Parsifal Has A Go At It

Parsifal Has A Go At It


Life is just a bit really like that, you have to have a go at it or get left behind sitting in the corner. You can't afford to let life slip through your finger tips, you have to take advantage of every given particular moment and grasp it with both hands. Having a go at writing a poetry book, is something that seems to come easy to me, but it is never that easy in the set of situations circumstances until you have done enough reading to get your heart and mindset from your head, into the right mood and framework to put down words of rhyme and meaning into some sort of formulated document. Sometimes it is just about making sense out of the present or any given reality to create a picture of poetry in words for you the reader to decifer and gather ideas about. Parsifal Has A Go At It is indeed just another poetry book, but one which touches my heart as it is the work in the labour of love for writing poetry for me that has been a vision and inspiration to me and hopefully those around me, you the people who read and get involved in the journey of the work. All you have to do to write poetry is to get a visible idea in your mind and then put it down on a page from your head any way it seems to fit or come about. It does not take a genious to write poetry, but just someone who is willing to try and just have a go at it all, to formulate some kind of written work for others to read and digest. Words flow easily and freely through me, with dilligent effort from reading, God gives the picture and ideas into the head and they just go down on the page automatically when you have tapped into God's full set of resources, His Bible and His wonderful sense of humour, that just smiles in the shadows of the work in the quiet reflection of His grace and love. With kindness in your heart you can passioantely write words of inspiration based on the criteria of God's perfect character and personality. It just takes a bit of organising and thought reproduction to harness the enormous energy of a magestic and all mighty God into some kind of flowing format for the construction of poetry. I hope that you to can find some love in this book as it comes into my head and is written down for you to read. It is about life, just having a go at it and making something to enjoy and reflect on out of it all, however it turns around and comes out. Please do stay tuned for this my new and latest new book, Parsifal Has A Go At It. God is love. Lets now see how we go with it. Darel.


1 Trying to Write Poetry

Trying to write poetry,

Life in the universe;

Here on planet earth,

People coming together.

Trying to write poetry,

See it fits all together;

Fitting parts and pieces,

Kind and good and peace is.

Trying to write poetry,

For inspiration and meaning;

On your computer screening,

Clean clear sorted facts.

Trying to write poetry,

I hope it means something to you;

Doing the best that I can,

So it all works out for you.

Trying to write poetry,

Something I like to do;

Meaning from me to you,

Into a heavenly paradise.

Trying to write poetry,

Comes along easy though,

Its hard with the tough bits,

The pieces that just don't want to fit.


It comes together.

2 One More Go

One more go at it all,

Give God a chance;

To come shining through,

The clouds and sky and air.

One more go at it all,

Rich and poor alike;

Poetry in liquid motion,

A people poetry potion.

One more go at it all,

Still fitting the pieces in;

When you would like to go out,

Instead stay home and write.

One more go at it all,

On this big spinning ball;

Life in all its complexities,

Perfect poetry perplexities.

One more go at it all,

Words flowing down the page;

Just at this age and stage,

God's mind is a good guage.

One more go at it all,

Ideas in an instant;

The minds reflex flexibilities.


Patient Persistance.

3 Each One Takes Time

Each one takes time,

Writing poetry, who dares;

Plenty of love and care,

Perfect poetry from prayer.

Each one takes time,

Words going down in rhyme;

Fitting the pieces of the puzzle,

Coming together in the end.

Each one takes time,

Many dilligent hours;

Minutes making money,

Your in a hurry for the honey.

Each one takes time,

Life free on the edge;

Trees treated as a pledge,

The door stuck with a wedge.

Each one takes time,

Varied different meanings;

God gets the gleamings,

A past time of love.

Each one takes time,

Words flowing in an order;

From many different directions,

Self mirrored perfections.


Fills and fits again.

4 Bit By Bit It Fits

Bit by bit it fits,

All coming together now;

Signes from the times,

Just how it all works out.

Bit by bit it fits,

Love and tender care;

Helping writing through prayer,

Words of life on air.

Bit by bit it fits,

Piece by piece it appears;

Filling your mind with peace,

Light from out of space.

Bit by bit it fits,

A cautious speciality;

Integrated easily,

The hard part you persist.

Bit by bit it fits,

Watch the time go bye;

An afternoons work relaxing,

Morning energies are taxing.

Bit by bit it fits,

Like circles in the circus;

Clouds go passing bye,

Life working before you die.


Time or money.

5 Rhyming And Timing

Rhyming and timing,

Rhythm and beat as you go,

Words just must flow;

Good to know and grow.

Rhyming and timing,

Reflecting God's truth;

Bowing down accordingly,

Perfecting blameless shame.

Rhyming and timing,

Cost, cared and paid,

The price through prayer.

Rhyming and timing,

Jesus knows your name;

Blessed mercies are mighty,

Grace and love your fame.

Rhyming and timing,

Poetry along the lines;

Words flowing and rhyming,

As a tree grows in life.

Rhyming and timing,

Loving, longing, looking;

Like sand through an hour glass,

Your poetry mark must pass.


