Many a knight was taken to test,

As Parsifal road around on his mighty quest;

He searched for the grail and was the best,

But alas fell short of the question guest.


His heart was filled with romance and mortal love,

And his head was ruled by a dainty damsel dove;

He fought and he tried but alas couldn't match,

The God who lead him and the woman he couldn't catch.


There came a time in Parsifal's mind,

When he realized that it was God whose kind;

Well he turned to him in deep repent,

And through his heart his sword it went.


Now Parsifal's back in another time,

And is found in these words of this poem and rhyme;

Parsifal is God to judge the world our earth,

And is Jesus Christ renamed for our souls and birth.


Parsifal now takes forth his wife and bride.

Who was the church and is now by his side;

But first he must past the test from above,

Of going to Paris and falling in love.


The story goes on but is not finished yet,

He'll find the grail to redeem our debt;

He must seek wisdom for ever and ever.

So that the truth will remain eternally clever.



For one and all.