Parsifal Changes and Heals

Parsifal Changes and Heals


Dialogue Journey

Welcome to what is now my new next book, Parsifal Changes And Heals. This dialogue discussion on the journey between freinds and other readers, it is going to be challenging and exciting in the formation of another book of poetry for you to digest and take in, as I venture and endeavour to write it. Changes And Heals, like a book by Henry Cloud called, Changes That Heal, it will be a written inspiration and testimony to the faith of a loving God and a brilliant saviour in Jesus Christ. With a reason for living and for there being, us as a people with a purpose for living, me with a writing reason, with there being enough subject matter just in that, to create a new and inviting book for you to sink your teeth into. Rivoting stuff, right from the start, as we look at how people can change to be more perfect and reflect a Christlike image in the troubling world of sin, in the fight for the victory to win over those problems. It is always going to be about aches and pains of rebirth, fashioning our lives on something greater than oursleves, as we seek to please and adapt to a better place of living, called heaven. This new paradise state, is not only a blessing and a difference in belief, but a hope of certainty and security in a loving God named Jesus Christ. Changes and Heals will demonstrate this new way of being, thinking, seeing and relating, as in believing that what was is real, is yet unseeable and still is clearly visible through a heart and mind of loving faith. Don't be afraid to change, your heart, your mind, your belief system, from an old understanding of knowledge to a new vision of truth in the shaping of the rest of your life for a better purpose and reason for living. Let us let God do the work in our lives, let Him heal the hurts and take away the pains, as we change and adapt to the new vison of hope, in a faith of everlasting life, in the victory of the cross, through a God who loves us deeply. Come along for the ride on yet another book of poetry, Parsifal Changes and Heals. It will do him (Parsifal) good just like you and me to look at life in a lighter, brighter and more positive perspective, with a greater reflection on the good things to be worked for and earnt in the creation of being a new person. God Bless and Stay Tuned, It is all about to start happening. Darel.


1 A Heart For People

A heart for the people,

Cloudy ideas and hopes;

Looking for truth these days,

Changes that heal the heart.

A heart for the people,

Common things that bond;

Good for eating pleasures,

Treasures that never end.

A heart for the people,

God's people being kind;

Looking out for good in others,

Seeing what love there is to find.

A heart for the people,

God to know and belong;

Trying to live long and stay strong,

Perfect all of you days and ways.

A heart for the poeple,

Lovingly knowing God is above,

Coming to us down from heaven,

Peace and paradise are even.

A heart for the people,

Good things are worth looking around,

Working hard on earth and ground,

Loving good people to be found.

A heart for the people,

Grace and mercy you deserve;

Instinctive behaviour trials,

Pyschological counciling denials.

A heart for the people,

What is your next request?

Finding truth and love in God,

Always learning what is best.


Prayer minded.

2 Shifting Minds

Shifting minds,

Like clouds in the sky;

Day by day to each of us,

Brains caring shades of grey.

Shifting minds,

Clouds move up high;

Beautiful blue in the sky,

Remembering old times gone bye.

Shifting minds,

Changing projectory;

Self opinionated objectives,

Connecting electives.

Shifting minds,

People changing palces;

Moving around from here to there,

Never the same, different but fair.

Shifting minds,

What do youn think?

Are you still the same old person?

Do you still have time to share?

Shifting minds,

Completely new environment;

Gratefully accepting Thee,

Good to love and be.

Shifting minds,

Gradually changing direction;

Making your perfect selection,

Decisions regarding correction.


Diagonally opposed.

3 Books On Shelves

Books on shelves,

Clouds move through the sky;

The weight of change waiting,

Constant belief and relating.

Books on shelves,

Got the right idea yet?

Made you choice and selection?

Getting reading into gear.

Books on shelves,

Perfect reading environment;

Along the lines and down the pages,

Continuity formation.

Books on shelves,

What is really going through the mind?

Does the wind really change direction?

Can you completely see what is mine?

Books on shelves,

Ideas still running through your head,

Lieing, resting, quiet on your bed,

Look out the window for the difference again.

Books on shelves,

Got the picture emerging yet?

Things still going through your mind,

Changes happen for the better you know.

Books on shelves,

Picking titles and authors;

Getting something good to read,

God leads you from the sky you see.


Changing pictures.

4 Brain Storm Ideas

Brain storm ideas,

In search of creativity;

Its all coming to me now,

Time of day, sweat on brow.

Brain storm ideas,

Group gradual control;

Leading by objective,

Sharp point detective.

Brain storm ideas,

Starting to get use to it now;

Milk the old brown cow,

The fat pig is a sow.

Brain storm ideas,

What is going through your head?

Have you got objectives yet?

Completely designed to be selective.

Brain storm ideas,

People giving and getting input;

Starting to understand each other,

Family get together, sister and brother.

Brain storm ideas,

People picture perfect;

Looking out for each other,

Family figuring, father and mother.


All the grey solved.

5 Clear The Thoughts

Clear the thoughts,

Start to get new ideas;

Muddy waters,

The old merky deep.

Clear the thoughts.

Clean out your mind;

Holiday time and season,

Dust off the cobwebs from you.

Clear the thoughts,

Try to get a new vision;

Piece the puzzle together,

Each peace is very nice.

Clear the thoughts,

Drink a glass of water;

Get a new perspective,

Corrosion solution selective.

