just pushing or trying too hard sometimes in order to succeed. This is the reason that I write anyway, not for my own enjoyment only but also for the satisfaction of my readers. Slowing down at the end of things, especially writing a book and taking a breather to suck in and rejuvinate some fresh ideas on life by thinking, which gives me more of the time to see the clearer picture and a more total fullfillment in my writing. It is not always self enticing to want to be successful all the time, but just see the joy in others who love to read your work. I don't know what holds me down or keeps me going all the time, except that I do it simply just because I can. Aiming to be perfect is such a futile, yet necessary pursual, kind of a self defeating exercise sometimes, but also a means to an end in the dividing priveledge of sharing knowledge and joy in writing. No matter what the cause, you just have to keep going or stop and it is such a sad moment to end it all in one go and henceforth the need to continue writing until I am simply incapable of doing it anymore. I hope that you have enjoyed this book, Parsifal Creates Himself who might have seemed to be on his ego tripping endurement of self frustrating and personal endeavours to succeed, but also as the rewarding endeavour to continue in the writing of poetry. Thanks Again For Reading. Darel.