Best endeavour.

6 Every Little Bit

Every little bit counts,

As much as you want;

Pay with your heart,

Dearly as can be expected.

Every little bit counts,

Blind to the effects of others;

What matters is what you have got,

Getting for self, giving to God.

Every little bit counts,

It all adds up and amounts;

Careful with kind consideration for others,

Putting away a little bit at a time.

Every little bit counts,

Look after each and all;

See people are clearly right,

God blesses and God delights.

Every little bit counts,

Kingdom of heaven is great;

God comes in the clouds of heaven,

The kingdom of God must relate.

Every little bit counts,

Beauty personified in trust,

Careful of the dust and lust,

Everything you do and must.


God matters.

7 The Whole Thing

The whole thing really is,

Right from the very start;

Triumphing grace from sin,

Mercies pleasures set to win.

The whole thing really is,

Love and goodness equalling;

Kindness found in the hearts of others,

Sharing and caring sisters and brothers.

The whole thing really is,

The big earth ball spinning around;

The world upside down and inside out,

Completing competition from doubt.

The whole thing really is,

Faith at the heart of the matter;

Doctors, organs and ocean currents,

It seems to accumulate amounts.

The whole thing really is,

Graveyards and cemetaries full;

Headstones to remember bodies by,

Life at the end of the tunnel.

The whole thing really is,

The sun shining bright at night;

Shadow and shade of the earth,

Turning dawn into day.

The whole thing really is,

Shedding a bit of light on the subject;

Perfecting each habitable suburb,

Working for results superb.


It all fits in.

8 A Couple More

A couple more,

Poems for you to read;

Words flowing down the page,

As we all begin to age.

A couple more,

People reading verses;

Seeing meaningful prose,

Like leading literature.

A couple more,

Dollers in the bank,

Money comes and goes,

Time heals all wounds.

A couple more,

People getting married;

Partners getting together,

Christ centred loves.

A couple more,

Ideas on the table;

Work all going around,

Making use of the mound.

A couple more,

Words to listen to,

Fitting in with the equation,

The joy of hearing sounds.


Piercing peace.

9 Inch By Inch

Inch by inch,

Life is a sinch;

As time goes by,

Pieces fit together.

Inch by inch,

It all seems to work out;

The puzzle is perfected,

The picture is complete.

Inch by inch,

You can take your ground;

Making money as you go,

Not in any real hurry though.

Inch by inch,

Life is getting ready;

For the days coming ahead,

No good sleeping in your bed.

Inch by inch,

The motor by the winch;

Keeping your car going,

Getting things to work well.

Inch by inch,

Time comes and goes;

Enjoy passing time each day,

Work for what matters.


Wisely choose.

10 Fingers Are Digits

Fingers are digits,

For counting on you know;

Before calulators were invented,

Like Chinese abacuses,

Fingers are digits,

Created to handle life;

Carefully grasp the truth,

God is all living proof.

Fingers are digits,

Numerically all worked out;

Five on each hand, ten total,

Like toes I suppose as well.

Fingers are digits,

Not all thumbs today;

For building and writing,

For fun and play.

Fingers are digits,

Figure out what to do;

Logic for the well not sick,

Whether your going to heaven or hell.

Fingers are digits,

For eating and cleaning;

Love goes hand in hand,

A pefect number to tell.


Two hands.


11 Piece Of Pie

Piece of pie,

Save some for me,

To eat with my cup of tea,

Apple or meat for free.

Piece of pie,

As if I have to try;

Cherry pie in the sky,

With cream and custard.

Piece of pie,

I like to eat very much;

For afternoon tea or lunch,

Something soft to munch on.

Piece of pie,

If pigs grew wings to fly,

Happily floating through the sky,

Gluttony, food glueing to the eye.

Piece of pie,

At least I knew well;

A piece each to eat,

Share and share alike.

Piece of pie,

A feast of a meal,

Where eating is for real,

Just enough to feel.

Piece of pie,

Don't lie to me,

Oh me, Oh my,

Another heavenly delight.


Ate eight pieces.

12 Slice Of Cake

Slice of cake,

Save some for me;

Sponge or madiera,

Black forest or carrot cake.

Slice of cake,

Save some for me;

Nice with my cup of tea,

Tea cake or fruit cake.

Slice of cake,

Save some for me;

Pavlova or cheesecake,

Please make no mistakes.

Slice of cake,

From the last oven bake;

Rises golden brown,

Butter cake or vanilla cake.

Slice of cake,

Very nice to eat,

Take the weight off your feet,

Sit and eat on your seat.

Slice of cake,

Morning tea and coffee;

Caramel tort and cream,

Just another daily dream.


Cake and eat it to.

13Double Deserts

Double deserts,

Delicious and sweet;

Fresh fruit and ice cream,

Yogurt or fresh cream.

Double deserts,

Daily in your dreams;

Wishes for nice things,

Sweeter as it seems.

Double deserts,

Second helpings allowed;

Two pieces of pie,

Nice to pig out.