Clear the thoughts,

Alcohol going down the drain;

No good for the brain you know,

Come back to Jesus Christ.

Clear the thoughts,

Learn to start again;

Keep coming back to the beginning,

Till it all starts to end.


Working for good.

6 Clean Minds

Clean minds,

Pure spirits;

Cloudy thoughts,

Washed away.

Clean minds,

Clearing day;

Clouds disipating,

Going their own way.

Clean minds,

Free from sin,

No guilt or burden,

Washed from within.

Clean minds,

Thinking right;

Truth and light,

Line of life.

Clean minds,

Beauties truth;

Best of the world,

God is proof.

Clean minds,

Good comes out;

Kindness wins,

Love is the greatest.


Free from sin.

7 Ancient Paths

Ancient paths,

Clouds gone bye;

Drifting passed,

From the deep past.

Ancient paths,

Got to love God,

Get more for your money,

Cup of tea with honey.

Ancient paths,

Through the valleys;

Across the hills,

The road of life.

Ancient paths,

Cent of heaven;

Called on high,

Moving forward.

Ancient paths,

Speak of beauty,

Long long ago,

Now modern music.

Ancient paths,

Days gone bye,

Clouds changing everywhere,

Shifting each to compare.


Bring in the clowns.

8 Modern Science

Modern science,

Millions on call;

Atoms venturing,

Freedom for all.

Modern science,

As if I could win,

Know rules, no sin.

Modern science,

Cellular might;

Biology written,

Things going right.

Modern science,

Laboratory experiment;

People want truth,

Worrying experience.

Modern science,

Flasks and test tubes;

Bunsen burner,

Results and conclusion.

Modern science,

Clouds out the window;

Changes that heal,

Appreciate the difference.


Pen and ink.

9 Chemistry

Chemistry and elements,

Valencies and electrons;

Neutrons and protons,

Compounds and cells.

Chemistry and elements,

Growing plants for minerals;

Einstinium is element 99,

All other elements less.

Chemistry and elements,

Sulpher and ironoxide;

Rotton egg gas,

Smells really bad.

Chemistry and elements,

Phosphurous and Radium;

Calcium and sodium,

Radioactive active metals.

Chemsitry and elements,

Inert gases and Uranium;

Good, bad and indifferent,

Preparing for changes.

Chemsitry and elements,

Clouds going by;

Clear air through windows,

Water is H2O in clouds.

Nuclear medicine,

Chemistry and elements;

Oxygen and hydrogen,

Nitrogen and carbondioxide.

Breathing in the day.


Workable outside.

10 Pills

Pills to take each day,

What is your illness?

Each pill will fix,

Depending on your problem.

Pills to take each day,

Clouds on your mind;

Through the sky outside,

Heavenly scented paradise.

Pills to take each day,

Fixing your problem;

Schizonphrenic mind,

Peace at the heart.

Pills to take each day,

Heavenly thoughts,

Crossed wind with hell.

Mine with a doctor.

Pills to take each day,

Mecidical advice;

Script needed for sure,

Heal all of those ills.

Pills to take each day,

Healing heart and mind;

Cholesterol and sugar,

Diabetes and obesity.


As many as needed.


11 Be Polite

Be polite and caring,

Courtesy matters these days;

Curiosity killed the cat,

Honesty and kindness wins.

Be polite and caring,

You always need somebody else;

Time to show you mean it,

Manners, please and thankyou.

Be polite and caring,

Love is in the air;

Give to God and compare,

Goodness comes through prayer.

Be polite and caring,

Make sure your trying to help;

Someone else in greater need,

Being a leader means you read.

Be polite and caring,

Try and always mean good;

The way people think you should,

Being nice as you well would.

Be polite and caring,

Cost of others in comparing;

Working for each others good,

Saying what is nice and what you mean.


How to say what is right.

12 Nice Thinking

Nice thinking, liking people,

God to know and show;

How you care and feel,

Meaning a paradise state of mind.

Nice thinking, liking people,

Growing up and learning mearning;

Showing love and compassionate care,

Working hard to please and mean it.

Nice thinking, liking people,

Caring how others need;

What you know and read it,

Meaning leading, cleaning tidy.

Nice thinking, liking people,

People clear and clean within;

Lovingly knowing it is right,

Fight the light in what you write.

Nice thinking, liking people,

Brilliant mind and peace within;

Showing others love for them,

How you treat your new found friend.

Nice thinking, liking people,

Go to church, Sunday's steeple;

Congregation of affectionate care,

Love and truth found in prayer.


God, I like it.

13 Consideration For Others

Consideration for others,

Congregation of believers;

Congruency matters to us,

Contemplating loving thoughts.

Consideration for others,

Concentration helps you;

Confidence in giving,

Congratulations you are living.

Consideration for others,

Caring your cause of concern;

Craftiness and ignorance,

Can't do to help this time.

Consideration for others,

Compromising things for self,

Can you give of yourself?

Choose your area of caring.

Consideration for others,

Compliance means assurance;

Caring thoughts to think of,

Catch me when I fall.

Consideration for others,

Coping and hoping in time;

Copping the pain for me,

Causes and reasons for them.


Cautious thinking.

14 Loving Hearts

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Giving and caring for others,

Helping each other live,

Appreciating God is love.

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Doing what is right for each other;

Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,

Friends, family and neighbours.

