Parsifal's Poetic Logic





It is such a privelidge to have a website and be set up to be read on the internet at the very access of the click of a button on your computer. I had worked in shops for many years as all kinds of store management and now I offer you a chance to read me in my sixth book of poetry, Parsifals Poetic Logic. This is a little bit more technological orientated as I really only qualify as a management graduate. I want you to understand it like you were doing a poetry writing workshop and studying or reading it in order to discuss the work and then go out and buy it like it is something from a shop or store because that is what selling is all about and telling what people like to buy in the form of reading material. By studying it or reading it in order to discuss or work out and seek objectives and logical questions to ask and discuss in the idea of a group or singularly reading to talk to others about so that they can understand the logic of poetry through the dialogue and discussion on a verbal, oral or written format. For education and teaching purposes please try and understand the valuable contribution that poetry makes to the arts and world of literature and the initiative of constructive wording and construction of thought for work that flows through written rhyming of logical thoughts for the words in poetic literature.

 The reason this is called Poetic Logic is because the poems are a logical discussion of dialogue in the physical reality of things as a natural kind of processor for digesting the mental words through a electronic spiritual realm into the physical reality of metamorphic verse which is a kind of computational phenonema in the mind of the things of the writer. Being a poet I understand that some of these processes may seem to be a bit robotic or unaturally charcateristic of poetic writers in the generally accepted form and way, but that portrays individuality and creative initiative. Therefore the leading example of the prowess and finesse as a process of fitness for poetic establishment fits into the poetic lines of construction and contribution to the world of poetic verse. The poetic arts are fascinated by logical abstractness and I hope by this adaption to a new formation of poetry, it can understand to be understood in that the beauty of time reflected through a machine mechanization of computer literature in a logical poetically minded analogy and analysis of rhythmatic and autonomous poetic logic that is programmed in thought processes to encourage ideas that refer to correspond with the conscentration and contentment of continual contemplation.

This is designed to relieve the serious forms of medicational addictions and drugs to form a meditational compliance of wonderment in electronic poetical stimulation as it progresses through peaceful poetic lines of logical poetry so you and I as we can consider what it is, what will be and what was in order to business mindedly move ahead and journey into the next book which is Parsifal Advances Poetically so that once again we can join in the brilliance of shining words in lines that form a matter of rhyme and rhythm for the process of and progress of society and community relationships. This then is the introduction to Parsifal's Poetic Logic and I invite you to read it through and think about how you too could gain from a workshop and possibly a website of your own from this book and my other books for the establishment of your own books on a website. Please learn to love the ideas of poetry and understand it as well as you can for the physical objective of writing yourself.


Darel Robert McAllister

Parsifal Enterprises

For the logical pursuit of poetry on websites and workshop material as criteria.