Parsifal's Holy Love Poems

Parsifal's Holy Love Poems


Words cannot express the love that I have for God, it is beyond comprehension in the capacity of His magnificence and human understanding. However, I have tried to write down and express my thoughts in some ways and means of my love for God. Fashioned to serve and reprove His ultimate supremacy and superiority. I look upon life as a humble servant, to an awesomely inspiring God who loves me very much, more than I could possibly understand or comprehend. Or fathom the depths of His love for me or all the treasures of His heaven, what He holds instore for me and you, if you lend an ear to be inclined. However still, I keep coming back for more of what I can never get enough of and that is the knowledge of the love of God. Not that I could do without it, for without knowing God, I am just a complex mess of a mixed up ball of confusion. We need the guiding light and clear vision of a holy God, who loves us very much and wants the best for our lives. I have tried to vent some of the frustration and troubles that often plague my mind into written words of poetry, with some sort of discernment of the confusion, coming to the light of right minded thinking, after writing them down for you to read. The writing helps me put things into perspective for myself and hopefully for others to, who venture to read and take on board the work of written verse in poetry. Holy Love Poems is about explaining that adventure of life into the hearts and souls and minds of His people, by a Holy God who loves His children very much. In fact enough to die for them on the cross 2000 years ago, that we might have life today and be insprired to write praiseworthy lines of inspiration, for hearts and minds in poetry. We as His people can take to heart to dwell upon and read today, by being His rewards, for whatever the instruction of wisdom is in that or to it. Please feel free to take in and digest the wise words of life, not mine, but the divinely inspired words of God that flow freely through me for you to read. Be blessed and be rewarded by life's freedoms and pleasures, which for me, the main one is writing poetry for you to enjoy and think about. I hope that makes sense to you and that as you go through and read the sixty poems written down for you, that you may have some memories to cherish, with a sense of peace in mind for your thoughts, as well as a clean heart and perspective from what a Holy God can do for you and me. God bless and enjoy the read.

Darel Robert McAllister.

Chapter 1 Heart Of Holiness

1 Singing Like Angels

Singing like angels in heavens choir,

Voices so beautiful at God's desire;

A harmony and melody so sweet you could cry,

Like coming through the clouds, birds could fly.

I listen to the birds, chirp, sweet as can be,

Singing like angels, amongst the trees;

Their soft tender voices, loves own rejoice,

Their colour, their voices, an angelic noise.

In the cathedrals, the choir if you care,

Voices like angels, sounds soft on high air;

Rejoicing in the hymnes, to praise their God,

Choruses so sweet, like an angels response.

Singing like angels, God's own dear harrum,

Voices so childlike, God rejoices for them;

Singing like angels, I heard God say,

Let them have life and more abundantly I pray.

Singing like angels, all of heavens good news,

People all praying in cathedrals wood pews;

Voices so sweet, all rejoice in the sound,

God is a good God and all heaven resounds.

Singing like angels, people come and go,

Choirs live forever in heaven I know;

Coming from the mountains tops and clouds far above,

Heavens choir, singing like angels in love.


Peace and Joy.

2 Heavens Choir

Heavens choir of angels, one more to rejoice,

Singing in harmony and different voice;

From out of the sky and palaces above,

Cathedrals filled with heavens choir of God's love.

Heavens choir, oh what, angelic voices did sing,

Goodness and beauty and love they did bring;

Ranges and valleys and high and lows,

Words all in harmony and melody does flow.

Heavens choir united, in cathedrals did sing,

Songs of praise and worship, adoration, no sin;

God is true love, what else can I say,

But to sit back and listen to heavens choir away.

Heavens choir once again, angelic voices on high,

Words of a love song to God in the sky;

A hymn high and right, in splendour of sound,

Heavens choirs feet, plastered firm the ground.

I think I will fly away at the sound, to the stars.

Over seas and high mountains in peace all around;

I reach to the sky, where heavens choir sings,

Voices in golden aray, through stained glass windows to sing.

Heavens choir now many, all standing in place,

The whole congregation and earths chosen race;

Bringing good news to the poor, through voices that sing,

Of God's gracious goodness, all right, crisp and clear.


Standing on tippy toes.

3 Beautifully Clean

Free from sin and shame and pride,

Washed beautifully clean beneath the skin;

The love of Jesus and grace of God,

Has made me whole and beautifully clean.

A house, a car, the evening stars,

My dream, my heart, my beautiful soul;

A place to live and dwell in love with thee,

Washed beautifully clean in the blood of Thee.

It is well beneath me in my soul now God,

You have shown me truth and shown me love,

You have made me clean from sin and pain,

To worship and glory, washed in your name.

The power of heaven so beautifully clean,

The blameless saviour, who bore my sin;

Who took my shame and dirt and pain,

To magnify and glorify His name.

In Him now do I serve with love,

To the king on high, who is God above;

The goodness and mercy of being a clean spirit,

The wind which comes and seems to heal it.

Beautifully clean and clear and right now,

The Devil's beaten and gone to hell;

You can have the beautiful clean love of God to,

If you will come and bend the knee to pray to God.


Straight Love.

4 Crystal Clear

Crystal clear and clean with Thee,

God's love looking down to shine on me;

To love and bless and help and heal,

To see things crystal clear and perfectly.

Crystal from here, till now life going on,

When God shone down His perfect love;

To reign in my heart and dwell with me,

The love of God and goodness of He.

Crystal clear, I pray from my heart,

To see the soul and love of God;

Crystal clear now and all things good,

Merciful saviour, now the love of God.

And he will keep me safe with Him on high,

Where I can dwell in heavens eye;

Beautifully clean and crystal clear,

My love my joy, my peace is near.

Keep me sure and free from sin,

To live in heaven and kindom win;

A place of safety and crystal clear,

Where I can live and well with Him.


Perfect beauty.

5 Holy Thoughts

Holy thoughts of things being right and good,

Holy minded people, something for God;

Love in the kingdom, everything sweet,

People trying to do just what will please.

Holy thoughts of Thee, good and gold,

Holy thoughts of Thee, Thy love so bold;

Holy types of people, what will unfold,

Holiness pleases all things of old.

Holy thoughts of God, good and everyhthing right,

Holy places to visit all love and might;

Holy heads and hearts, God's right idea,

Everything in the right place, nothing out of sight.

Something to see, God in our minds,

People loving and kind, holy in our hearts;

Perfect wisdom and might, God's only way,

Venturing out there to home and space.

Holy thoughts to dwell on and live,

God's lovingkindness and something to give;

Peace in our hearts and love in our heads,

Joy is the start of holy thoughts read.

Holy thoughts of peace, for me and you,

God watching over to make all things new;

Thinking the right way we each or to do,

God loving us back for these things we can use.


Ever Present And With Us.

6 Trying To Do Right

Trying to do right, you think you can,

Everything going your way, if things can;

You want what you can have, no time for me,

I must be following some kind of heavenly plan.