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Paradise thinking, being kind;

Search the source till you find,

Cup of coffee, daily grind.

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Showing others grace and care;

All the good that is done through prayer,

People loving, living on air.

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Area of concern, do what you can;

Improving all things in God's plan,

Learning hard to lend a hand.

Loving hearts, peaceful minds,

Goodness, mercy, God's delights;

Caring, giving what is nice and right,

Showing how you share and care.


Beating eating.

15 Drive Safely

Drive safely, stay alive,

On the road, remember the rules;

Give way to others,

Don't hog the road.

Drive safely, stay alive,

Enjoy the journey;

Arrive in plenty of time,

Don't speed or commit a crime.

Drive safely, stay alive,

Watch the road and arrive;

See the other cars ahead,

When you are tired, go to bed.

Drive safely, stay alive,

Caring really how to survive;

Reach your destination safe and alive,

Come back home to where you reside.

Drive safely, stay alive,

Please police, don't argue with them;

Follow directions as required,

Normal procedure as so desired.

Drive safely, stay alive,

Follow the instructions on the signs;

Stay wholly within the driving lines,

No alcohol, spirits, beers or wines.


Parking pleases.

16 Kind Ideas

Kind ideas, right ideas,

Fixed in the back of your mind;

Trying to get out and mean something,

Putting oursleves in the picture now.

Kind ideas, right ideas,

Being nice really matters;

Watch your head and stand on your toes,

Waiting for what people will know.

Kind ideas, right ideas,

I like the thought of this;

Caring and being nice for a change,

Don't hurt or cause pain for others.

Kind ideas, right ideas,

Being nice, give us a kiss;

What are you doing? don't miss,

The best I can for what is His.

Kind ideas, right ideas,

Perfect people being kind;

Caring thoughts on my mind,

Showing love and happiness.

Kind ideas, right ideas,

Naturally happening in beauty;

Caring, loving, doing my duty,

She is lovely, a real cuty.


Peaceful thoughts.

17 Quite Agreeable

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Peacefully sleeping, a bit nappy;

Not argueing too much at all,

Whether tall or small.

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Twiddle my thumbs and keep tapping;

Takes my mind of what is wrong,

No problems, no trouble.

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Doing peaceful things to help;

Getting on with each other,

As best as humanly possible.

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Not looking for strife at all;

Trying to stay friends with each other,

Family, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers.

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Making time seem so much more dear;

Money just does not seem to come into it,

As long as we can get along together.

Quite agreeable, quite happy,

Perfect occasions to talk and mingle;

Christmas and Easters happy jingles,

Loving, caring, looking after each other.


Happy people.

18 Feel At Home

Feel at home, be comfortable,

Created scene of happiness;

Loving, living conditions,

Environmental freindliness.

Feel at home,

Stay safe and sound;

Its good to keep well and happy,

Relaxing, enjoying some money.

Feel at home,

Your invited in;

Stay for a cup of tea,

Biscuits and cake are free.

Feel at home,

Here put your feet up;

Have you finished refeshing?

I will take your cup.

Feel at home,

Take your shoes off;

Put your feet up and rest a while,

Home fashion, simply your style.

Feel at home,

Sit and stay a while to talk,

Before you go out for a walk,

Your always welcome here.


Loving households.

19 Helping Aids

Helping aids, people care;

Hearing aids, to help listen;

Loving looking, Jesus risen,

Coming home to be yours.

Helping aids, people care,

Whatever you need,

Whatever you dare,

We are here to help anywhere.

Helping aids, people care,

What can I do for you;

Just let me know and,

It is as good as done.

Helping aids, people care,

What's next? I want to compare;

Things getting done through prayer,

Problems solved, people have answers.

Helping aids, people care,

Whatever it is, it is beyond compare;

No more trouble, I can fix that,

Helping you get out and back.

Helping aids, people care,

Things for helping walking,

Wheelchairs and talking,

What you need to share and dare.


Loving nature.

20 Beauty On The Spot

Beauty on the spot,

Stop, listen and look;

Have you found it in a book?

How was lunch, did you cook?

Beauty on the spot,

Mountains, streams and rivers;

Countryside worth a drive,

Good to be out and stay alive.

Beauty on the spot,

In the eyes of the beholder;

Perfect in everyway,

Gladly having each and every day.

Beauty on the spot,

Quite warm, simply hot;

Its always good to know what you have got,

Keep cool and have a goal.

Beauty on the spot,

I can't have it all the time;

I can't commit a crime,

Love found in a rhyme.

Beauty on the spot,

Did you see that one pass;

A woman full of elegance and class,

Eyes electric blue and clear as glass.


Green grass.


21 Diagnosises

Doctors diagnosises,

Distinguising diseases;

Different problems,

So people don't die.

Doctors diagnosises,

Treating and healing;

Pleasure to help,

Money will pay.

Doctors diagnosises,

Doing good for others;

Loving, caring, helping,

We all patiently plead.

Doctors diagnosies,

Finding the problem to help;

Fix what is wrong with medication,

Back to heavenly meditation.

Doctors diagnosises,

So we no what is wrong;

All in a days work,

Sometimes takes too long.

Doctors diagnosises,

God is really in control;

Prayer will help and heal,

Doctors fees we still feel.


Helping heart.

22 Different Diseases

Different diseases,

Finding the problem;

Schizophrenia, Covid 19,

Good to be seen.

