Parsifal Creates Himself

Parsifal Creates Himself


Passion For Fashion

Self instigated thought continues to evolve and revolve. In the central fashion of the passion of paradise, Parsifal creates himself to be a journying soul on a venture to discover and an adventure to understand knowledge. The confusion is taken out of the picture by the black and white writing, righting his mind to understand truth and logic in positive thought criteria. More to come. Darel.

CHAPTER 1 Creation

1 In The Beginning

2 Love Is Great

3 Apple Trees

4 Only One Sin

5 Everything Exploded

6 Life In The Garden

7 Walking Aimlessly

8 A Long Time Ago

9 The Future Comes

10 Present Now

CHAPTER 2 Earth Works

11 Top and Bottom

12 Mountain High

13 To The Sky

14 Flying For Thee

15 Farming Land

16 My Right Hand

17 Heaven Above

18 Power Tools

19 Transportation

20 Mining and Digging Holes

CHAPTER 3 All About Me

21 I Play The Fool¬¬†

22 I Am Wise

I am wise in my own eyes,

Appears to be silly in yours;

Payments are still in arears,

Seeking worth for my cause.


23 Seeking Learning

24 Knowledge Works

25 A Few Guide Lines

26 A New Direction

27 Central Conscentration

28 Beautiful Verse

29 Brilliant Brain

30 Might As Well

CHAPTER 4 You Matter To

31 My Meaning

32 See You Clearly

33 Beauty In The Eyes Of others

34 The Beholder

35 Through The Window

36 If You Need¬¬†

37 Love A Smile

38 Good Looking

39 What Do You want

40 Something For You

CHAPTER 5 Love Unfailing

41 Perfect Love

42 God Is Strength

43 Nice Conditions

44 Always Good

45 Best Things Last

46 God Is Love

47 No Push And Shove

48 Eternal Happiness

49 Infinite Love

50 Beauty Beats Best

CHAPTER 6 World Without End

51 Peace Forever

52 God Eternally

53 Beauty Never Ceases

54 Just Keep On Going

55 Frustrating Stopping

56 Mind and Memory

57 Money Remembers

58 The Joy Of Heaven

59 Always Spinning

60 Infinite Earth


Take A Breather