Trying to do right, I know I can't,

God's love wins, every time I start;

I want to get my own way, no chance of that,

Best going in to God, then I know what is right.

Trying to do right, well we all should,

If any one on earth, possibly could;

Each to their own way, living in sin,

All should turn to God's way and possibly win.

Trying to do right, Which way do I go,

If I do it my way, God won't know;

You think your own way will win in the end,

God has got good news for you, my long lost friend.

Trying to do what is right, Well I sit down and think,

To write what I can, hoping all things will link;

It is a special kind of magic, when all it comes together,

Light at the end of the tunnel, God has the victory.

Trying to do what is right, We all think we can,

Each and all individually, we see the plan;

I am trying to do it my way, I think I can,

I am left, high and dry, God takes my hand.


I could not do it my way.

7 Being Good

Being good is for the birds and the bees,

There is no way on earth, I could possibly be;

Being kind I might win, even a few,

But being good, everyone thinks I overgrew.

Being good it is hard to even imagine,

What can be done without things happening;

I have to work at this job of making things right,

Seeing God has the helm and reigns for meaning.

Being good, well there is no way on earth that I possibly could,

Get all of these things done for the good of me;

I have to let go and turn and listen to God,

He will show me the truth, the proof and the light.

Being good is best left unsaid and undone,

Everthing right shining under the sun;

Trying to do everything my own way,

Being good, well I am just not cut out for it Ok.

If everybody was being good, there would be no trouble on earth,

Nothing going wrong and everthing right at birth;

I know that the devil won't listen to God,

Being good, doing things my own way, something is worth.


Out Of Character.

8 Honest To God

Honest to God, things best left unsaid,

Telling the truth, no one will be dead,

Honest to God, heres how the story goes,

Don't get out of bed, stay where it is safe.

Honest to God, no fuss intended,

Everything going right, no pun intended;

So much to do, in so little time,

Everything happening Gods way for a change.

Honest To God, I should do what I am told,

Not keep wandering, going where its cold;

Good to be seen in the light, right and true,

Honest to God, there is a purpose for you.

Honest to God and a reason to live,

The joy and the beauty, the blessings they give;

Life in the place of holiness and heaven,

Honest to God, things are best right and even.

Honest to God, there is a clear right path,

Straight and a narrow one, going to heaven,

Look, find and follow it, you will soon clearly see,

The place of rest for your soul in eternity.

Honest to God, I have been writing for a while,

My mind is starting to get weary and restless in style;

Look out for God, who just goes on and on forever;

Over mountains and ridges and through all kinds of weather,

Honest to God, he always finds the right kind of weather.


Places I have never been.

9 Worship In Truth

Worship in truth and the spirit of holiness,

The right kind of places for people who travel it;

Look where you are going and worship in truth,

God has an eternal plan for the good of you.

Worhsip in truth and not relax in idleness,

Come into the light in the spirit of heaviness;

Stay right minded and focus on the things above you,

To live in the love of heaven, not focused on you.

Worship in truth and look unto Christ,

He will, lead you and guide you in His heavenly light;

Making money is a thing of dark ages past,

Come into the truth of the saving knowledge of God.

Worship in truth and live lives acceptable,

God is a good God, above all us unrespectable;

Worship in truth and you will see the light,

God's plan in heaven, with everything being right.

Worship in truth and the pspiritof understanding,

With everything in the light, without people straying;

Worship in truth and the beauty will be real,

Like the flowers that bloom in Gods kingdom ideal.

Do not go too far over to the left or the right,

Stay straight on the path of the truth and the light;

God is a good God, someone we can all trust,

Without all the trouble and strife and fuss.


In Thankfullness.

10 Servant Minded

Pain and suffering, working along,

Doing what is right and nothing wrong;

Living for others, the way things should be;

Peace, loving, kindness, following Thee.

I'll help you by the way you help me,

Christ was a servant, the way I should be,

I will help you no matter what is wrong,

Nothing to hurt or harm, nothing odd.

I'll help you, the way it should be,

Nothing rotton or odd, but only me;

You are my master, I will serve you,

To help you with the things I should do.

I love God and He loves me,

Helping and serving for the kindom to be;

Making life better and easier to see,

The world is a great place for God to agree.

Helping and serving, it is Gods way to,

For us and others for the things to do;

Loving and helping, everything right,

God watches over us in heavens delight.

Working together, helps make things right,

Serving each other is Gods love and might;

Looking out to see where I can serve you,

Things for me to do, to help out you.


Right Minded Thinking.

Chapter 2 Peace and Holiness

11 Filling My Mind With Peace

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a great and gracious thing to do;

Love of a good and holy God,

More things to play with and to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is a heavenly type of thought;

It is loving and giving to one another,

It is a kind and different sport.

Filling my mind with peace,

It is beatiful and lovely all the time;

Given to me from God above,

Trying to use up every resort.

Filling my mind with peace,

Filled with heavenly places and ideas;

Going back to where the mind began,

It is a good idea to want to do.

Filling my mind with peace,

Looking to the future of the world;

If all would be as it should,

This is how it ought to be.

Filling my mind with peace,

Things going right all the time,

Belonging and staying on top of things,

Thinking thoughts of peace and not strife.


Time for tranquility.

12 Holy and Right

Holy and right and all things good,

Peace and plenty as how they should;

Love and honour a very good thing,

God blessing others in kinds of thing.

Holy and right and all things good,

Love, joy and peace, and hope I could;

Faith in the mind, strength in the will,

A heart to serve and purpose fulfil.

Holy and right and all things good,

Kindness and glory to love and will;

Mercy for each other when tempers flare,

Gods care and goodness and all things well.

Holy and right and all things good,

Time on our hands to do what we can;

Help, serve and care, as we should,

God watching over us to see things will.

Holy and right and all things good,

Patience, love and kindness, God is good;

Joy in the heart and depth of despair,

Gone, beaten and forgotton, nothing wrong there.

Holy and right and all things good,

Blessing, honour and love, living proof;

Time for peace and not war,

Everything, everywhere in Gods prayer.


Love and care.

13 Good To Each Other

Good to each other in times of strife.

Caring for each other, husband and wife;

Life is far to short to go it alone,

You need some love and care of home.

Good to each other, one more time,

Words that fit into this caring rhyme;

People aren't perfect, but most try hard,

To be the best they can, along the road.

Good to each other, when life is tough,

Caring and helping when things are rough;

Remember the good old days with God,

Back to the pen and type all the odd.

Good to each other, I dare ask again,

Is there anything else I can put down then;

When all is taking its time on earth,

Stick to the truth and proof of birth.

Good to each other, we need to care,

Love one another and always share;

People need people it is fair to say,

Throughout the world and time of day.

Good to each other, you be my guest,

Answers are found when you look and guess;

When everything goes beyond the stress,

God comes into the picture to fix the mess.


All is not lost.

14 Caring Helps

Caring helps at times of need,

Hearing prayers from people, God to lead;

When crisis comes, look up to God above,

He will show you His care and love.