Different diseases,

Fixing what you see;

Epedemic or pandemic,

Find the cure we need.

Different diseases,

Aids, Ebola or The Black Plague,

Measles, Mumphs or Chicken Pocks,

Tetnus, Flu or Meningitus.

Different diseases,

Treating with medicine;

Beubonic plague or Malaria,

Stop infection in its tracks.

Different diseases,

Where are you looking;

Cleanliness and hygene?

Prevention better than cure.

Different diseases,

Better to fix than heal;

The overwhelming problem,

Get it at its route cause.


Taking time.

23 Solve The Problems

Solve the problems,

The heart of the matter;

Search, seek and find,

Trying to stay and keep kind.

Solve the problems,

Staying out of trouble;

Answers need to be doubled,

Getting the way around it.

Solve the problems,

People want property;

Replacing and repairs,

Moves, changes, heals.

Solve the problems,

Medical reasons;

Treatment is necessary,

The beauty of the season.

Solve the problems,

Just throw money at it;

Not always the right answer,

Nor the way to fix the problem.

Solve the problems,

Money always helps;

Knowing what to do to fix,

Doctors and handymen.


Sometimes I don't know.

24 Treatment Matters

Treatment matters,

Caring and healing;

Helping people feeling,

Getting well long term.

Treatment matters,

Being nice and kind;

Wanting to get well,

Doctors treat and tell.

Treatment matters,

Working hard to heal;

Getting things right,

Fixing so all is well.

Treatment matters,

God always knows best,

Giving you what you want,

Health you need and trust.

Treatment matters,

Taking time to heal;

Good doctors help,

The truth you must trust.

Treatment matters,

Friendly love and help;

Working towards your health,

You being well is what matters.


Sweet help.

25 WaitingTime

Waiting time,

Sitting in the doctors surgery;

Quick I can't wait,

Patience matters.

Waiting time,

Doctors treating;

You to get well,

Emergency gets first preference.

Waiting time,

While it is hurting;

Pain means priority,

Hospitals waiting.

Waiting time,

Doctors and nurses;

Helping to heal,

Changes in the queque.

Waiting time,

Ambulance hurrying;

Its an emergency,

Get to the hospital.

Waiting time,

I am so sick of it,

Help me straight away,

So I am well again.


No time to lose.

26 Stephescope


Hearing your heart;

Good to keep beating,

Stay alive and eating.


Around a doctors neck;

Checking out you pulse,

As well as your heart beat.


Sixty beats a minute;

Gast slow or normal,

The right pace to travel.


Hearing life matters;

No good if you are dead,

Try not to stay in bed.


Doctors, deaf, death;

Hearing your heart,

Must keep on beating.


Love, living, life;

Care and control,

Passionate sight.


Hearing for a reason;

Is your heart normal?

The most important organ.


Brain, lungs, liver and kidneys,

All organs we need,

Hearing for the heart,


Listening here ears.

27 Hospital Admittance

Hospital admittance,

Doctors on duty;

They're there to help,

Their for a reason.

Hospital admittance,

Taken in on a stretcher;

Wheel chair to the ward,

Bed and selection.

Hospital admittance,

Your there for a reason,

Surgery and season;

Anesthetics and healing.

Hospital admittance,

Enjoy the good food;

Time to get well,

As long as it takes.

Hospital admittance,

The joy of being well;

Working to help us,

Busy helping each and all.

Hospital admittance,

Time for repatriation;

And soon your leaving for home,

Good to be back in the house again.


Being discharged.

28 Reasons For Troubles

Reasons for troubles,

People committing sins;

Problems and causes,

Admitting we are wrong.

Reasons for troubles,

Problems being doubled;

When we are caught out,

Doing wrong we shouldn't.

Reasons for troubles,

Doing wrong will hurt;

Fixing things must help,

Working out how to do what.

Reasons for troubles,

We bring it on ourselves;

Working for no reason,

Money comes in season.

Reasons for troubles,

Keep asking the question,

What am I doing?

Who is there to help.

Reasons for troubles,

Doctors heal diseases;

Making us well again,

Mental health and pen.


Typing away.

29 Mind And Body

Healthy mind and body,

Walking away well,

The secret to success,

Time on your hands.

Healthy mind and body,

It is really good being well;

Doctors teach and tell,

The difference between heaven and hell.

Healthy mind and body,

Loving, living, working;

Circulating certainty,

Drinking plenty of water.

Healthy mind and body,

Walking for longetivity;

Breathing in fresh air,

The wind we exhale.

Healthy mind and body,

Eating what is right;

Good food, being healthy,

Get rid of what you don't want.

Healthy mind and body,

Thinking clear and clean,

You can't trust the dust,

Don't let the steel rust.


Polished cars.

30 Walk Away Healthy

Walk away healthy,

People being kind,

Working to be wealthy,

Not always easy to find.

Walk away healthy,

Loves well and wants;

Time to tell and needs,

Rhymes read and to read.

Walk away healthy,

Mental condition matters,

Physically going the distance.

Time for your ability.

Walk away healthy,

After the doctors treatment,

All good and back in order,

Your health your being rewarded.

Walk away healthy,

Leaving hospital after sickness,

Physical and mental illnesses,

Back to normal work life.

Walk away healthy,

After being treated well and right;

Good to be healthy in the doctors sight,

Back on your feet again.

