Parsifal Cruises Along

Parsifal Cruises Along


I have only really done a couple of cruises in my lifetime, Alaskan (Juno, Glacier Bay, Ketchican and Scagway. 10 days) and South Pacific Noumea, Port Denareau, Suva, Mystery Island and Isle Of Pines. 12 days ) though I have caught quite a few ferries internationally to Vancouver Island twice from four different ports. Two Asiatic Sea Ferries, Isle Of Capri ( Italy), Ireland from Scotland and back to Wales, English channel a half a dozen times to France and many times on The Spirit Of Tasmania. I have also done many of The Queensland Island day trips and from North Island to South Island of New Zealand, having enjoyed the total expereince, greatly. Though this book is called cruises along because my life is usually smooth sailing. I work reasonably hard and take time to enjoy the fruits of my labour and my work is more a labour of love than a necessity for money. My travel experiences have played a major part in my life for creating inspirational ideas and feeling relaxed and refreshed to stay aware and intelligent in my mind for writing. The world is a beautiful place and when I wrote Parsifal On Tour I had this same kind of picture in my mind, however I feel that this book is more close related to what I really wanted to achieve out of travel experiences. I wrote most of these in 1999- 2001while traveling right around Australia. Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Monkey Mia, Perth, Tasmania, Broken Hill and Orange, Canberra, Port McQuarrie, Bega and country NSW, until I finally came back to Sydney in 2001 to settle and then to have finished some of these travel poems in my own home town city. Once I settled back into a house in Bankstown for 18 months before residing in my little one bedroom unit here in the same area for 13 years now. I also wrote on the medieval knight framework and point of view as I was on medicine for schizophrenia and this fitting in neatly with my Parsifal theme. The last couple of chapters of this book are indeed in that theme. However Life has served me good, while mainly living alone for the last 20 years I have been able to adapt to my writing work as an interest and a hobby, while in the last four years maintaining my website, starting to become a slightly more professional level of serious creativity. The relaxed state of mind of Cruising Along is very important to me for concentrated writing, as even when you are relaxed you have to be sharp minded to come up with intelligent material and this calm smooth happy feeling is to me the best state to write. This means staying awake and alert, rational to reality and focused on world events, subjects and beliefs for inspiration. But nevertheless, in this book I have come up with a collection of poems that I hope that you might be able to see some of the meaning of inspirational writing that have come about by the eye opening world of travel as Parsifal Cruises Along in yet another saga in the series of early writings and books that I have put together from my writing to form this one, with travelling or cruising experiences as the theme in mind. Please enjoy the final book in its entireity when it is typed and complete and I look forward to your company once again with this one Parsifal Cruises Along. Yours Truly, Darel.  

Chapter and Poem Summary List


1 Australia

2 ANZAC Day 2000

3 He Named Australia

4 The New Millenium 2000

5 The Year 2000

6 Passion and Emotions Olympic Sydney 2000

7 The Australia Song

8 St. Andrews park

Chapter 2 TASMANIA

9 The Queens Tour 1999

10 The Royal Visit 1999

11 Salamanca's

12 Moonlight On The Derwent

13 Old Hobart Town

14 Botanical Beauty

15 Highland Walk

16 Dover

17 St Helens


18 The Happy Song

19 Bega Valley

20 (A) "The Park" Broken Hill

20 (B) Serenas

21 Broken Hill "The Future"

22 Broken Hill

23 Monkey Mia ''The Dolphins''

24 Port McQuarrie

25 Canberra

26 Of Golden Grove

27 SATYR Sydney Botanical Gardens

28 Sails In The Harbour

29 A Boat Out On The Ocean

Chapter 4 ORANGE

30 Orange

31 Cook Park

32 Duntry League

33 In The Country

34 The Royal Orange

Chapter 5 DARWIN

35 Darwin

36 Sail Away

37 Sail Away, Sail Away

Chapter 6 OVERSEAS

38 Around The World

39 Paris

40 The Ideas I Got In New Zealand

41 South America


42 The Pilgrimage

43 The Knight And His Romances

44 Unto The Castle

45 The Knight Of Camelot

46 The Black Knight

47 The Castle On The River

48 Fantasy Castle

49 The White Knight

50 Sir Parsifal


51 Excalibur

52 The Sword and Grail

53 The Holy Grail

54 Children Of The Wells And Grail

55 The Shroud

56 The Fisher King

57 The Kings Poetry

58 The King And Queen

59 King Of The Castle

60The Grail Castle

The End



Loving the day in the desert town here,

Where life is for living as flowers bloom near;

When people come to town from all over Australia,

The heart of the nation is Broken Hill station.


Driving down the road to get fromm town to town,

From here to there to get to Broken Hill, both up and down;

We travel from wherever to this outback country town,

Where people live in the bush and sticks, getting a frown.


The beauty of Broken Hill is the passion of the perfect,

The purple, red and crimson sunsets in the eye of all the people;

And when the day is dead and done and the red earth dirt is dust,

The dusk turns into morning and a new day dawns and has begun.


As the houses line the streets, as the dog barks in the night,

And the birds begin to chirp as their native hearts have done;

For when the light of day comes, the sun shines down along the creeks,

Softness, tenderness and care, flow from the glowing cheeks.


To write the next line, I need a different, new incline,

That melts the hearts of people as the faces shine what they have felt,

Then the subtly of time burns within the heart and mind,

As minerals from the gorund are found and brought out of the mine.


So as the tourists go home and leave the Broken Hill people here,

You hear the trians horn blowing as they depart to go there;

And when the sea change comes of back to the coastal shores,

The desert is left dry and dusty as the people of Broken Hill welcome more.



Stayed In Broken Hill



Travelling around from place to place, of sights to see and do,

The things we want to take to heart, we have to move to improve;

For there is beauty in the sights of buildings architecture,

Mountains and streams of scenic views, that God has been the perfector.


I come from here and go to there to see what I can see,

From the desert to the ocean to try and find a nice place that I can be;

My secret is the place you seeka nd where I am going from here,

As home sweet home is calling me to go to some place else that's dear.


For heaven holds unsearchable treasures, of places I have not yet seen,

And those sweet hearts are calling me, to come and be apart;

And as I have the idea of meeting people in places I am yet to see,

The weary land is calling me to come and to visit.


The tourist is a lucky man who has the time to visit and see,

To leave home for places untold, to go around the world and over the sea;

God is kind to those who venture and dare to share a little time,

With people and places and all the good things, God wants us to be.


So I love the rugged mountains and the rivers that run along and bye,

To towns of fellowship and freindship, that invite you to come and let you try;

Looking for kindness in the hearts and beauty in the eyes of the people,

Who live in deserts or seasides and quaint villages high above the earth.


The tourist travels lightly, leaving all he has at home wherever,

To look for ideas of scenery and glorious treasures of the weather;

The tourist manages out of a suitcase, no matter what the whether,

So love is left to find another place for the tourist to visit and get there.


Around and About.