Double deserts,

Try not to hold back;

Indulging your wasteline,

Going further down the track.

Double deserts,

Right time of year;

Birthdays and Christmas,

Please spare the beer.

Double deserts,

Tastes twice as nice,

Sweeter than sweet,

All things turn out neat.


Do the dishes.

14 A Million Meals

A million meals,

Feed everybody around;

Minutes to prepare,

Memories last a year.

A million meals,

Days in and out,

How does it feel?

Food in and out.

A million meals,

Feed all the starving;

No one goes hungry,

The taste ever after.

A million meals,

Each city, each day,

Hungry mouths to feed,

The daily food need.

A million meals,

Vans in the streets,

Stoves are all cooking,

Supermarkets booming.

A million meals,

People have to eat;

Plenty to go around,

Grows in the ground.


No one goes hungry. 

15 Life Goes Round

Life goes around, 

Fair to share all; 

On a big spinning ball,

Not stuck against the wall.

Life goes around,

Freedom to move easily,

Hard to stay on top of it all,

Equality pursueing.

Life goes around,

And comes around again;

Keeping head above the ground,

The truth can be found.

Life goes around,

Spread evenly everywhere;

Trees grow where they like,

Animals, birds and fish.

Life goes around,

People rule the kingdom;

God in control,

Everyone needs their freedom.

Life goes around,

Free fair for all;

No law against living,

As long as your giving.


Like water.

16 Memory Bank

Memory bank,

Remember the money,

Time to make payments,

People you care about.

Memory bank,

Life is at stake;

Safe and sound this time,

Make no mistake.

Memory bank,

Simple time of year;

Words on the page appear,

Days drawing more near.

Memory bank,

History in the making,

Recalling necessary dates,

Write down not forsaking.

Memory bank,

Account balance you see,

What you have in net worth,

Heart and the earth.

Memory bank,

The back of your neck;

Things you need to remember,

Conscious of the facts.

Memory bank,

Things of the past,

What is passing in time.

People count the cash.


Healthy outcome.

17 Chalk And Cheese

Chalk and cheese,

Learning to squeeze;

What is on the black board,

Jesus will please.

Chalk and cheese,

Bees on their knees;

Money from honey,

Tasty and sweet.

Chalk and cheese,

Beer and wine, freeze,

Alcohol and spirits,

Hair that you tease.

Chalk and cheese,

Rubber on the road,

Tyres wearing out fast,

Slow what you need.

Chalk and cheese,

Making time at ease;

Fat is not really all that,

Healthy, fit and worried.



18 Type Of Tyres

Type of tyres,

Good Year and Dunlop;

Perelli and Bridgestone,

Replacing when needed.

Type of tyres,

Rubber on the road,

Wearing out slow,

Like chalk and cheese.

Type of tyres,

Black as they come;

Good tread or bad tread,

Wearing out in time.

Types of tyres,

Good traction and grip;

Handling and stability,

Hold onto the road.

Types of tyres,

Just what you need;

Reading the traffic,

Travelling the lead.

Types of tyres,

Just doing the job;

Hold onto the wheel,

Meaning how you feel.


Track and tread.

19 A Tiring Job

A tiring job,

Just writing away;

All the work done,

Some left to say.

A tiring job,

No rest for the weary;

Plenty of time for sleep,

Working just to eat.

A tiring job,

Life is like that;

No rest or play,

Work hard and pray.

A tiring job,

Pieces come together;

Falling into place,

Each part in space.

A tiring job,

People face and faith;

Prayer, mercy and grace,

Just to maintain the pace.

A tiring job,

No rest for the wicked,

Evil is counteracted,

God's goddness reigns.


Peace of mind.

20 Asleep Again

Asleep again,

Head on the pillow;

Time to wake up,

Work to be done.

Asleep again,

Heavenly dreams;

Understand what they mean,

Keep the house clean.

Asleep again,

Time by your side,

An on your hands,

Keep watch and wait.

Asleep again,

Can't keep my eyes open;

Falling asleep,

Nodding off again.

Asleep again,

Eight good hours rest,

Night turns into day,

Back to work again.

Asleep again,

Never too tired to care;

Keep going to God in prayer,

Slowly breathing all the air.


Make the bed.


21 Chair and Air

Chair and air,

All things are fair,

Learning to care,

In the fashion you dare.

Chair and air,

Sitting writing poetry;

As if to God in prayer,

Wind blowing through your hair.

Chair and air,

Breathing normally I hope,

The Devil down and has to cope,

Clouds in heaven above.

Chair and air,

Conscetrating on what is written;

For whoever wants to read,

God will give the lead.

Chair and air,

Sitting, thinking, knowing;

Ageing, looking, growing,

Complete instructions.

Chair and air,

Turning, learning, breathing;

Writing, reading, leading,

All the good stuff that is.


A good nose

22 Money Market

Money market making,

Time for funds taking;

All above board and right,

Honest income a real delight.