Caring helps with different people,

Looking to see the needs to fill;

When you get old, you need more care,

Love and attention from people there.

Caring helps, you see and say,

Don't ignore those going astray;

Point out the right way to go if you can,

Show people you care, under God's good plan.

Caring helps, it is fine to say,

Sun smiling down, people going there way;

Its all good and perfect at the end of the day,

Caring people, help others find their way.

Caring helps, have you not noticed,

Others doing, for others comfort;

When things are not going the way you expected,

Caring people are there to protect you.

Caring helps, if you dare to try,

Look another in the hurting eye;

Aleviate the pain and trouble there,

Teach others how and show you care.


Meant Good.

15 From Good Works

From good works, come love and healing,

Open the mind to people receiving;

Show how much you want to help,

To care and see others get well.

Grace is found when life is too hard,

When you stretch beyond the measure and yard;

Good works aren't easy, but shows you care,

Teaching people love and respect.

From good works, comes love and help,

Financial gifts to the kingdoms head;

Cherish each kind of gift in heart,

To do good works for Gods word to spread.

From good works comes, pride and envy,

Thinking you are better than others, is jealousy;

It rots the mind and stops the cause,

To serve and love and recieve applause.

From good works, comes peace and hate,

The two together do not relate;

The vane will think they did it for themsleves,

Not gifts to kids from Santa and eleves.

From good works comes more reward,

Money and things, for not being board;

The truth be known, it is good to help,

But not enjoy all the pleasure from someone else.

From good works. is the love of God,

Working for the kingdom is nothing odd;

Helping others leans towards results,

A better world for God, against the odds.


Work For God.

16 Knowledge Minded

Knowledge minded is a different world,

Striving for things and not for peace;

All the books you have read, sit on the shelf;

For myself to know and to tell yourself.

Words come asy and cheap and kind,

Trying to find and keep peace on your mind;

Knowledge things you have heard or read,

Best learning form the Bible or you will be lead.

Beats having problems for a while at a time,

Knowing whats right and rhymes in the rhyme;

Being kind is a surity of peace on your mind,

Problems come and go you seem to want to find.

Knowledge will help you get on with your life,

Knowing what to do and is right to stay out of strife;

God bless us all as in this wisdom we seek,

To love one another and kiss the other cheek.

Knowledge is a tool and resouce for helping you live,

Staying out of trouble and a bursting bubble in bed;

Truth and afcts are established out of what is right to know,

The knowledge that you are sure of what to do and say.

Make sure your right and that you know what your saying,

Know for sure that you have read the books on the shelf;

Knowledge is a crime if you sin to yourself,

God's gift of love is worth more than being dead.


Truth To Save.

17 God Is Perfect

God is perfect, you are sinning,

Heavens bidding, God is winning;

You think you can enjoy yourself,

You have a right to live.

God is perfect, look at Him,

See yourself in the mirror;

Are you standing up to Him,

Lost in love, without a hope.

God is perfect, admit the truth,

All living hope, is living proof;

Faith for the future, life is good,

Living for each other and for God.

God is perfect, you will fail,

Christ on the cross, the dreaded nail;

Lost in sin, dangers are near,

Strangers are around,you need not fear.

God is perfect, in Him do they all hear,

God will win, to them that choose Him;

Choose the right way, any time of day,

I will follow God, lest I do stray.

God is perfect, you will lose,

If you choose to go your own way;

Don't worry about tomorrow,

God has been there first.

God is pefect, I can assure you of that,

From the past and the darkness,

God has led and lights your way;

Home you go eternally, with peace forever.


Faith and Grace,

18 Peace and Holiness

Peace and holiness, God is love,

Glory to the highest heavens;

Leading us all home on hope,

To get to be with God forever.

Peace and holiness, God is good,

Beauty reigns on earth forever,

Giving us strength to live with him;

The truth we trust, life is light.

Peace and holiness, God is right,

We must do what He says we can;

To know what, when and then is might,

Following nearly in truth and sight.

Peace and holiness, admit it now,

I must write to make things right;

You can live all day if you like,

Do not venture too far into the night.

Peace and holiness, God is King and knight,

Serving the others to work out right;

For things to be as they should be,

The joy of the world for you and me.

Peace and holiness, see how now,

Understand the goodness from God's heart;

Don't be stupid, but be quite smart,

Peace and holiness, yes! right from the start.


Full of love.

19 Joy Being Given

Joy being given, love is free,

God did not cost you and me;

Peace in the heart, joy is given,

The love you deserve, joy is free.

Jesus came to earth as a baby boy,

Love and peace, to give us joy;

Joy being given, a toy to play,

Gods gift to us, salvations ploy.

Joy being given, Christ is free,

Dieing for us on that horrid tree;

A cross with love, pain with sin,

God of earth for us to all win.

Joy being give, love a minute,

Stuck for words, God the limit;

Nice being kind, the joy I find,

Winning not as easy as thought at first.

Joy being given, God in heaven,

Christ on high, throughout the sky;

Mercy calling, sin is beat,

Grace forever, perfectly sweet.

Joy being given, Love is great,

All the sin in the world, God does hate;

Love and reason, we all must relate,

The truth be knowing, joy being given.


Accept the gift.

20 A Happy Ending

Happy ending to the never ending story,

God is love and God the glory;

Live the life of love and truth,

Christ is God and all living proof.

Keep the faith, learn to be kind;

The peace of God, right on your mind;

Tries to be good and tries to be find,

Love and contentment all of the time.

There is a happy ending to this tale and fable,

Never fail and always be able;

Keep trusting God and He will lead you,

To be good and kind and always need you.

A happy ending to ask me again now,

How could this be with trouble and turmoil;

Strife keeps raising its ugly head,

Better loving God than always be dead.

There is a happy ending, that you should know,

Keeping the law and in truth you do grow;

Free loving God and beauty along the way,

Weigh it in the balance and you can't lose.

There is a happy ending and you should know,

All beauty is life andthings should grow;

Peace in the heart and in life being kind,

Gods love the best thing to have on your mind.


The magic dragon.

Chapter 3 Kind and Meek

21 Kingdom Children

The people of God are kingdom children,

Seeking, looking and loving, things on earth;

Istead to be looking to God reigning on high above,

Coming in His kingdom from in His heaven of love.

Kingdom children need time to help and to heal,

To love one another and care how they feel;

Meaning what they are, and learning to be real,

Precious children, God's blessing to woman and man.

Treasures come and pleasures go,

Stick to God and keep Him near;

Know for sure that you are His children,

Next of kin and born to win.

Kingdom children who play in the garden,

Working hard for ove and pardon;

Look to Him who reigns on high,

Grace will come and glory magnify.

Kingdom children, making mistakes,

Mercy is needed to see things out;

Trying to do right, though often fail,

For in His strength I'll find the trail.

Kingdoms children are born of God,

Shining in the light with nothing odd;

The rich are right, the poor will reign,

His people shing in the kingdom light.


People in heaven.

