Damsells and Maidens

When boy meets girl joy overabounds,

Cupid's perfecting and the wedding bells sounds;

So what of the dark ages with damsels and maidens,

Are we just as romantic or have hands fully laden.


Magic is a great thing in this quest for true love,

With kind gentle beauty and a touch from above;

The answer to searching is to stop when you're right,

When your partner is with you in glory and might.


How hard I look to find the right one,

A maiden so fair as the bright trickling sun;

And must be the most lovely damsel to be seen,

For she will be my partner and be my queen.


So what of the others who all try so hard?

I hope they're not shaken at the thought I'd discard;

You see with being a king you're right there on top,

So with damsels and maidens its just where to stop.


I hope that my maiden will not let me down,

And turn behind my back when I go to town;

Now only with true love will my damsel to be,

Live in my castle and heart eternally.


So listen those potentials to what must be done,

You must seek your God and face Christ the son;

Dress yourselves up that I might compare,

To take one to marry to forever be there.



The perfect maiden.