Money market making,

Shares all over the place;

People buying and selling,

Can't keep up with the orders.

Money market making,

Earth turns and shaking;

The world is full of fun,

Smiling for ear to ear on the run.

Money market making,

Trying to make a profit;

You have a job doing it,

A fair slice of the action.

Money market making,

People stark and quaking;

Too much money to look at,

More time for the cricket.

Money market making,

Factories and shopping,

Instead of investing dangerously,

Safety first is the best policy.


All cashed in.

23 Revolving Doors

Revolving doors,

The world goes around;

Walking in and out,

Up to the office and back.

Revolving doors,

It just has to be;

Don't get stuck in the way,

Take the lift when you get to it.

Revolving doors,

The exit and entrance;

Getting your business done,

Work just as prescribed.

Revolving doors,

They just keep on turning,

Whenever for you and me,

Easy and still interesting.

Revolving doors,

Money going and happening;

Working made to order,

Just as it happens to be.

Revolving doors,

Clouds moving through the sky,

I tried to catch your eye,

Perfectly but hard to buy.


Seeing is believing.

24 Food On The Table

Food on the table,

Something to eat;

Working for good health,

Prayer for each and every meal.

Food on the table,

All prepared so lovely;

Set and dine together,

Afterwards, the dishes to be done.

Food on the table,

Just what the doctor ordered;

Celebrating happiness and joy,

Peace, love and a new toy.

Food on the table,

All the kids have to eat;

Making family life complete,

Talking at dinner time.

Food on the table,

The pleasure of eating;

Three courses completing,

Everbody happy eating.

Food on the table,

I don't know why I ask,

Have you eaten today?

God will bless you as well.


Business done.

25 Life Is Free

Life is free,

For the birds and the bees;

You come into this world,

Growing up looking at the trees.

Life is free,

Money costs you something;

The price can be heavy,

Heaven God's gift of grace.

Life is free,

Come buy food to eat;

Prayer any day is cheap,

A fortune in circumstances.

Life is free,

Lucky, lucky me;

Prepared to do the work,

Effort writing written words.

LIfe is free,

Jesus died for you,

That was His cause and plight,

Sin dead on the cross.

Life is free,

Money in the bank;

Something nice for all,

The earth a big ball.


Hard times.

26 Trying For Trees

Trying for trees,

Reaching to the heavens;

Boughs branching upwards,

Time for being tall.

Trying for trees,

Extending life right out;

Roots going deep into the earth,

Drinking up waters from the stream.

Trying for trees,

The year rings of ageing;

Please don't cut me down,

My timber will build a town.

Trying for trees,

The clouds just drift bye;

Leaves reaching for the sky,

Too young or old to die.

Trying for trees,

Trunks taking up room;

All the effort to resume,

Working hard to be seen.

Trying for trees,

Like I really need my knees;

In the Winter they don't freeze,

Dead branches burn with ease.


Dead wood.

27 Things Are Cheap

Things are cleap,

Though everything costs money;

Gadgets and utensils,

Food for eating,

Things are cheap,

If we learn to budget right,

Shop for bargains and specials;

Save by hunting around.

Things are cheap,

But not everything you know;

Buildings and houses are expensive,

Like cars and boats and caravans.

Things are cheap,

Books on the shelves;

Waiting to be read,

Learning how to pay the bills.

Things are cheap,

Sometimes nasty as well;

Quality costs money,

Knick knacks and brick a brac.

Things are cheap,

In comparison with everything else;

People pray and pay a price,

The cost is lost in ice.


Double nice.

28 People Pay Price

People pay price,

Whatever it is;

You should count the cost,

Pain and suffering for the lost.

People pay price,

You have to you know,

Nothing is free,

Not for you and me.

People pay price,

Nice things to have;

Luxuries and cheapies,

Good food to eat.

People pay price,

Praying prayer is nice;

Compare living on air,

Everything should be fair.

People pay price,

Cool and calm as ice;

When things warm up,

The hot seat is loaded.

People pay price,

So things are nice;

Things for yourself,

Personal plentitudes.

People pay price,

Twice or even thrice;

Like rolling the dice,

The universe and life.


Naturally nice.

29 The Cost Is Cool

The cost is cool,

Jesus as a rule;

Heavenly scent,

Don't freeze to death.

The cost is cool,

Its a different poem;

Trying to stay original,

Consistancy is valued.

The cost is cool,

Pleasure and sport,

Fashion and models,

Adjusting easily.

The cost is cool,

On a Winters morning;

Just after the dawning,

It pays to rug up.

The cost is cool,

As a rule of thumb,

Numbers are not dumb,

Figure things work out.

The cost is cool,

Pay through the nose;

What you pick and choose,

You can't afford to lose.


Chilled water.

30 Warm Nights

Warm nights,

Sitting outdoors;

Down at the beach,

Catch a cool breeze.

Warm nights,

Snuggled up in bed,

When the fires going,

Take a dip in the pool.

Warm nights,

Stars are shining bright;

Sun was hot all day,

Sleep just under the sheets.

