Comfort and feeling, that sounds good to me,

Stars and atmosphere is that all I can be;

Sitting around a warm log fire sipping hot chocolate up late,

Friendly love and romance from that woman on your date.


Dinner in a restaurant followed by coffee till your bored,

Anything on the menu and perfect service your reward;

Cuddling up at night and kissing till the dawn,

The delight of the unexpected and keeping each other warm.


Atmosphere is a great thing provided by what's simple,

Like inhaling mountain air sends you high and left unsinful;

Then there's different fragrances worn and left lingering around,

And the smell of good clean earth after digging in the ground.


Then there's the atmosphere of home a sweet family love affair,

And the knowledge and joy in God at the church for those who care;

There's trees and lights at Christmas and carols by candlelight,

As well as those summer evenings with stars twinkling in the night.


There's walks along a river bank or beach if you prefer,

And those long and weary nights with a book in which you refer;

All these things give us atmosphere and the presence of the Lord,

And the treasure is in knowing there is no price for the reward.


Well the atmosphere is where my heart and head are now,

So I wonder where you'll find me or when or know just how;

For money doesn't mean a lot if there's no such thing as this,

Because the truth does really belong to God and where he is.



Floating on air.