The Return of Parsifal



It's hard to sit down and put pen to paper, to write something new and imaginative that will stimulate ideas to talk about from what you have done or read in order to generate and make written conversation in verse.

Writing a book, especially a book of poetry means commitment, dedication and being well read. It provides a vehicle for expression of oneself with the idea of developing fruit in thought for interest in an evolving, creative text of continuous words. Parsifal was the wise fool who in original context was the story of a knight who sought "The Holy Grail". He roamed around on a quest to find meaning, answers, knowledge, wisdom, learning and understanding. His objective was to leave his schizophrenic state and return to the enlightenment of sound mind, intellectual sanity and well being.

As he rode around in search of the truth that would heal him and set him free from his illness he had to find " The Fisher King" who was mad and lived in "The Grail Castle" to ask him "What is it that ails you"?. So he finds " The Fisher King" fishing on the lake and Parsifal is invited by him to come up to his castle. Where he then asks "The Fisher King" the right question and he is healed from his illness. He drinks from "The Holy Grail" which gives him the knowledge of saving grace to eternal life.

The quest for truth is something that we can all experience in the love of The Lord Jesus Christ who sets us free from the slavehood and bondage of sin.(John 8:31-32) This search is something in which we can all in the reading of books consider some achievement for ourself and that I in the over one thousand books that I have read and the more than two hundred times, that I have read The Bible cover to cover. I have travelled and troubled to find truth and purpose through experiencing life in real terms and to find the meaning of life in words of poetry and literature.

I hope that you might experience something of my search in "The Return of Parsifal" and that you will be able to find some peace and pleasure in this my second book of poetry, as well as some sense of accomplishment and fulfilment in reading it.

Darel Robert McAllister

Dear Friends

Find a poem, Wherever you roam;

The words of time, That live in rhyme.

Have for yourselves, A book of verse;

Live it all out, Without a doubt.

Find for yourselves, The words of life;

So the truth of knowing, Will prove you right.

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