Walk away healthy,

The goodness of well being;

Don't mess around with the whole town.

Keeping your head above ground,


Heaven's wellness.


31 Got To Get Well

Got to get well,

God can help and tell;

Special to spell patients,

Taking time to care.

Got to get well,

So sick of being sick;

Healthy is the recipe,

Good food to eat.

Got to get well,

Live in heaven instead;

Instead of sick in hell,

Do whatever it takes.

Got to get well,

Love being healthy;

Money for the wealthy,

Time heals all wounds.

Got to get well,

So sick of being sick;

Your heart beating ticks,

A drink of water pick.

Got to get well,

No good being crook;

Read a good book,

Good food that you cook.


Healthy eating.

32 Love Being Healthy

Love being healthy,

Above being wealthy;

Good to be alive,

Struggling to survive.

Love being heathy,

Good food to eat;

Well, well, well,

Feel great, tell.

Love being healthy,

Exercise and walk;

See your doctor and talk,

Great to be alive.

Love being healthy,

Get out of the rut;

Get rid of your gut,

Get God for good.

Love being healthy,

Have a cup of tea,

Herbal of organic,

Coffee if its free.

Love being healthy,

Work, rest and play;

Pray and nice prayer,

Ask God for help.


Doing good.

33 Why Are You Sick

Why are you sick?

Keep trying to pick;

Read a book a while,

Get well in style.

Why are you sick?

Dreaming of riches;

Working hard instead,

More than you can poke a stick at.

Why are you sick?

Doing the wrong thing?

Try getting it right,

You need a change in your life.

Why are you sick?

Not feeling at all well;

Go and ask a doctor,

What is wrong with me.

Why are you sick?

You can't tell sometimes;

Get over it and on top of it,

Try and remain fit.

Why are you sick?

A hell of an idea;

Can you pick yourself well?

All sold out and selfish.


Clean the toilet.

34 Taking Time

Taking time for yourself,

To live and be well;

Patient as all hell,

Happy in heaven, can tell.

Taking time for myself,

More important than money;

Good looking and loving,

God's speed in a hurry.

Taking time for others,

Just keep on going slow;

Methodical and thorough,

Caring, helping, knowing.

Taking time, makes time,

Rhyme, reason and worry;

Poetry flowing in motion,

God give rest from the flurry.

Taking time, helps people,

Get out of the rat race sometimes;

Go for a drive in the country,

Live life, looking after yourself.

Taking time for living,

To God you are giving;

The paradise perfection,

The service selection.


Look at your watch.

35 Work Fixes

Work fixes many troubles,

Problems dissapear;

When things are right,

Out of the dark and into the light.

Work fixes, every worry,

Broken things need mending,

Work with the word and write.

Work fixes, broken hearts,

Finds the relief of pain;

When heads hurt like hell,

God leads home to heaven.

Work fixes, what is wrong,

Getting things, able to see well;

Read, write and keep doing.

Lovingly knowing where you are going.

Work fixes, aching hearts,

Giving peace to minds;

Goodness, being kind,

Kindness and greatness.

Work fixes, things gone wrong,

All broken and in pieces;

Family relationships,

Nephews and neices.


Wonderfully restored.

36 Take A Pill

Take a pill, feel well,

Not feeling to good;

Get right and fixed,

So your heads not mixed.

Take a pill, feel well,

Head on the pillow;

Go to sleep at night.

Wake up refreshed.

Take a pill, feel well,

When things go wrong;

Get a script from the doctor,

The little thing works wonders.

Take a pill, feel well,

They really help and work,

For your heart of your head,

Cholesterol of diabetes.

Take a pill, feel well,

It won't hurt at all;

Relieves pain and stress,

Gets you out of your mess.

Take a pill, feel well,

God works through them;

They really do wonders,

As you think and ponder.


Dream on.

37 Sleep It Off

Sleep it off in peace,

Your sickness to health;

With your head on the pillow,

A nice comfortable bed.

Sleep it off in peace,

When you have been out on the town,

Up drinking all night,

Go to bed and rest.

Sleep it off in peace,

A place where all is well;

Safe and secure at home,

Or while travelling in a motel.

Sleep it off in peace,

Driving all day or night,

Get rested and survive,

Don't get drunk behind the wheel.

Sleep it off in peace,

Well rested and well being;

All your doing and seeing,

Now its time to dream.

Sleep it off in peace,

So your days never cease;

Night time comes and goes,

Stay sharp and on your toes.


Well rested.

38 Awake And Caring

Awake and caring,

Lieing in your hospital bed;

Someone comes to talk to you,

Friends and family respect.

Awake and caring,

Time being patient;

I see them doing what is right,

Bringing me food to eat at night.

Awake and caring,

Nurses and doctors;

They come and visit,

My inquisitive nature.

Awake and caring,

Everything in order;

Police doing there job,

Upholding the law disregardless.

Awake and caring,

Prayer all through the night;

Just got to get to the other end,

Things are now all on the mend.

Awake and caring,

Lovingly always knowing;

Beauty and perfection,

A smile on your face,


Things right now.

39 Free To Go

Free to go and leave hospital,

You have been a good patient;

Time to leave, your well now,

Glad to get back and be at home.

Free to go and leave hospital,

Your feeling well and better now;

On the road to complete recovery,

You have not lost any of your property.