Warm nights,

Summer dinner for two,

Drinks cold and wet,

Cooling you down to.

Warm nights,

A nice sea breeze blowing;

Perfectly secure though,

As you really know I am.

Warm nights,

Personal and together,

A sweet family love affair,

Pray to God in prayer.


Got what you want.


31 Knowing Growing

Knowing growing,

God is knowing;

All and everything,

Just what you need.

Knowing growing,

Time on your hands;

Things to do and learn,

Kids ageing as they grow.

Knowing growing,

Trees ageing in time;

Some growing very old,

Autumn leaves, green and gold.

Knowing growing,

Periods of time,

Hairs on your head,

Finger and toe nails.

Knowing growing,

A real slow old process;

Trying to make progress,

Things gradually digress.

Knowing growing,

Freedom and kindness,

Love in our lives,

Working as survives.


Faith first.

32 Nose and Air

Nose and air,

Breathing with care;

People in prayer,

God is always fair.

Nose and air,

The wind blowing which way;

Four different directions,

Love your kind of day.

Nose and air,

Wind through your hair,

Life you must live,

Lungs in and out.

Nose and air,

Time of day and fair;

Property properly paid,

Pray prayer pay.

Nose and air,

I sat on my chair;

Time to read and write,

Always a blessing and delight.

Nose and air,

Touch simple wise,

Heavens and the skies,

Flying, flew, flies.

Nose and air,

Up in the clouds;

Look out the plane window,

Caring to land again.

Nose and air,

Happiness, peace and joy;

Love is a heavenly toy,

Must be a good boy.



33 Knowledge Works

Knowledge works,

Time for the words;

People making money,

Teachers clean the board.

Knowledge works,

I know what I am saying,

And what I am writing,

Remembering reading to.

Knowledge works,

Geology and history;

Mathematics and english,

Science and theology.

Knowledge works,

Tools of the trade;

The building industry,

Architects designs.

Knowledge works,

Because we did it that way before;

It will work again in the future,

Practice makes perfect you know.

Knowledge works,

The facts of life;

Under marital consent,

Reproducing babies.

Knowledge works,

Time for wisdom;

From the back of my mind,

My parents taught me right.


Brilliantly why.

34 Information

Information age,

Words down on the page,

Knowledge of wisdom,

News worthy events.

Information age,

Google anything,

Check the encyclopedia,

Read many books.

Information age,

Words are very powerful;

Worth valuing truthfully,

Writing with dignity.

Information age,

Headlines a stage;

Newspapers a guage,

Your salary or wage.

Information age,

The world of technology;

Past, present, future,

Native, nature, nurture.

Information age,

Diamond drills doing;

Oil and mining,

Anything in fashion.

Information age,

Picture puzzles filled,

Logic and sense,

In a natural order.


Doing and done it.

35 Intelligence


Brightness of mind;

Telling what your thinking,

Smartness to find.


Cognitive brain waves;

Peace and paradise,

Living to save lives.


Down the lines of the page;

All in a natural order,

Discussing the finer points.


Brilliant thoughts come;

Picture pieces puzzles,

Working out what you need.


Looking, learning, knowing;

Reading books growing,

Leading, loving, living.


Driving, seeing signs;

Exercise and health,

Food and diet.


Victory to win.

36 Speed Read

Speed read,

Well read;

God leads,

What you need.

Speed read,

Cars speedometor;

Travelling well,

Limit signs.

Speed read,

Money in books;

Time you need,

And good looks.

Speed read,

Driving safely;

Plenty of kilometers,

Take a break and rest.

Speed read,

Light distance,

God's rays,

Colour refraction.

Speed read,

Fast trains;

Scenery flying,

Sure your not dieing.

Speed read,

Working hard,

Things go past,

God will last.


Time travel.

37 Taking Time To Learn

Taking time to learn,

Making money you earn;

Teachers teach and taught,

Learning what you have ought.

Taking time to learn,

Always something new;

Interesting and attractive,

Positive and not negative.

Taking time to learn,

Sunshine blazing to burn;

Winter cold and snowey,

Contrast in temperatures.

Taking time to learn,

The meaning of life;

Things in persective,

Truth and the right.

Taking time to learn,

God's order of ceation;

In right relationship,

Free grace and mercy.

Taking time to learn,

Knowledge spurring us on;

Information overload,

Information debating.


Working things out.

38 The Hard Yards

The hard yards,

Do or die;

Nice as pie,

Flying through the sky.

The hard yards,

The battle goes on;

One hundred metres,

People sitting seated.

The hard yards,

Fighting to write;

Walk a million miles,

Lifetime regardless.

The hard yards,

Back or the front;

Doing the gardening,

Flowers come into bloom.

The hard yards,

People wanting money,

Instead of prayer to God,

Working hard to pay.

The hard yards,

Losing the extra weight,

Waiting for something better,

Best is best to save.


Your shoes.

39 Smiles For Miles

Smiles for miles,

Walk a mile in my shoes;

Instant happy fix,

Money in the bank.