22 Learn Again

Learn again to live and love,

To look anew to the kingdom above;

Chiildren teach us a lot you know,

Teachers, teach us to read and write.

Learn again what God has instore,

People rich and people poor;

See the sky filled by heavens love,

Perfect magesty found in God above.

Learn again to seek things out,

Looking where you will not doubt;

God has the keys and reigns on high,

Coming through the clouds and sky.

Learn anew to love and understand,

Try to see God's wondrous land;

Let Him take you by the hand,

To lead you home and become grand.

Learn anew and learn afresh,

Find the things that start to mesh;

Connecting broken pieces in a mess,

To restore the life of those who stressed.

Learn to find and trust in Him,

Peace and security, trust and truth;

Honesty, strength and beautiful blessings,

Grace and mercy, people confessing.


Sunday School.

23 Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me, this I know,

For the Bible tells me so;

Little ones like me belong,

I am week but He is strong.

Rhymes and reasons, truth and trust,

Loving right, not things of lust;

In the dirt, diamonds are dust,

Crystal mirrors of beauty and must.

Jesus loves me, though I sin,

He forgives me to see and win;

Keeps me strong and doing right,

Shining through the hidden light.

Jesus loves me when I go my own way,

He leads me back into the stay;

He teaches me to love and pray,

Each and every different day.

Jesus loves me and wants my best,

Not to wander and go my own way;

He leads me home to heavenly rest,

Loving me unconditionally as His quest.

Jesus loves me in perfect truth,

Heaven coming and reigning in living proof;

He leads me beside still waters,

In peaceful, natural, eternal bliss.


He loves you to.

24 Good As Gold

Good as gold and cold as old,

God holds me in heavens fold;

Nice and warm and rich and real,

Monies coming, I'm coming back.

Good as gold, the shining sun,

Gives to me, His love and fun;

Teaches me how to love and learn,

The truth of how to not to burn.

Good as gold, perfectly right,

Keeps me in His loving sight;

Truning, earning, blessing anew,

Love is for real, not for just a few.

Good as gold, all I have,

Special blessings, heavens kingdom;

Children learning to laugh and cry,

I kind of imagine that I can fly.

Good as gold, God is love,

Water coming down from heaven above,

Through the skies, the kingdoms dove,

Perfect beauty, sun shining, streaming on.

Good as gold, God's kingdoms beauty,

Many a cuty, doing my duty;

Behaving myself in truth and love,

The best of all is yet to come.


I just have to be.

25 Happily Loving

Happily loving everything that I can,

Humble servant of God and man,

Anything you want has a price,

Pray to God and He will give it nice.

Happily loving the things in His plan,

Kingdoms blessings, woman and man;

Children for the school of future hope,

Coming into the world of faith and love.

The best of God is from heaven above,

Happily loving the treasures all there;

Seeing places you just wonder where,

Pictures of truth and blessings of heaven.

Happily loving all the things I can't,

They will do me harm and will or won't;

Learn to trust in God on high,

The perfect picture of heaven in the sky.

Happily loving, green and blue,

The sky, the seas, the trees all true;

Seeing the beauty in me and you,

The goodness and kindness of God and truth.

Lovingly finding the blessing around,

Heaven and earth, above the ground;

People walking and turning to read,

The word of God he has to lead.


Peace in paradise.

26 Boys and Girls

Boys and girls go out to play,

In God's kingdom, do not stray;

Help me find God's heavenly way,

To love and work and learn to pray.

Girls and boys stay home all day,

Dolls and toys they want to say;

Everything for them seems OK,

While staying dry on days of grey.

Girls and boys off to school,

Playing around and acting the fool;

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

Tom Thumb, pulled out a plum.

Girls and boys stay in at night,

Snug and warm and wrapped up tight;

Loving and hating as if it was a fight,

With pen and paper, learn how to write.

Girls and boys do not destroy,

But keep each other to enjoy;

Smiling, friendly to employ,

What is good for the girl, is good for the boy.

Girls and boys, one and two,

Good for me and good for you;

God loves them and Jesus to,

Christmas time, heaven and hell.


Santas coming.

27 Weak In Mind

Weak in mind, week of mine,

Blessings coming in the things I find;

Strength has its place in God's heaven of love,

Peaceful resistance to doing things wrong.

Weak in mind, I want to sin,

Jesus stop me from this whimsical whim;

Teach me to love you and live and win,

To put my rubbish in the bin.

Weak in mind, week in heart,

Teachers pet and being smart;

Looking for God everywhere,

Anything, anytime, everyone.

Weak I think. Week I am,

Good to see and good to do;

I love me and I love you,

Show me how to love it true.

Weak and poor, week and rich,

Show me joy and switch from sick;

Give me strength to see and win,

Help me beat this heart of sin.

Weak I be, Week I am,

Peanut butter, Vegemite and jam;

Breakfast and lunch, as dinner comes,

Food for thought, skip the crumbs.


My mind's mine.

28 Blessed Are The Meek

Blessed are the meek, they shall see God,

Inherit the kingdom of His heavenly love;

They shall learn to seek what is right,

While still within God's truth and sight.

Blessed are the meek,

They shall inherit the earth;

Given love and given birth,

For all God's grace and worth.

Blessed are the peacemakers,

Their's is the kingdom of God;

Love and joy instead of hurt,

Clean as a whistle, no more dirt.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,

They will be filled with everything in it;

Full to the brim and topple over,

Cake or cream and pavlova.

Blessed are the pure in heart,

They shall see God in heaven;

To get what is coming and deserved,

Grace amnd mercy and glory forever.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst,

Drink and eat, eternal life;

Beyond belief and out of sight,

King to reign and God's joy remain.


Gratitude and apptitude.

29 Old Fashioned Care

Old fashioned care, the way it should be,

Truth and trust in age and time being;

Helping others to see right and live,

To love each other and win and give.

Old fashioned care, never to change,

Gifts from God, within His range;

Taking it easy, at this stage,

No race or rage, upon this page.

Old fashioned care, still the same,

Love and peace and joy remain;

People who live beyond their youth,

Years of truth and endless proof.

Old fashioned care, where things had cost,

Waves and wind, but not all is lost;

The ship is still upon the sea,

Time for you and time for me.

Old fashioned care, it still exists,

Where people strive and still persist;

Age is beauty for all to see,

Timeless you and timeless me.

Old fashioned care, for all around,

Keeping your head above the ground;

Helping others is still to be found,

Living longer, then all is sound.


Ageing longer.

30 To Rest A Day

To rest a day from love and play,

The see each other in the right way,

Teach us how to love and pray,

All around the earth each day.

The sabbath is His day of rest,

When we in truth have sin confessed,

To live within His loving grace,

To look upon our mind and face.

To rest a day, we all need to care,

While work goes on nearly everywhere;

Peace for me and peace for you,

Keeping everything perfectly true.

To rest a day, look to God,

He will keep you from being odd;

Nothing wrong and everything right,

Keep me in your guiding light.

To rest a day the rest will pay,

Sure and strong and constantly true,

Beauty for me and brilliant for you,

Grace and peace and mercy to.