Free to go and leave hospital,

You have been very unwell;

Now your getting nearly fixed,

You were mentally ill and feeling sick.

Free to go and leave hospital,

Getting back to work and society;

You don't have to be a celebrity,

Everyone welcome and important.

Free to go and leave hospital,

All the work you have to do at home;

Had your feet up for a few weeks,

After that operation you needed.

Free to go and leave hospital,

On the mend from around the bend;

Found and met a new friend,

Outpatients now, you get picked up.


Well done.

40 Time Heals All Illnesses

Time heals all illnesses,

The work of peace and perfection;

Great to get over it again,

Working it out at the point of a pen.

Time heals all illnesses,

You just have to be patient and kind;

The love of God and peace of mind,

Your on the mend to go back to your friend.

Time heals all illnesses,

Doctors and surgery might help;

Better to trust in God all your life,

Or married in bed with your wife.

Time heals all illnesses,

God through prayer blesses you;

Getting rid of and relieving your stresses,

Fixing your problems and messes.

Time heals all illnesses,

Atractions and distractions;

Attention and focusing,

Conscetrate on the job.

Time heals all illnesses,

Rest in bed if you need to;

Till your well and over it,

Get up again and go back to work.


Gains and losses.


41 Look At This

Look at this, see it clear,

The face of Jesus shining near;

The mirracle worker in His eyes,

Coming clean and through the skies.

Look at this, see it clear,

The heart and mind of God;

Leading, guiding, lest we stray,

Longing for His people to pray.

Look at this, see it clear,

The holy spirit working dear;

Healing the illnesses of those,

The sick and ill, there are those.

Look at this, see it clear,

Water working well in tears;

Drinking, thinking, learning hard,

Done the miles, the hard yards.

Look at this, see it clear,

Good appears from nothing here;

Fixing problems we can't do,

Heaven coming and all so true.

Look at this, see it clear,

Perfect health will soon appear;

Life is precious, yes very dear,

God is good, nothing to fear.


Sky treasures.

42 Medication

Medication take it of you want,

If you feel urged or as directed;

Pills, glorious pills, take as required,

Perfection in meditation as desired.

Medication, prescribed just for you,

Your daily dose, to keep it all true;

Out of the sky, white clouds and blue,

Your head on the pillow, beautiful to.

Medication, heaven in a nutshell,

Priceless wisdom, by the bushell;

Healing properties, plants can give,

In a capsule or pill, to help you live.

Medication, peace, plenty and purpose,

Meaning money you must understand;

Looking to the future of brighter days,

Out of the grey, the past will pay.

Medication, God above, Devil underground,

Looking at life, pay by the pound;

The human body, a divine spirit,

All who know and dwell in it.

Medication, good! not evil,

Working hard to stay on the mend;

Doctors can be a long lost freind,

Life is not over, there is no end.


Take your dose.

43 Injections

Injections, detections,

A sharp needle;

Take your medication,

One way or another.

Injections selections,

At a doctors mercy;

You need you dose,

Take it which way or not.

Injections, perfections,

Healing the wounded,

In the case of a pandemic,

Everyone gets there shot.

Injections, corrections,

Keeping you well and safe;

Trying to stay out of trouble,

You bouquet bucket to double.

Injections, you got it,

Helping you to live well;

Needed or not needed,

Law enforceable or by choice.

Injections, I needed that,

Just what the doctor ordered;

Little pin prick and jab,

Restoring law and order.


Take your shot.

44 Self Diagnosis

Self diagnosis,

How is your medical knowledge?

Do you understand yourself,

Your problems to each other.

Self diagnosis,

No I have not got it;

Trusting in God as I should,

Determining the problem.

Self diagnosis,

What seems to be wrong;

I can fix the trouble I am in,

If I just understand my problem.

Self diagnosis,

Just got to get things right;

Playing ball with myself,

A game of dice if you like.

Self diagnosis,

Seems the plan is taking shape,

Just how I am going to get well,

Understanding yourself's body.

Self diagniosis,

Once I know what is wrong;

I can fix the problem,

In the process of going on.

Self diagnosis,

That is right, your not involved,

Unless you can self diagnose to,

Then we understand each other.


Healed again.

45 Recognise Symptoms

Recognise the symptoms,

Diagnose the problem;

Irritations and itches,

Scratch if you can, no!

Recognise the symptoms,

Doctors diagnosis helps,

Don't wait too long,

Get tested and tell.

Recognise the symptoms,

Feeling tired or stressed;

The problem to be addressed,

Fix and correct the mess.

Recognise the symptoms,

Official enquiry required;

Desiring to be well,

Sick, just how do you tell.

Recognise the symptoms,

Selection for correction;

Detection for perfection,

Lumps, swellings or red sores.

Recognise the symptoms,

Restore law and order;

Your body must be well to work,

Good condition and functioning.


See doctor first.

46 Taking Time For Yourself

Taking time for yourself,

To live and get well;

Functioning normally,

More important than money.

Taking time for yourself,

Learn to live with life;

Enjoy the best of it for each,

The healing process takes time.

Taking time for yourself,

The responsibility is yours,

Looking after number one,

First comes your health.

Taking time for yourself,

Remain in good order and condition;

Get your priorities right,

Rest, mend and stay well.

Taking time for yourself,

Understand your first needs;

Working condition and order,

A happier, healthier mind.

