Parsifal Provides The Poetry

Parsifal Provides The Poetry

All written between 1985 between 2010.


Welcome to this exciting new book that was written back ion the early stages of my career in the late nineteen eighties and through the nineteen ninties. There may be a few poems scattered through from the two thousands, up until twenty ten when I had started writing and decided to publish my second book, The Return Of Parsifal. This book is a collection of mood swings from soul and music to seasonal and earthy senses in real life, heart felt circumstances, that have directly related relevance to me in some form or fashion. It is a collection of what my heart felt and soul endured to come up with in written thought of this time period. This depicture is the creatitivity of the circumstances of this book and should be read lightly and taken to heart only if you dare. It is seemingly crazy when you sit down at night, when most of these were actually written, after my jobs and in the various stores and shops and sometimes I was unemployed and trying to understand what I actually wanted in life and whether I could actually make a career or fulltime job out of writing. But nevertheless I just plodded along writing a page or two each night or so it seems now when I have finally got around to putting this early work on display for the readers of my website in these more modern days. It is all relative from day to day and work to work, in how the mind thinks and reacts to various and different sensitive subjects and what is playing on my mind through life circumstances and how that reflects in the final outcome and writing of the work. This is to which the poetry evolves and comes about into some form of logical continuity. Poets are naturally creative and as poetry is one of the major or finer arts of the literary world, that means self pursual or an endeavour to succeed. Poetry is different to writing for a novelist or an artist who paints a picture, but nevertheless once again the poet tells a story by painting a picture through flowing words and creative thoughts, with that reason in his or her mind. Mine in this case is where I understand what I am like, how I feel and what I expect to be read as to how the words run down the page from my pen in the various continuities of thought and ever loving passion and desire to be read in the self related and reflected idea of creating meaning and desire to be understood. In the true context of the self related and relfected thoughts of the percieved understanding on what is right or wrong, to be written and write along the line, down the page and into the hearts and minds of the readers. This book, like Rhymes Forever, Cruises Along to follow and the other five or six books that run and range in this thought pattern and series of wanting to make a name for myself and to try and reach a market that offers a right minded thinking and perspective for those who have gone down the wrong path like I did and wanted to get their lives right and travel the right road of life again, but in the meantime the walk has taken us, me and you along many different roads and walks of life, which have all been a learning curve, for the understanding of different experiences and reasons why we have lived and not died and how we can learn from some of those near death experiences to travel a bit more safely and try to stay sane to live the life of longetivity that God has really wanted us to walk and live. It is not a quick and then a dead end road, but one of a long and thorough learning experiece to stay alive for however long we can maintain this gift of life that God has given us. Please enjoy this my new book created from what seems long ago to digest and take your fancy for that time period, for yourselves. Please Enjoy. Darel.



1 One

2 Why Was I Born

3 To Be Someone

4 Music To My Soul

5 Singing For Happiness

6 Please Sing Me A Song

7 Everythings Fine

8 Two Revolutions


9 The Ability To Think

10 Meaningful It Is

11 Still And Quiet

12 To Fussy To Be Perfect

13 Need To Care

14 Freinds And Enemies


15 The Price Of Freedom

16 Perfectly Kind

17 Satisfaction

18 Health And Happiness

19 Fairness

20 Intuition

21 Shame And Pride

22 Effort

23 Utopia


24 Just A Piece Of Paper

25 What Could I Possibly Write That Has Not Been Written Before

26 Inspirational Writing

27 Something I Put Down In Words

28 The Reason To Write

29 Written

30 Written Red

31 Black And White

32 The Poets Stream

33 The Book

34 Onamattapea

35 Poetry


36 What's New

37 Lieing Or Not

38 A Puzzle Or A Rhyme

39 Shapes

40 The Pension

41 Development Of Pens

42 Pen And Pencil

43 Category More

44 Now For Something Completely Different

45 Pick The Point

46 Abstract Art

47 The Difference


48 The Luck Of The Irish

49 Irish Mist

50 An Irish Smile

51 Paddy McGee

52 The Shamrock And The Thistle

53 The Scottish Spirit

54 It's Old Hat

55 The Old Mans House 

56 A Drive In The Country

57 An Irish Folk Song


58 The Traffic Factory

59 Lost

60 Smokey

61 Seven Little Ducklings

62 The Unbarred Coralle

63 Windows And Signs

64 School Days

65 Tea For The Tilby Man

66 The Traffic Factory

67 The Little Boat Lay Bobbing On The Water