Rest a day, don't go your own way,

Listen to God in what He will say;

Straight and true and right to pay,

I lie down, as would would lay.


Heavenly light.

Chapter 4 Humble In Spirit

31 Suffer Unto Me

Suffer unto me, chilren to come,

They are love and He is strong;

Beauty in the constant making,

Christ on the cross for no loss.

Suffer unto me, making things worth,

Rightly, perfectly, birth on earth;

Silently for the wrong things,

All human beings around the world.

Suffer unto me, the things I want,

Working gradually, through the words;

They cost money for me to pay,

Through the week and say the day.

Suffer unto me, something great,

Costs and affordability relate;

Understandingly, correctively, the date,

I hate the wrong, the right I wait.

Suffer unto me, distinguishingly,

Each little difference in the weight;

The earth so big, I pray my fait,

My prayer, the hell I have to hate.

Suffer unto me, constantly,

Pain I need to feel and create;

Working wanting, thinking hard,

Love and heaven, not to disguard.


Working too hard.

32 Servant Hearted

Servant hearted, servant minded,

Christ on the cross, loving saviour;

Perfect soul, beautiful behaviour,

Working for me to do what is right.

Servant hearted, simply relinguishing,

Everything wrong, He is perfecting;

Does what is good, healing others,

Loving fathers, sisters, mothers and brothers.

Servant hearted, heavenly minded,

Seeking, seaching and peace for finding;

Doing what you can to help,

All the good for constant health.

Servant hearted, for peace on earth,

Pefectly wanting things to be right;

Watching, waiting while perfecting is done,

Perfection, peace, paradise, people.

Servant hearted, God is great and good,

Doing what he can for us as we should;

Loving, learning, looking above,

God coming in His kingdom of love.

Servant hearted, peace of mind,

Everything beautifully, heavenly kind;

Working for all to turn out well,

Under the magic of God's heavenly spell.


Real results.

33 Doing God's Will

Doing God's will, all will work out right,

Truth and reason, freedom and might;

Obeying, understanding, as you do,

Serving writing, doing God's will.

Doing God's will, dreams come true,

Working logically for me and you;

More maybe an essence of terror,

Going wrongly remains in error.

Doing God's will, things work out right,

Understanding heavens mindset,

The whole truth in the light.

Working for freedom is a fight.

Doing God's will, things are made,

Cathedrals built, creates the grade;

Trees will grow, grass the blade,

Houses standing, in the shade.

Doings Gods will, things are accomplished,

Fortunes favorites, things admonished;

Abiding things, abiding interests,

Financial savings as investments.

Doing God's will, works out right,

Everything constantly in His sight;

Kicking the goal, plans are made,

Furniture, appliances, not to rade.


All is well.

34 Strong In Heart

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Week in spirit, lovely and kind;

Strong in heart, head over tails,

As strong as God, love never fails.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Rich in spirit, being humble and kind;

Strong in heart, strong in head,

Understanding, that God wants us lead.

Strong in heart, strong in mind,

Love is burning, a passionate desire;

Strong in heart, loves simple ways,

God is yearning, for us to follow His ways.

Strong in heart, Strong being well said;

A nice soft voice, or loud instead;

Being a smooth talker, you get your own way,

Better to listen, best not to stray.

Strong in heart, mind, soul and head,

God is calling, heaven wants us lead;

Strong in heart, best left unsaid,

Passing the wind or beating instead.

Strong in heart, softer, kinder and humble,

Lost in mind, surrounded by jungle;

God is best, less stressed and undressed,

God is strong, the rest put to the test.


Loving and Kind.

35 A Good Mind

A good mind to think,

A good mind to do;

Thinking like I'm having fun,

A dream come true for one.

A good mind to see and say,

Kindly going along your way;

Thinking that I can take all day,

People working for their pay.

A good mind I want to have,

Giving God what I got and gave;

Beautiful, brilliant and perfect,

Look in the mirror and reflect.

A good mind, I have and want,

Time for others, time for me,

Money in the bank, what can I say,

You want it and you have to pay.

A good mind, to link and like,

Doing what you want in this life;

Trouble comes and problems go,

Still trying to find me a wife.

A good mind to read,

A good mind to write;

Thinking what I am seeing,

Is still well in sight.


Comes and goes.

36 Loving Jesus

Loving Jesus, He loves me,

Looking for Him, I want to see;

He knows my heart is good and right,

God judges correctly in His sight.

Loving Jesus, just you and me,

Perfectly, rightly for Him to see;

Clearly, concisely, understanding me,

Unconditionally and infallibly.

Loving Jesus, look up to Him,

Through the sky when things are dim;

Heaven comes and hell a whim,

Working hard to be slim.

Loving Jesus, as I should,

Things come and go, God is good;

Thinking what i can do better would,

Trusting Him because I could.

Loving Jesus as He first loved me,

Honestly, loyally, kind and free;

Bound and tied unto the tree,

Where life is saved abundantly.

Loving Jesus because He is good,

He loves me back unquestioningly;

Morally, ethically, righteously,

He sees us all truly and evenly.

Loving Jesus, I trust His words,

His promise to me as I have heard;

Protecting, guiding, through His work,

His life is free, like a million birds.

Loving Jesus, something great,

Heaven and hell and love relate;

Goodness, Kindness, Patiently,

Forever, abundantly and eternally.

Loving Jesus, His love is true,

Seeing and understanding me and you;

Beautifully, brilliantly, and perfectly,

Saving me from sin and correcting me.


Years and days.

37 All Things Right

All things right, give God the glory,

Pure and holy, the loving story;

Wanting truthfullness as we wait,

For the king of righteousness to come.

All things right, fashioned to serve,

Perfect magesty, all things correct;

Coming in the truth and light,

Absolute saviour, everything right.

All things right, the way they should be,

Truth and perfection, the king of glory;

Humble humans tell the story,

Of Christ's love and magesty.

All things right, they have to be,

Got to be good enough for you and me;

God the standard, the rest will follow,

Keeping up with what God wants for me.

All things right, God knows the answer,

The truth and love of Christ will cancel;

Everything I sin and whim,

God tells me to put in the bin.

All things right, best for all,

Truth and honesty, beyond the fall;

Peace and progress, faith the process,

Goodness graciousness, proof is best.


The way they are.

38 Best Be Humble

Best be humble, best to wait,

Establish the truth and things relate;

Do what you can, when you can,

Considering others as you go.

Best be humble and kind to others,

All people on earth as lovers;

Good to me and good to you,

Everything perfectly, beautifully true.

Best be humble, best be true,

Best for me and best for you;

God is good and God is kind,

Giving peace to make a heavenly mind.

Best be humble, best be great,

Heaven and hell, truth relates;

Serving others, the truth be known,

Children loving, children grown.

Best be humble, establishment on earth,

The world spinning around, worth and birth;

Doing good to others, kindness shares,

Sit down and read and write on chairs.

