So who do you say that I am?

The son of God or merely a man;

Christ was perfect and knew what was in season,

So I am who I am, I'm me with good reason.


Is it against nature or wrong for a man to love?

To concentrate on God and know what's above!

Surely this is right not really a scam

For I'm not a stupid head butting ram.


I think that I am what I dream about in books,

I'm even quite clever with not bad looking looks;

Now I am who I think I am and that makes up me,

What my heart goes out to and all that I see.


So next time you pass me going down the street,

Remember I'm like you just wearing out my feet;

I live life loving God and I pray for my food,

And I know that I am me whatever be my mood.



What do you think?