Taking time for yourself,

Peace, heaven and quietness;

Enjoying the good things of life,

Fresh food on the table.


Prayer for a meal.

47 Rest and Recooperation

Rest and recooperation,

Take time to get well;

Put your feet up and rest,

You owe it to yourself to be your best.

Rest and recooperation,

Relaxation and restoration;

Taking time to work properly,

Money for the job, but only when you can.

Rest and recooperation,

Taking time for your health;

Your not robbing your own wealth,

Caring for your own well being.

Rest and recooperation,

The doctor ordered rest,

Listen to the wise words,

They are worth more than many birds.

Rest and recooperation,

Time is at hand you know,

Working for high achievement,

Make sure your able and can.

Rest and recooperation,

Time for healing and to mend;

God is your very best friend,

To bed where the doctor did send.


Healing properties.

48 Stay In Bed

Stay in bed,

Till you are told to get out,

The best place for sicknesses,

Healing with time will take place.

Stay in bed,

Those are doctors orders;

God knows the time to get up,

When healing has taken palce.

Stay in bed,

Listen to those wose words again;

Put your feet up and rest,

So you can be at your best.

Stay in bed,

When you are sick;

Don't try and run around,

Till you are well again.

Stay in bed and relax,

Nothing urgent or under pressure to do;

Everything will just have to wait,

Your health os at stake first.

Stay in bed and relax,

Time to be confined for a while;

Learning how to make your body work,

Head on the pillow and no hard word.

Stay in bed and relax,

God knows that you are best off;

When you have a headache or cough,

A pill will help you get better.


God knows best.

49 The Right Results

The right results,

All going well;

The best will come,

The test has been.

The right results,

Means your well now;

Get back to the job at hand,

Farmers working the land.

The right results,

Diagnosis perfect,

Healing takes place,

Finding God's grace.

The right results,

Your going to live,

All is now well,

Your on the mend again.

The right results,

The best outcome,

Sickness ios over,

You are well again.

The right results,

What you were hoping for,

Prayed to live through,

God listens and hears.

The right results,

Picture postcard peeking through,

Your looking like your well again,

Feeling good to be around.

The right results,

Your well and happy,

Able to get back to work,

Food on the table for sure.


God blesses.

50 All Is Well

All is well,

Can't you tell;

No more pain in hell,

You have things to sell.

All is well,

Bright and beautiful;

Heavenly and happy,

Birds chirping again.

All is well,

Peaceful and perfect;

Intelligent resources,

Satisfied stable mind.

All is well,

You've been restored;

Back to your normal self,

Books sitting on the shelf.

All is well,

Time to read at hand;

An orchestra or band,

Listen, learn to stay well.

All is well,

I am happy with myself again;

Putting pen to paper,

Writing for your inspiration.


Typed well.


51 Walk An Hour Daily

Walk an hour daily,

Exercise is good for you;

Keep the weight off,

Work, rest and play.

Walk an hour daily,

Do it if you can;

In time it will pay off,

You will end up healthy.

Walk and hour daily,

God rest your soul;

Do it for longetivity,

Perfectly restored.

Walk and hour daily,

Take time for yourself,

Walk by the seaside,

Park, river or stream.

Walk an hour daily,

Healthy heart and mind,

Doing the physical yards,

Enjoying peace of mind.

Walk an hour daily,

Do the best you can;

Give time to God,

See the beautiful land.


Just do it.

52 Sit and Read

Sit and read,

Take time to relax;

Intelligent indulgence,

Getting peace of mind.

Sit and read,

Do whatever it takes,

Fill your mind with good stuff,

Give God time for your plans.

Sit and read,

Enjoy the written moment;

Fluctuating on your mind,

Your heart filled with the word.

Sit and read,

Try and understand;

Plenty and present,

See what you need to know.

Sit and read,

Get yourself the picture;

Fill your head with ideas,

Time to do and act.

Sit and read,

Know what God wants;

Reflect and digest,

In time invest.

Sit and read,

Comfortable and composed;

Relating and comprehending,

All the good things you need to know.

Sit and read,

Fit the puzzle together,

Piece by piece, there is peace,

Time for good news to.


I think I did.

53 Write If You Can

Write of you can,

It will help you be right;

Facts and peace of mind,

Dominate your thoughts.

Write of you can,

It gives you courage and strength,

To fight the good battles,

To learn to live your life.

Write of you can,

Don't worry if you can't;

People are clever and smart,

Touch the humble part.

Write of you can,

You will be well rewarded;

Fashioned to serve and win,

Books don't go into the bin.

Write of you can,

Keep God in sight;

He will lead you straight,

Putting food on your plate.

Write of you can,

Don't doubt but just do;

Belief in yourself is half the job,

Prayer and healing helps.

Write of you can,

Too bad if you can't,

God is willing anyway,

Tap into His vital heart.


I did it anyway.

54 Eat Well

Eat well for your health,

For your own good wealth;

Fill your mind with goodness,

Food in the best way kindness.

Eat well for your health,

Work, worth and wealth;

Words off the shelf,

Good for yourself.

Eat well for your health,

Love, peace and stealth;

Prayer to God for your food,

Island feasts and the right mood.

Eat well for your health,

Good food better than your wealth;

Time for eating and to digest,

Plenty of food for everyone.

Eat well for your health,

Live right and happily;

No indigestion or glutony,

Good food is really fun.