Best be humble, quick and nimble,

Butter cake or maybe marble;

Best be humble, best be black,

Jesus is always coming back.


Long time coming.

39 Humble Humans

Humble humans, true and free,

Dividing you, uniting me;

Black and blue, red and green,

Pink and purple, yellow, orange I mean.

Humble humans, the life of roses,

God suggests and God supposes;

Humility, humidity, working well,

A Christ like spirit, I can tell.

Humble humans working for,

Care and love and truth the more;

Wanting waiting, watching for God,

Everything right, nothing odd.

Humble humans, God knows your heart,

Working towards the goal of peace for all,

Looking, longing, living to tell,

Servants fashioned to love Him well.

Humble humans, a hundred years,

People passing in God draw near,

Creating some for the purpose of God,

His mighty kingdom to come in love.

Humble humans, hurting heads and hearts,

Trying in vane to be too smart;

Clever Joe and intellingent Ian.

I am the saviour, keep it clean.


Beauty for all.

40 Wind, Air, Spirit

Wind of the West, air and spirit,

When freedom comes, do not fear it;

The sun the sky, the clouds of rain,

Christ is perfect, feels the pain.

The windows cry out for loving help,

The little dog begins to yelp;

The wind, the spirit, through the air,

Holy scriptures to compare.

Words of life, blowing around,

God the breath, God the ground;

Breathing in, exhaling out,

The inhaled breath goes to your head.

Air and wind, spirit so free,

Blowing around for you and me;

Heaven above, clouds on high,

The spirit of the wind is air in sky.

The spirit so holy, a breath of air,

The wind blows through your flowing hair;

The sky is grey, where I lay,

Living to find another day.

The air and wind, the spirit still free,

Blows around an old oak tree;

Aging figs, red cedars and gums,

Eucalyptus helps the breathing heart.


The breath of God.

Chapter 5 Blessings Upon You

41 Blessing Others

Blessing others, be my guest,

Show love to one another and be blessed;

Look upon the humble poor,

In their denial, they are more.

Understand the will and ways,

Of life and truth and people days;

Spare a thought for someone else,

Be blessed, don't doubt, God at His best.

Blessing others, what joy it is,

Goes beyond the heart of friendship;

Those who seek and have need for help,

Don't refuse them in their yelp.

Be the place of perfect plan,

Give to others in demand;

Blessing others, God's character commands,

Residual, residing, everything right.

Blessing others, redeemed to do,

Piece by piece in glorious clue;

Perfect love gives of itself,

Books you read left on the shelf.

Blessing others, Loyalty to God,

Everything right, nothing odd;

Harmony and purity, to others on the path;

In blessing others, they can laugh.


Get and give.

42 Blessed Are The Givers

Blessed are the givers, livers, lovers,

Give from yourself and not resist;

Nor restrain the right to being in bliss,

Take what you need and give the rest.

Blessed are the givers to someone else,

Their joy is plentiful, beautifully best;

Want not, have not, deny no care,

God is good in every gift.

Blessed are the givers, who give to you,

Peace is theirs and love of air;

Paradise a place of total perfection,

The mirror image of peaceful selection.

Blessed are the givers of days gone by,

Who have left this world when they die;

Whose legacy a mark of infinite history,

Life eternal and complete restoration.

Blessed are the givers, they are peacemakers,

Giving hope and love through faith to all;

The truth be known, they earn the right,

Losing their money for life and light.

Blessed are the givers from times to come,

Who make the future, their blessing sum;

By their gifts the grace is faith of face,

Not on earth but out of space.


Heaven forever.

43 Blessed If You Do Right

Blessed if you do right,

Deeds of worth and value,

Done for someone elses joy,

To make their day as you pay.

Blessed if you do right,

God sees the heart in His delight;

To reward the honest in truth and light,

A better gift from someone else.

Blessed if you do right,

Yours the knowledge of truth and might;

In the wisdom of blessing others,

Yours the chershing, something for everyone.

Blessed if you do right,

You have the facts and knowledge of truth,

What you have done, you can count on,

Another day, your earthly sum.

Blessed if you do right,

Something for you for your own rejoice;

A choir of angels in angelic voice,

Praying, hoping for everything you need.

Blessed are you if you do right,

God rejoices if your every deed,;

Purposefully, plentifully, everything,

For your pleasure, read and lead.


Each requirement.

44 Best To Be A Blessing

Best to be a blessing,

Something of yourself, someone giving;

Best to be a blessing, Someone loving,

It goes right on past yourself.

Blessing someone else beside yourself,

Better not to think of yourself at all;

Constantly conscetrate or other peoples needs,

Take the thoughts off yourself.

Focus on others and you will be happy,

Best to be a blessing, I am sure;

Gets rid of all the stress and testing,

Best to be a blessing at all times.

Loving what you do for others,

No such thing as crime in helping;

Looking out for ways to bless,

To make the day from someone else.

Helps prevent all the unwanted mess,

Looking for ways to make others happy;

Best to be a blessing, Always helping others,

Making sure of yourself by seeing how to help.

Best to be a blessing, monetarial gift,

So someone else can have something;

That you often have for yourself,

You don't really need everything for yourself.


Life anyway.

45 Blessings From Heaven

Blessings from heaven, treasures sent,

The fragrence of life in beauty spent;

The cent of a flower, roses being,

Life everlasting, forever seeing.

Blessings from heaven, God is wise,

Coming through the clouds of heavens skies;

Rain in its due course, greatful ground,

The earth becomes thankful as it goes around.

Blessings from heaven, thankyou very much,

All I ever wanted in dreams as such;

Creation and glory, God is from heart,

Poeple seeing blessings, God is smart.

Blessings from heaven, perfect love,

Romantic relationship, through God above;

Time to stop searching, seek for truth,

Long time coming, everlasting proof.

Blessings from heaven, Meek and mild,

God our father, smile upon this child;

Your plenty and abundance, always good,

Enduring patients and perseverance pure.

Blessings from heaven, reign down love,

Fill my mind and heart from your treasures above;

Holy righteous, God of love, flowing true,

Help me always and let me remain in you.


Full to the brim.

46 Blessings Forever

Blessings forever, never ending or ceasing,

Joy of the heart, your always releasing;

Believing and trusting something is good,

Remaining truthfully as everything should.

Blessings forever, plenty flowing all around,

Surplus of everything for everbody down;

Lovingly keeping your head above the ground,

A pupose, a reason to appear and be found.

Blessings upon you to help you feel sound,

Being a blessing, is sure good all around;

Blessings forever, to the whole town,

I hope you have seen someing here for you.

Something you can recieve and believe in for you,

Trusting and hoping, there always is more;

God opens the gates to heavens sky and floor,

New life for all and as abundantly to win.

Blessings forever, You don't have to wait,

Personal belongings in them,who create;

He stands at the door and knocks and waits,

For sinners to come home, if they will only relate.

Blessings forever, people perfectly true,

Bursting right through the sky, abundantly blue,

Righteous in nature, the hope is eternal,

God's righteous behaviour, always anew.


