My Head On Me

I would like you all to know that my head is on me,

That is just to remind you that you head is on you to;

If you think I am going to think of everything for you,

I am here to remind you that you must think for you to.

I try and think of everything for me but I need to talk to you,

So if we think we can think enough we have better talk to each other to;

For I am going crazy think of all the things I want to myself,

And I don't have anyone else to talk to all the time like yourself.

So my head is on me so I can live and do what I want myself,

But if you think I am always going to think for you, think yourself;

We are better off finding each other to talk to about ourselves,

Because people who read all the books on the shelf think of themselves.

But if you're reading me I am thinking of you or so you think,

Because reading and writing is the missing communications talking link;

Now I am not actually talking but thinking you will be reading this,

And if you are now actually reading this I have thought you would read his.

Because from my reading I read that men are mainly the main authors,

And it's seems to me that my reading is mainly words which are women meaning;

For when I have read all the words the men wrote I must talk to a woman,

Who reads all the words men wrote and is a woman meaning something to me.

So my head is on me if her head is on her and that means something,

It is not always sex because talking means saving life like money;

And if you have got your head on you, you will know if you're sex or not,

Because if her head is on her she will have money and I a lot.


Thanks God for that