Smiles for miles,

Sun shining down on me;

You are just laughing to,

Complete pleasant pleasure.

Smiles for miles,

Never look back,

Just keep on going,

All the way there and where.

Smiles for miles,

Lovingly grinning winning;

Peace, plenty and prosperity,

Perfect paradise present.

Smiles for miles,

Sign of the times;

Looking up instead of down,

Clouds crowding clowns.

Smiles for miles,

Working up to a high;

Mountains, beaches and sky,

Reaching your highest peak.


Honest Love.

40 Evolution Gases

Evolution gases,

Argon, crypton, neon;

Helium, hydrogen, oxygen,

Nitrogen, nice for earth.

Evolution gases,

Burning bright and strong,

Sun, sulpher and gases,

Lighting up the world.

Evolution gases,

Planets going around;

Giants being formed,

Millions of years in the making.

Evolution gases,

Breathing and exhaling;

Inhaling and uses gases,

Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.

Evolution gases,

Since the dawn of time;

Liquids and solidifying,

H2O three types of form.

Evolution gases,

Air, water, ice;

Time for a reason,

Money would be nice.


Poetry stages.


41 Sex

Yes, it takes two,

Not much fun on your own;

A loving relationship,

Must be married though.

Sex, not sin in itself,

In an adulterous relationship;

Everything just goes under,

No heavenly high with God.

Jesus coming through the clouds,

The abstainers alternative,

Seconds in an organism,

Minutes of enjoyment.

Sex, clean and precise,

How to make babies naturally;

At the right time of course,

At her ovulation period.

Sex, sex, sex, sex,

Don't give me a headache;

More sex and more sex,

No end to it, constant creativity.

Orgies going out the window,

Uncoothness out the door,

Time for doing the right thing.

Restored relationship with God.


Done dirt cheap.

42 Death and Taxes

Two certainties in life,

Death and taxes;

You can't avoid either,

Both get you in the end.

Death and taxes,

How we wish there was none;

If it is not one it is the other,

If you look once, look twice.

Death and taxes,

Catching and creeping up on you,

You just can't outrun them,

Pay what you need to, or you have to anyway.

Death and taxes,

Like two evil forces,

Trying to sap you up,

Try and say no if you can.

Death and taxes,

Government revenue;

Hits you from both sides,

Weddings and funerals.

Death and taxes,

You have to play it by ear,

Pray to God in heaven,

Faithfullness to the sky.

Death and taxes,

No avoidance schemes;

Its all for a good cause,

Improvements in conditions.


Monies dead end.

43 Dirty Words

Dirty words,

Swearing and the like;

Rude ignorant people,

Minds in the gutter.

Dirty words,

Four letter words;

Cheap nasty thoughts,

Nothing better to say.

Dirty words,

Making others unhappy,

Cursing from their hearts,

Not clever, not smart.

Dirty words,

Try and keep it clean;

What else could I possibly mean,

Everything above board instead.

Dirty words,

Bloody hell;

I just can't,

F...... C... S... A...

Dirty words,

I try to have a clear mind;

Stay in the world of the elite,

Social status and esteem.

Dirty words,

Just try and deny them,

Keep them out of your vocabulary,

If you can, eliminate them for good.


Please Others Instead or Excuse The French.

44 Clean Living

Clean living,

Everything right;

All the time perfect,

Working hard to breathe easy.

Clean living,

No wrong doings for me,

People trying to please,

Tight efficient squeeze.

Clean living,

Housework all being done;

No living like pigs,

Neat and tidy people.

Clean living,

Working hard to stay right;

Everything above board,

Long life your reward.

Clean living,

House prices go up;

Money in the bank as well,

Right with God in heaven.

Clean living,

Healthy relationships;

Working viability,

Perfect peace of mind.

Clean living,

No bad old stuff;

Keep off the grass,

Throw out the junk.


Fresh water.

45 Health and Wealth

Health and wealth,

Living in prosperity;

Happy and well,

More time for self/others.

Health and wealth,

Looking for more money,

Physically peak fitness,

Spiritual mind of peace.

Health and wealth,

Doctors say your OK;

Time for your career,

Writing and building.

Health and wealth,

Humble humans humility;

Working for a better life,

Life style with righteousness.

Health and wealth,

Perfect relationships;

Understanding reality,

Knowledge and information.

Health and wealth,

Money in the bank;

Working for you, caring,

Loving, looking, seeing.



46 Education


See where I am coming from;

A steady grounding helps,

Improving your knowledge,


Healthier mind and body;

Obtaining qualifications,

All your rights to life.


Happiness through productivity;

Working for a better life,

Understanding the facts.


Quality of life for all;

Working with information,

Satisfying the consumer.


Fitting the pieces together;

Seeing how it all fits,

The who, what, where and why.


All should have a chance;

The world is at your feet,

Creating a better place to live.


Measured by achievement;

Justified by its actions,

Considered all in equality.



47 The Road Ahead

The road ahead,

A brand new world;

Don't forget the past,

We can learn and relate.