Welcome home sinner.

47 God Blesses Us

God blesses us whether we know it or not,

Giving us love, we deserve for now what;

Fashioned to serve, seeking not yourself,

God blesses us through every book on the shelf.

God blesses us, he is always perfect and true,

The love He redeems is just for me and you;

Righteously showering us in gifts of love,

The best is still coming from the perfect world above.

God blesses us, through heavens untold riches,

An abundant supply or treasures forever;

Renewing and changing our hearts and minds,

To be more like Jesus and with peace from God.

God blesses us, as we sit by still waters,

Cool and rejuvinating, restoring our souls;

The righteousness of nature, pure and pristine,

Reigning surpreme until we stop to listen.

God blesses us as we go on doing the right thing,

Life in His kingdom, you can't lose but win;

Trusting and loving all the good things of God,

Joyfully knowing he is good and not rotton or odd.

God blesses us in the new order of creation,

Weather as lovely as all the earth waiting;

Whether we are holy or awefully sad,

God remains good, even when we are bad.


God makes me glad.

48 Better To Trust

Better to trust in The Lord,

Than people or things;

Better to believe in God,

Than things to make you happy or sad.

You can have confidence in God,

Rather than people who cheat you;

Better to trust in The Lord,

Than to go aimlessly, blindedly into trouble.

There is a reason and purpose for everything,

Put your trust in God and be sure;

Lieing and stealing and greed is bad,

It makes a bad person miserable and sad.

Better to trust in the truth of God,

Not harmful or rotton or even odd;

The Lord will return you with what you dish out,

Don't think you can win, if you still doubt.

Better to trust in The Lord our God,

He will pay back to those who serve Him;

Those who love Him and help Him to win,

You will be a winner to, if you first trust in God.

Good things take time you know, wait your turn,

He will reward you and turn things toward you;

He will instill hope and take away all of your fear,

For those who love him and in Him draw near.

Better to trust in the Lord, than all the ways of man,

The Lords path and way is a certainty;

You had better not trust in your own you know,

Trust in the truth of God on High in heaven.

He will smile at you with sweet bye and bye,

And can look you straight and honestly in the eye;

He will give you everything you need for now,

Eternal life and a place in heaven and paradise.


Right To Me.

49 Believe In The Blessing

Believe the blessing of God above,

Truth and right and all of His love,

Believe in the blessing of heaven and life,

Safe and secure and kept out of strife.

Believe in the blessing of loving God,

As sinful human nature is always odd;

You can't trust yourself without God,

Best to give it all to Him and live.

Believe in the blessing of being right,

Knowing your salvation is sure and tight;

As you see Him in His truth and light,

Your humble destination is heavens sight.

Believe in the blessing of a redeemed soul,

Your redemption draws near to pure delight;

As holy as you can be if you keep up the fight,

All the dirt cleaned off, your white as snow.

Believe in the blessing of the kingdom of God,

Everything you work for, really pays off;

All things fashioned to serve us, money great,

We have to anticipate the changes though for love.

Believe in the blessing, knowledge the key,

Success orientated people working for love;

Peace ever after, the kingdom of heaven has come,

Let Jesus reign on earth as God, people be real.


I testify to the hope.

50 Blessings Are Beautiful

Blessings are beautiful, God reigns on earth,

The kingdom of heaven, now of real worth;

All of the good things of people and life,

Given over to God for the renewal of love.

Blessings are beautiful, creatures who dwell,

All things in perspective and doing very well;

God of all goodness, send your gracious love,

Give us your blessings, as beautiful as above.

Blessings are beautiful, the continents delight,

Your grace and your mercy, tropical islands in sight;

Answer our prayers, God reveal yourself to us,

Your truth is eternal, your greatness and love.

Blessings are beautiful, I see clean clear bays,

Women with beautiful faces, bodies and babies;

Restore our whole nation to be perfect again,

Everyone writing to have faith and truth again.

Blessings are beautiful, God has the victory,

Christ's revelation of the whole world in peace;

Serving and loving, to Him never cease,

Creation the slave of the earths slow release.

Blessings are beautiful, God gives to everyone,

Anything anytime, for people at home;

A life worth living and working for a house,

God's adventure is life, Christ's beautiful thrown.


God has it again.

Chapter 6 For The Love Of God

51 High and Mighty

High and mighty, strong and powerful,

Is God's love and mercy towards me;

Rest assured he loves you too,

His grace is sufficient for me and you.

High and mighty, God of love,

Great is your grace and gift from above;

Heaven shines down from upon your face,

Eternal life given as light forever in space.

High and mighty, Love and grace,

A personal saviour to save me from my sin;

Putting the unwanted into a tin can bin,

Those who will come and ask to him though.

High and mighty, lifted up for all to see,

Crucified on a cross for you and me;

Jesus came anddied for me and you,

He will give forgiveness and grace too.

High and mighty, grace and freedom,

Lovingly knowing He has won the victory;

Rose from the grave and ascended on high,

Coming again through the clouds and sky.

High and mighty, go out and tell,

The whole world that Jesus did win;

He died for sin, for you and me to have life,

Confess and believe and stay out of strife.


Roses are red.

52 Enthroned Forever

Enthroned forever, the victory is won,

Christ on the thrown, His kingdom come;

He sits at the right hand of God,

To judge the whole world and me and you.

Enthroned forever, Please take the cup,

He suffered for you, your time is not up;

Go out into all the world and preach the Gospel,

He will be your reward and He will love you.

Enthroned forever, Christ has the reigns,

The trains of the farmers in prayers for rain;

God wants His children to worship Him,

The treasures of heaven, gifts to his kids.

Enthroned forever, God loves you very much,

He is kind and gentle and cares for you as such;

Beautiful people, the brilliant mind of Christ,

Peace and good fortune for those that he loves.

Enthroned forever, God's mercy at His side,

Saving He loves you, with a big smile;

Talking over dinner for the future to come,

God plans are to prosper you, not hurt you at all.

Enthroned forever, faith for the table,

Time for a banquet, a feast for His people;

Dinner is being served, don't be a loser,

Choose to have eaten with God not the sinner.


Seated at the table.

53 Heaven In Mind

Heaven in mind, if you choose to accept,

The sky is the limit, don't hedge your bets;

Roast lamb and duck, not down on your luck,

God rules the roost and owns every truck.

Heaven in mind, don't wander or stray,

God has the victory in His own special way;

Please keep your mind on what matters,

Stand with your hat on, sit down and take it off.

Heaven in mind, God wants you in church,

All of the looking and still you will search;

He is there waiting for you to find Him,

Watching and waiting for you to come in.

Heaven in mind, its a beautiful world,

The blue skies and white clouds worth;

The piece of the day, to give you your peace,

Pray that the grey clouds won't hide your vision.

Heaven in mind, its a tropical island,

God has the blessings all waiting instore;

Don't give up the fight, you'll reach the shore,

The victory waiting for all the still more.