Eat well for your health,

Don't indulge on your waste line;

Eat sensibly and correctly,

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Exercise after eating.

55 Proper Foods

Proper foods to eat,

Not junk food all the time;

Stable diet and meals,

Right, well and real.

Proper foods to eat,

Meat and three vegetables;

Cereal, grains and things,

Rice, pasta and pulses.

Proper foods to eat,

Good and nutricious;

Healthy and sustaining,

Getting your daily vitamins.

Proper foods to eat,

Protien and nutrition;

Health foods your reward,

Eat well to stay well.

Proper foods to eat,

Dairty products and salads;

Carefull with the sauces,

It tastes great anyway.

Proper foods to eat,

For your heart and head;

Fresh new peace of mind,

From your daily intake;


Good food on the table.

56 Fresh Is Healthy

Fresh is healthy,

Buy your food daily;

Or often enough I mean,

Eat well and clean.

Fresh is healthy,

Instead of frozen,

Work for your life,

You have got to love your wife;

Fresh is healthy,

Hot to the table;

Cold lunch of you prefer,

Salad and vegetables.

Fresh is healthy,

Dinner in a restaurant,

Served freshly cooked,

Just what you ordered.

Fresh is healthy,

It has simply just got to be;

That way and nothing else,

Your longetivity depends on it.

Fresh is healthy,

Don't spare the cost;

Pay the price of freshness,

Eliminate the waste of food.


I'm hungry now.

57 Rest Enough

Rest enough regularly,

Rejuvinate your energy levels;

Put your feet up for a while,

Keep your life well in style.

Rest enough regularly,

Don't work too hard for yourself,

You need to pace things right.

Write, read and keep God in sight.

Rest enough regularly,

Faith, face and recovery;

Sleep well everynight,

You owe it to your own delight.

Rest enough regularly,

Afternoon naps are OK;

No sense going too far astray,

Time at the end of the day.

Rest enough regularly,

Feel well rested in the morning,

Have a conmfortable bed,

And a reclining lounge.

Rest enough regularly,

You can't read and write all the time,

Walk, work and play hard,

Take it easy on yourself.


I owe it to myself.

58 If Leading Helps

If leading helps,

Let those people lead;

They are good to read,

Lend people a hand.

If leading helps,

Lead if you can;

Keep God's perfect plan,

Good goals come true.

If leading helps,

Do it with diligence;

Helping make sense,

Meaning what you mean.

If leading helps,

Kindness is a good reason;

Things happening in season,

Understanding who God is.

If leading helps,

Dare to lead if you can;

Understand God's master plan,

Learn to be a Godly man.

If leading helps,

Let go and let leaders;

They are writers and readers,

Trying to make the world a better place.


Give in to God.

59 Relax and Unwind

Relax and unwind,

Time to find the time;

Trying to understand where,

Go to God in prayer.

Relax and unwind,

Money and your memory;

Take it easy for a bit,

Life is more than picking it.

Relax and unwind,

Give your mind a break;

Stop your brain from thinking,

Give up alcoholic drinking.

Relax and unwind,

Sleep well and rest;

Take your shoes up,

Put your feet up on the couch.

Relax and unwind,

Do all those dollers matter;

The rain goes pitter patter,

Sitting or the satter.

Relax and unwind,

Time off your feet;

Comfortable and neat,

Enjoy your seat.


Feeling tired.

60 Restoration

Restoration, all is new,

After you got over that party stew;

Downward spiral self abuse,

Look to heave where God makes use.

Restoration, tired and grey,

There is purpose everyday;

Get over the bad time blues,

Be renewed in your mind.

Restoration, full assurance,

God is in control of everything;

He will heal you, he will fix you,

Put your total trust in Him.

Restoration, rejuvination,

Things becoming like new again;

Lovingly knowing, all things are right,

Changing for the better all the time.

Restoration, resusetation,

You life is being renewed;

All things good as they should,

God will belss you again.

Restoration, the same again,

As they were in old times:

All things new, and new forever,

You are restored in your mind.


Trust in Jesus.


Different Results

Things have worked out the way that they were meant to.They turned out the way that they should have did, trusting in Jesus Christ for all the differences to change an heal your life. Whether it is a medical reason that you are sick or just taken the wrong road in life, God is there to heal and change you into a better person by the road of life that you have decided to take. There are many intersections along the way wherer we have to choose to go one way or the other, not always are the right way and not all roads lead to Rome. Different results from what is expected is usually par for the course, the narrow way is never easy to find and the road often wide, leaving you high and dry inside. What matters is that we come back and connect with God again, stay true to him and follow accordingly as required, This also should be the desired road to take, one that leads you to the kingdom of heaven and of God, not the one that leads to destruction and to hell, where the Devil laughs at you all the time as he thinks he has one his victory. No God has the keys to eternal life, Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Stay true and focused on the desired kingdom, where your heart and head work together for good and not evil, where you find peace in God and worth for your life. God is the divine healer, and he has a plan to change you and mould you into a perfect person. Don't give up when you see or hear different results happening in your life, but stay true to the mighty creator who has won the victory over death. God bless you as you travel the road of life. I think we achieved the desired results from this book of poetry, I hope that you liked it, the different results are the beofre and after you have read this book. Jesus is coming again, He is the almighty healer, changing you into a new and fresh being in His image, be Christ like minded. Darel.