The road ahead,

Future all positive;

Never mind the negative,

Always a possible objective.

The road ahead,

Technical modernization;

Consider the alternatives,

Superior automation.

The road ahead,

Driving up the coast,

Back down the coast again,

Typing writing from the pen.

The road ahead,

The work has to get done;

Robotics, rocket science, etc.,

Feeding still from market gardens.

The road ahead,

Horizontal and vertical;

Longtitude and latitude,

North and South hemisperes.


The equator.

48 Behind The News

Behind the news,

People making it;

Camera crews and networking,

Interviewers and news readers.

Behind the news,

Techology advancing;

Accidents and tragedies,

Glorious marvels.

Behind the news,

Peace in the headlines,

All wars to cease,

No sickness or pain.

Behind the news,

Printing the papers;

Daily events as they happen,

Internet updates and bullitins.

Behind the news,

Money making memories;

The rich and famous,

Natural disasters.

Behind the news,

Conflicting interests;

Writers and journalists,

Your thoughts and mine.


A perfect day.

49 Photos

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Memories for keeping and sharing,

Looking back on the past,

Images created to last.

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Piecing the memory and mind;

Money for others being kind,

Paying the presence of God.

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Questions coming up to ask;

Is that really you or me,

Why is life on earth for free?

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Giving God back the glory,

Looking at you and at me,

Remembering your cup of tea.

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Televison and photographs;

Loving, living, learning,

Memories to keep and cherish.

Photos, pictures and puzzles,

Time of the day on your hands,

Reflecting, looking at albums,

Your electronic picture library.


A million ideas.

50 Life and Love

Life and love,

God lives above,

In His heavenly home,

We are down here on earth.

Life and love,

Relationships and pictures;

Working to stay together,

We want it all our own way.

Life and love,

The beauty of enjoying;

The gift and truth and grace,

Looking people in the face.

Life and love,

Sitting on the grass;

Or swimming at the beach,

Picnicing in peace.

Life and love,

Just what will happen;

All under control,

Organised for good.

Life and love,

Making things worth;

Keeping head above water,

Not treading out too deep.


At capacity.


51 Auctions

Houses up for sale,

Pay whatever the price is;

The highest bidder wins,

It will cost you a lot you know.

Houses up for sale,

Down comes the gammel;

Nondisclosed price paid,

You got yourself a house.

Houses up for sale,

That is the one I want;

You have to pay top price,

It will not be cheap though.

Houses up for sale,

Cars and things on Ebay,

The thing goes to the highest bidder,

Make sure you get what you paid for.

Houses up for sale,

Antiques at the auction;

Rare and valuable jewelry,

Beauty hits you in the eye.

Houses up for sale,

That is the way it goes in real estate;

$1,000,000, $2,000,000, Do I hear $3,000,000?

Yes it is yours, you are the highest bidder.


Max Price.

52 Pay Whatever

Pay whatever,

Your heart can take;

No more, no less,

However you can make.

Pay whatever,

How high is the sky;

You really must need it first,

No good to you when you are at your worst.

Pay whatever,

Love lies bleeding to;

Now your wallet is empty so,

Get some more money from somewhere.

Pay whatever,

Cash or card, it does not matter;

Internet bank transfer,

Collateral for assetts.

Pay whatever,

Pray that you still can;

On a high with a bank roll,

Everything right at stake.

Pay whatever,

How I love to get what I want,

You really must need it badly though,

You paid a fortune for this and that.


Your collection.

53 Only Take Yours

Only take yours,

Leave me with mine,

I only need mine,

You only need yours.

Only take yours,

What is coming to you;

That really belongs to you,

Money so you know what to do.

Only take yours,

Leave others for theirs;

Leave them with what they own,

Its worth keeping on for them.

Only take yours,

You have no rights to other peoples,

Property that is not yours,

Leave well alone and stay safe.

Only take yours,

Be on your best behaviour;

Honour and cherish your own,

People who meet your favour.

Only take yours,

You have no rights to mine,

Keep what you have for yourself,

Let me retain what is mine as well.


Life for money.

54 Me, Myself and Mine

Me, myself and mine,

All I have I own;

I am not greedy,

Just hang onto your own.

Me, myself and mine,

My life, my time and money;

Everything in perspective,

Perfect to reflect on.

Me, myself and mine,

All I need I have;

Something else I might want,

Prayer to God for everything.

Me, myself and mine,

All of what I really am;

Studying and fully crammed,

Qualifications, who gives a damn.

Me, myself and mine,

Yours is freedom to you;

Mine cost me the whole earth,

The world is your oyster.

Me, myself and mine,

Does yours really matter?

Yes, I am asking you that,

Make sure you really do manage well.


Quality assurance.

55 Free Forever

Free forever,

Like life on the road;

Things cost you of course,

Stay out of jail though.

Free forever,

To love, give and live;

God grants you His favour,

By being His friend.

Free forever,

Happy to keep going like that;

A house on the harbour,

No money for all of that.