Heaven in mind, God I sure love you,

You would give yourself for me and I'm so selfish;

Help me to see you clearly, you are the key to it all,

I can't live without you, the floor and the door.


Smoother mining.

54 No Greater Love

No greater love, than lay down your life,

For your freind or partner, husband or wife,

No greater love had God, but send His son to die;

Crucified on a cross for you and for I.

No greater love has no man, but God's grace

For what had God poured out from heaven,

Tears of pain and anquish, relinquished forever;

Agony and torment, love written on His face.

No greater love has woman, than the birth of a child,

Jesus comes at Christmas, from Mary meek and mild;

Christians celebrating at Easter time,the victory is won,

Jesus rises from the dead and then goes back to heaven.

No greater love, than to believe in the one who died,

Who rose again in victory for you and for I;

Who reigns in heaven mightily, waiting for us all,

The son of God eternal, the first, the last with awe.

No greater love have I or even me and you,

Than the Christ reflected father, who is the God of love;

Peace for all created, the God of mercy and grace,

Beauty is now nearly perfected, the face of God is love.

No greater love has any of us, than to give our lives to Him,

That He would give them back again and fill with peace within;

In that when we lose our life, He returns it for us to win,

God the ever present reigning father, giving gifts to his kids.


God's love greater.

55 God On High

God on high, coming through the clouds in the sky,

Like riding on a jet plane, travelling around the world;

Descending and ascending rising and coming into land,

Christ reigns rightly surpreme and kindly holds our hand.

God on high, the virual effect or a perfect beautiful place,

Heaven is there waiting for us to look and discover why;

God sitting there on the mountain top so far above,

Looking down on us all and showering us with love.

God on high, the truth of unity waiting for us all,

The picture now coming clearly, God wants us all there;

The world in perfect equality, everyone knows where,

Turning around for to our hopes with faith and fears.

God on high, the clarity of a clear true blue day,

The weather made to order, whether sinners hear;

God wants to come home with us to dinner,

If we will only ask Him to love us and hearts invite Him in.

God on high, you are the truth and righteousness to win,

That we might know the victory and with Christ us not to sin;

Through thick and thin the victory, when the Devil's under our skin,

Knowing the blessings of eternal love, the truth now lies within.


Looking down.

56 Truth Reigns

Truth reigns on earth in glory and might,

Eternally smart and clever for heavens delight;

God bless each child, the furure of us all,

Little children come unto me, though they are small.

Truth reigns forever in our minds and hearts,

Getting the picture of what is really fits the part;

A beautiful world where all are equal with love,

God has the helm and we as servants impart.

Truth reigns in people who believe in their God,

Nothing is sinful and the simple not odd;

Grant us the peace for our minds and our hearts,

God of mercy and love, your truth is very smart.

Truth reigns on earth, in a fashion and style,

People taking their time for a short little while;

Go places and travelling from here unto there,

A reason for everything, a purpose for prayer.

Truth reigns on earth, the people to compare,

Heavenly angels going here and to there;

The choir and the voices rejoice in the love,

The freedom of living God's gift from above.

Truth reigns as well as the love we do share,

People who promise and in parrallel pray prayer;

Blessings upon you, come have and behold,

Glory and mercy with grace beautifully bold.


Way to know how.

57 Trust In His Might

Trust in His might, in truth and in light,

Shining so brilliantly and so beautifully bright;

Peace and good will to man upon earth,

Heaven rejoices in our saviours birth.

Trust in His might, loving and free,

Glory and mercy, dutifully to be;

Grace and love, through faith do we see,

Christ coming form heaven to reign and to lead.

Trust in His might, you great and small,

The earth a big place, this revolving ball;

Surrender your hearts and will to His head.

The mind of Christ in us all, if you get out of bed.

Trust in His might, truthfull and wonderful,

See where you can help and serve to be done;

Working for the promises of heaven to understand,

Go home at night and live with your family so grand.

Trust in His might, what will and what won't,

Decisions we are all taking effect each of us as one;

Women are wanting and working for their good,

Men are behaving and doing as they should.

Trust in His might, He is powerful and strong,

God holds the keys to heaven for people to belong,

Take your time with things and be ready for Him to come,

God is coming to get you and take you home to live long.


Be On Your Best Behaviour.

58 Love Endlessly

Love endlessly longing to come and be yours,

God has a gift for you and it will be more;

Life eternally the promise of the spirit to come,

Christ reigning on earth, prayer for each one.

Love endlessly burning in hearts and in minds,

A passion within you to love and be kind;

Serving each other to seek and to solve,

Problems on earth for the truth to be told.

Love endlessly, the vision of pristine virginity,

A world that is right and not messed up distinguishingly;

Grace and in mercy is my hearts sweet delight,

The truth reigning so simply in truth and with might.

Love endlessly serving, God has the reigns,

We are all here to ask question for Him to explain;

God sees us from in His kingdom of heaven above,

The asnwer is to follow dearly, nearly and sincerely with love.

Love endlessly waiting for Christ to come to earth again,

Words all written down and in Him we trust them;

As if the world goes around every day and each way we trust Him,

To watch us and keep us safe from each whim.

Love endlessly wondering, which way He will come,

Into our hearts and minds or in duty bless some;

Fathom the riches and treasures in His kingdom of love,

Beauty is upon you and in wealth you have become,


Poor mans worth.

59 He Loved Me Back

He loved me back when I did not love Him,

He trusted me when I could not see;

He gave His life for me so I could be free,

He healed the blind and the lame to walk and to see.

He loved me back with His unconditional love,

God looking down on me from heaven above,

Beauty so heavenly and riches so kind.

He gave me grace for my sin and peace for my mind.

He loved me back, all the way home,

When I was in trouble and hurting, God lead me to Him;

I could what a great God had meant unto me,

All I could do was to cry and to fall on one knee.

He loved me back when all I wanted was myself,

He waiting and waited till I looked to God Himself,

I can still feel the pain in my suffering and shame;

No matter what the problem or whatever the cost;

He loved me back when all was hopeless and lost.

Each one trying to keep everything for themself,

Blaming whoever for not giving unto one another,

Me the ring leader, and both the hardest to bother.


I give in now.

60 His Love Is Paradise

His love is paradise, it cost me nothing,

All the work involved to lead a sinner home;

Christ turning and reigning in truth and with love,

Christ on the cross again, no push and shove.

His love is paradise, He will never hurt you,

He wants the best for you to stay alive and renew;

Leading us to Him so that we can rejoice,

Heaven is there as He is calling for us to invoice.

His love is paradise for us, as free as a bird,

All of us knowing Christ's grace and His work;

I've got no answers,I'm stumped for words,

Christ's love has the key to eternities worth.

His love is paradise, the theif on the cross,

Gave up all he had, when all was but lost,

Nothing to lose and everything to win,

Today you will be with me in paradise, free from your sin.

His love is paradise, Christ's love for me,

He gave it all when I was blind and could not see;

Life for eternity, how could I have been so foolish,

Christ paid it all, now my life I relinguish.


That is why.