Free forever,

The cost is all paid,

The price is not negotiable,

Jesus gave us His grace.

Free forever,

Love living on high,

Working for a good cause,

Honesty, morality and loyalty.

Free forever,

Family is still a gift;

Try trading in bad for good,

God will see what it really is.

Free forever,

Coconuts falling off trees;

Lost on a deserted island,

Stranded there, but I see a boat.


If I get off.

56 Highest Price

Highest price,

Heaven above,

God of all the earth,

The cost will flow.

Highest price,

Life is at stake;

Jesus on the cross,

What love He makes.

Highest price,

Houses, cars or office blocks;

Best of its kind,

Grace on my mind.

Highest price,

Beauty beyond all else;

Tropical island resort,

Suffering for paradise.

Highest price,

Magnetism gone wild;

Love of a child,

Mercies gifts meek and mild.

Highest price,

Seeking peace I ask;

God up to the task,

A drink from a flask.


The end of all wars.

57 The Collection

The collection,

All that I have;

More than you can ask,

God taken to task.

The collection,

Love likes having things;

Goodness and kindness,

The grace of books on shelves.

The collection,

Great things come to mind,

Keep thinking of God's love,

Kings and queens are rich.

The collection,

Beauty in a nutshell;

All I have is yours,

Life is more precious anyway.

The collection,

Signs of the times;

What you have you can't keep,

Everything you want you can give.

The collection,

Church offerings for God's worth;

Net savings, money in the bank,

Can't take it with you, give it back to God.

The collection,

Ten percent is all He asks;

Not much really, the rest is yours,

God loves a cheerful giver.

The collection,

Art dealers and antique shops;

Op shops, buying up big,

Go to heaven, free for all.


Peace and charity.

58 Prayer Provides

Prayer provides,

Anything you want;

Proof of the pudding,

Is in the eating you know.

Prayer provides,

God really does listen,

I have seen Him do it,

Answer my prayers in time.

Prayer provides,

Love shows its gratitude;

Goodness and mercy flow,

Kindness starts to surround us.

Prayer provides,

Ask with the right motives;

Jesus says in His name He will do it,

Give us what God thinks we need.

Prayer provides,

Rain for the farmers,

End of droubts and famine,

All wars to cease again.

Prayer provides,

Showered in His love,

Mercy and grace abounding,

His peace and his love.


God is love.

59 I Want This,You Want That

I want this, you want that,

You will only get what you need;

Money buys nearly everything,

God does not want a world of greed.

I want this, you want that,

Are you going to get it before me?

We both want different things,

The problem not too big to solve.

I want this, you want that,

I don't want what you want,

Agreed to part our own ways.

You go your way, I will go mine.

I want this, you want that,

Can we both get what we want?

God is up to the reason and task,

We could agree to share the same thing.

I want this, you want that,

Your idea is better than mine,

At least I think that is a possibility,

Better to think on like terms and love.

I want this, you want that,

So that we both get what we want;

God is busy working upstairs,

Santa claus, gives kids everything they want.


Split decisions.

60 All Everybodies

All everybodies,

Everything is mine;

I give it all to you,

Share and share alike.

All everybodies,

Who can tell the difference,

The earth is all we have,

The world going around belongs to us all.

All everybodies,

What is the difference anyway?

You can have what you have got,

I can have what is really mine.

All everybodies,

Or all busybodies;

People working hard to get what they want,

Sharing and keeping what they need.

All everybodies,

God's unique gift of grace,

Freedom to have what you can,

Fitting in with God's divine plan.

All everybodies,

Everything belongs to anybody;

Know in your heart what you can own,

God is king sitting on the thrown.


More forever.


Greed and Grit

Why do we need to be sure of everything we own? The greed of life and the getting back to the nitty gritty, it is a match making peace of mind in heaven. It is hard to distinguish between the continental flow of poetry and the use of the English language for continuity and contentment. Easily providing and seeing what is in the heart to depict the minds state of being. It all comes back to what we believe and how we concieve to except what we see in other people, a gift of love and not hate. Greed corrupts the whole community in a world where nobody really cares about anything but themself. If we think hard and grit our teeth in disbelief and not worry about what we think people or the world owes us, then we have found a more contented way of living and lifestyle. Parsifal Has A Go At It has been about that love and labour of working thoughts and transpiring them into written words of care and attention in the love of writing lines of things, to just have a go at it all. Working out what it is all about anyway, life is that same picture portrayed into real aspects of dialogue and discussion. I hope that you have found a bit of joy in what you have read so far and that you to can put yourself in the puzzle and create the ending picture of a new and created lifestyle of intersting thought. If we greed all the time, we are going to go on and regret it in the end. The gritting of denial is the strict differentation of life and money, time comes into play and we find a place of relaxation and enjoyment in the peace of heaven and eternal paradise. Thankyou God for giving me and the rest of you all out there another book to read and write. I hope that there has been a few smiles put on the faces out there of interested believers who have the faith to go the distance and the extra mile if need to be. God bless you all once again. Darel.